I write this because many can’t seem to comprehend. How can you love Jesus and not be a Christian? and what religion are you? and they try and throw you in a label. but the problem becomes is I don’t fit your labels because I don’t believe in all the doctrine the world teaches nor do I line up to any religion or any Christian in fact. because so many Christians were taught by other Christians when I have been taught by God. So how should I sound like them? and then the minute you don’t sound- talk and act like them, then you are a devil they say. Christian is a new word that wasn’t spoke before. it was I am a Catholic. I am a Baptist. I am a Pentecostal and all the other 99 thousand religions. I don’t feel like I heard the word Christian, only with in the last decade.

So after years of saying over and over I am not a Christian I had to stop it because at first many came to me in hate because they told me I was suppose to act a certain way insisting I was Christian because I spoke Jesus , and then others called me a Christian because my deeds were good and it was not in hate but love. But even when they said I love you I still said sorry I am not a Christian, I am just Michelle, and honestly I started feeling like I was the devil. because  I am not trying to deny Christ in anyway!! I love Jesus with all my heart. I am just not a Christian I knew God before I knew the Christian label. and there is nothing people can say to me to make me take it. I heard so many explanations of what is the meaning of Christian and honestly I say again why as soon as you say I love Jesus do I have to be Christian? why do I have to be a religion at all to speak God? to love God?

So for years I would say I was a child of God (too many religions attached to that label-wow) but boy that wasn’t right either, so I said God what should I call myself since they insist on giving me a label? because honestly I don’t like labels like saint, or angel, apostle, prophetess or godly, because I say who am I that I should be lifted up?

I am not against religion, I am not against Christians, or laws, or leaders, or elders, or governments, or anything for honestly all of it works for God. and that is just truth beloveds. and I am far from a baby in Christ. God has never called me my Christian. God has called me my child since I was a kid and honestly I think I will keep that label but instead of calling me a Christian you can call me a Transition. because God never wanted us to stay babies in Christ. if people even became followers, perhaps then they would see God calls them to be Children and even Children grow up and then they are called Man and Woman beloveds, but some people so luke warm they been wearing pampers for years in their walk with God and it is time for us to put our big people pants on and start being grown up.

I thank God for people who pass out those luke warm watered down sugar gospels, but like a good adult I am going to teach you to eat vegetables and the things that taste bitter, but man they sure are healthy to the body! if you guys want them sugared down candy coated doctrines then so be it. but let me tell you high intakes of sugar has been known to cause diabetes and all types of terrible things. and that is truth beloveds. around here we like to eat good solid food. and sorry Christianity is full of watered down doctrines! with the love love only read one side of the bible say a kind word to everyone and off to go die in your sins. and that is a lot of today’s Christianity.   We can fight about end time theories, talk about raptures, but ohhh don’t call any out of sin we might offend them. another Christian message. A lot of offended people sitting in hell right now. So how are people getting raptured when they all still sinning? How they getting out of sin when all people just speaking of is heaven? who is going to heaven while they sin?

Some may like their pie cold but I like mine hot and steamy and even if you like cold pie, how good is leftover cold meat? Does it come a time when you want anything served hot and fresh? let’s make transitions from baby Christians to adults who listen!  God is only going to call one people His beloveds and those are the Children who obey!  Disobedience is punished.  So please feel free to call your self what ever you want to be but if you are not sitting at the Lord’s feet and obeying it is all just vanity friends!  not a Christian but a transition!  Shalom dear ones!

for those who don’t get it. I am not a religion or a label but a woman who loves the Lord with her whole heart mind and soul and truth be told I LOVE MY BIBLE WHOLE! and WHOLLY I WILL SERVE THE LORD! ❤ No matter what your faith is I pray many find Jesus and if you are a Christian then be a Christian friend! In the meanwhile I pray I speak a message that draw many out of sin and right in to the arms of Jesus! Then we can celebrate with GOD yay! #GoTeamJesus! #TeamTransition! Not  Christian but a Transition! which truly is what being a real Christian should be. the old person is gone and the new has become. a new being we are shaped into! We do not continue in sin. if we are born again beloveds indeed there is a transition friends and that is real! I pray these words bless the reader! have a blessed day beloveds! Colossians 3. 

the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.
“students in transition from one program to another”
synonyms: change, move, passage, transformation, conversion, adaptation, adjustment, alteration, changeover, metamorphosis; shift, switch, jump, leap, progression, progress, gradation, development, evolution; transfiguration, flux, mutation, transmutation, vicissitude
“the transition from school to work”
undergo or cause to undergo a process or period of transition.
“the network ought to be built by the federal government and then transitioned into private industry”

a helpmate. the battle is real!

the spiritual battle is real and I pray many armor up. Read Ephesians Chapter 6 and let it soak in. Understand only the devil wants you sad. Isaiah Chapter 61. I pray God give you a spirit of praise to overcome that terrible spirit my friends. I left this as a comment to someone and I share it in public praying it help many. Ya’ll gotta pray to overcome this sadness friends. I tell you when I started lifting my voice to God in praise and thanksgiving the walls of the enemy came crumbling down. I pray this be a helpmate to many in need in Jesus name Amen!

if the Lord is not answering your prayers. time to rejoice and celebrate what you do have. Come to God with a spirit of praise. a spirit of joy. let us not complain nor murmur but instead give God praise. if you have your legs and toes my God rejoice, some have that not now. if you have running water rejoice beloved for many don’t. God gave us a spirit of peace, a spirit of sound mind. if you are sinning repent, if not give God thanks and praise and thank God you are alive to praise because many did not wake up today. as long as you are alive change can come. men can not praise from the grave and just praising God alone is enough to bring down the walls of the enemy.

The battle is real. prepare your self to war in the spirit dear one, for this is a spiritual battle that can be overcome with praise and worship. trust the Lord, and trust the things you can’t see not the things you can and perhaps start counting your blessing and thank God for what you do have instead of what you don’t just my advice beloved. I pray it help you in your storm. have a blessed day and may God give you a new spirit. return to me the joy of my salvation Lord and if I never had joy, turn my sorrow into joy and this shall come to pass. again have a blessed day!

Thank God for being God

Thank God for being God. many people will abandon people. they will do many things and when times get bad they bail. and sometimes others stay too long just to get all walked on. There are so many who have called out to God when we were wounded. when we were stranded we all ready know, had it not been for God we would not even be standing. I pray this be the season many look with in.

There is scripture that says God never leaves us or forsakes us and I tell you when I say when I was forsaken and abandoned the Lord took me in. The Lord Comforted my heart, my soul and my spirit. I am trying hard to cross over to, I don’t want to call God a he, nor a she. for God is invisible and has been saving many for many generations.

Many people fall down and never rise again and others say they can rise on their own. There are also those who say had it not been for the Lord I would not be standing at all. Had I not prayed I would of fainted and even when I did pray sometimes I was still faint. No matter the condition the Lord has always been able to lift me up. I am believer God will do the same for all who seek the Lord. and this is the message I been speaking almost my whole life, because as a person who prays I do know prayers get heard.

I pray God turn many unbelief into believing in Jesus name Amen! Also for those who don’t know the truth in the Word. God is mentioned as both he and she in the bible. The She is referred to Wisdom. please don’t pervert the INVISIBLE GOD!

it is great to think of GOD as our Father. Then if GOD is our Father truly GOD would be our Mother too. But just in simple American language. Please don’t make God into a mere human for even though Jesus was SON, it was written I came for the Father. The Father is Creator of all things. Jesus said ask in my name. Everything was given to the hands of Jesus. and honestly when people sit at Jesus feet you will see Jesus is LIFE and GOD and they are ONE!

This is truly the mystery of the Gospel being hand delivered to you dear people. I pray we eat it, receive it and let it be GOOD FOOD FOR OUR NAVEL! Have a blessed day in the LORD!

God has always been LIFE, and the devil whisper you won’t die, you won’t get addicted, it’s fun the devil says, but then when you sit back and observe the facts, what is fun in evil dear people? I pray this open the eyes to many! Thank God for being God! ❤ who is more then able to open the eyes of a multitude of people! THE LORD IS WONDERFUL DEAR PEOPLE!


Merry Christmas! from the House of Michelle! part 1

Merry Christmas! This is my first official Bible Study i will be doing on Tuesdays. Although this one is different to all the ones after I will do pray it be a blessing to many in Jesus name Amen! So this is part 1 of two. it comes with a story, with prayer and some good old bible reading! I pray this be a blessing to many this year and this year be the year GOD write our names on the Lamb’s Book of LIFE and remember not our transgression and transform us in a NEW Creation in Christ! bringing us to LIFE! let the joy of the LORD’s salvation be many’s joy and may it return a joy I can’t number or label all for the zeal of the LORD! and the JOY of the LORD’s!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS JESUS! I pray all year long we hear you rejoicing in heaven and I don’t mean people’s year dear people! and it will be done! Shalom dear ones! For truly the heavens rejoice when even ONE RETURN! My God so many are return and soon will I CELEBRATE WITH YOU GOD! HOW WONDERFUL ARE YOU!! 

A real friend

This letter is written for a lost and confused generation. and I mean no offense when I say these things. but my motto since like the 80’s has been keeping it real. In fact I almost feel like I created that slogan. because I lived by and proclaimed it long before some of this generation was standing.  Now I know in today’s times we all have the slogan. I want somebody to ride and die for me. I want a real homie. but then they think the real homies are the ones who say bad things.

I can see why you guys are confused. A real friend doesn’t tell you to go to jail. A real friend doesn’t tell you to do things that will get you locked up. Now I know some of us are celebrating our music and we think it is cool to sell drugs and do things and then laugh. beat each other up, share it on social media. Hey man I got a million likes. it is all fun and games until somebody pushes someone and they fall on a rock. now you murdered someone. now what? where will you be?  in an prison institution for the next decade or so, maybe more. But honestly, real friends say man that is no life to live!

There is not many people in life who are in jail, if given the chance to do things different, none of them would take that path. I bet they would sit down and study. I bet they would work a few jobs. I bet they would be hard hard workers and work to be successful if they only had a second chance. life is hard to achieve after you have a record. it is hard to accomplish things with a label attached to you in life.

Sometimes in life we have to sit back and think. we all want that loyal person, we all want that faithful friend. Well instead of us all looking for one. if we all became that person where would we be? I mean seriously you can harden your heart, you can hate everyone, we can chase after sin, and say there is no God. But when we look in the world the evidence of God is all around and if you can not see God. perhaps read Romans Chapter one. Because if you have no understanding that God loves us enough to say not sin, then my friends I pray this be the year we sit with Jesus. open up our bibles and look further then just one side, and may this be the year God give us much strength to rise up in Jesus name Amen!

Never in my life do I call the ones who tell me to die my friends. I don’t want to hang with people who tell me to do evil things my friends. Evil deeds have bad results, Every deed produces fruit and once you had a taste of the GOOD fruit, you never want to eat sour grapes again and that is truth beloveds!!



Haunting Spirits-Spiritual battle! HELL IS REAL! SO IS THE DEVIL!

I am going to write some things and this message is not written for the Christians and by that I mean those who are luke warm or those who say you are false and they know not the TRUTH OF GOD! Every knee will bow down. this is Revelation given to me by GOD and whether any believe or not does not change these words even to those who will say I am false. your words CAN NOT CHANGE TRUTH beloveds!

I did not just wake up hearing God and neither did I find Jesus through religion. God knew me before I was born and God spoke this to me once and I didn’t believe. I never knew it was the WORD.  God did not change dear people.

and the same the stories of  Judges 6:25-32, 1 Samuel 5:2-5 I am called like Gideon. and by my words God will take down all false gods that ever stood against GOD.  Every knee shall bow to JESUS and this is NOT a new thing. Until this day every god ever created all bow to JESUS my friends! Jesus is NOT a new GOD. Jesus is GOD

God has always been in heaven. God only came to earth to save those who were lost. God only came to the earth and as when God came to earth in the ark all the others gods did bow before GOD! 1 Samuel 5:2-5 it shall come to pass but it all ready is my friends! This is why the other gods sit and try and torment JESUS for they all know JESUS is life and they are death and they are mad that they can not cross over so they sit in earth where they are confined and they war AGAINST THE GOD OF LIFE!  as it has always been beloveds as GOD created it, it was and STILL IS!

The devils created pagan gods, they created theories to try and keep the tree of LIFE hidden. for indeed it is the devil who wants us to die. The same the devil who sat in the garden and said you won’t die. the devil still is beloveds. and death comes from not obeying God. Not only in the flesh but also the spirit. This world is a test my friends. and as we can be rewarded in heaven it can be in earth. as we are punished in hell, we can be punished in earth also. Sin is death and is punished and the final resting place is hell. there is NO REST for the wicked dear ones! They only live to torment the living for they have found truth and are trying to escape. No man in planet earth can withstand hell. we can not even stand the sin we do or the sins of others. Those who sin willing are making acquaintances with their gods. there is no freedom in sin. there is no life, there is no love only death and hell and torment.

I pray this be the year many of us overcome these haunting spirits. that we overcome death and sorrow and torment these demons try and entrap us with. God gave us a path to LIGHT. the path to LIGHT was so that you can see and cross over because there is no rest for the wicked. and some of us are miserable never understanding our life or thinking we are cursed it is because indeed sin is cursed dear people. This is why over and over repeatedly so many times it is written SIN NOT!

God loves us so much God doesn’t want us to sit in death beloveds. God gave us life. Free will is a blessing and a curse. No man can serve two masters. you are either obeying the lust of your father or you are in with GOD our Father. there are not three gods. there are not two or many. There is GOD and the devil dear ones. Jesus is the only way to LIFE. every other god speaks death as in, that is all the devil can speak my friends. Does John Chapter 8 make sense to anybody yet?

God created the darkness. the earth the heavens and everything that stood in both! By the hand of God these things were created. This world is a spiritual battle I pray many overcome. I do also pray we consider thinking about God in simple terms. Good and bad. Light and darkness, LIFE or death and honestly there is NO IN BETWEEN!

the luke warm will be stomped on. You can not ride the fence! you are either in the gates or in the gates and on one side there is JESUS and the other side is death AND JESUS SAID I AM THE DOOR NO MAN GETS TO HEAVEN UNLESS I OPEN THE DOOR MY FRIENDS!  I pray many of us knock on the door and say Jesus let me in. I pray we sit at the gates of the city and praise GOD until those gates fall down for indeed we are tested dear people. Life is not easy, neither is the path of life. God designed life to be hard dear people. for sometimes bad times help you live. and honestly to give people a perfect life would mean they couldn’t even see it, as the same as Adam and Eve who had they of known the results of sin THEY WOULD OF NEVER ATE THE FRUIT!

I do pray these letter give people eyes so they can see. the battle is real dear people and we war against things WE CAN NOT SEE. Just as God can have some who come in His name the devil can do such things also. God says sit with me and I will use you for my glory. The devil says come with me and let us go murder. and those who walk with the devil they walk blindly for it is true, not one man on earth would sit with the devil if they knew they truth of their home.

For hell was not created for people. it was created for monsters and demons and it is written if the blind lead the blind both shall fall in the ditch and so they follow the devil blindly. and the devil would never reveal his true self to people, because if the devil did the devil knows NOBODY WOULD PICK HIM!  So the devil uses trickery to make us sin. MMMM my isn’t this cocaine lovely. man didn’t it feel good to punch that person. i hate you, i hate lets die the devil says! and has a party because if you listen to that voice you are obeying your father and it will be a sad day for you if you pass away before you repent because then you will see there is no rest for the wicked. and they scream and scream and the can not escape death and why would they? they disobeyed God in life and followed lies. No man can pray to God in hell. you sit with your master and there is so much torment in hell and honestly I pray these words help people decide because God spoke to me if they really knew the truth every man on planet earth would chose me. I tried to warn them and they did not listen.

These words were written by Michelle Stokes. given to me by GOD for the Glory of the LORD and the LIVES of many, I pray we all make a stand. Do we want to live or die? I myself DO chose life for I seen hell my friends and I do 100% believe hell is real. I also believe in GOD and to those who don’t, I pray God make the Holy Spirit known to you and help you rise up out of your graves in Jesus name Amen! For you are either dead or living TRULY THERE IS NO LIFE WITHOUT JESUS beloveds and this is TRUE Words even if people don’t believe or receive them they ARE STILL TRUE beloveds. I pray many of us cross over, because if you don’t cross over in the land of the living, indeed you can not cross over when you are dead. The truth nobody wants to hear about the Gospel and the world we live in!