abortion rant, hate me if you want

I wrote this and honestly I left the comments open. feel free to add any comment you want it won’t change my words. and if this post bothers any. feel free to unfollow me. i won’t be offended. This is how I feel and I care not who agrees or not. i didn’t write it to make friends. Social media is all about saying how you feel. and many are flaunting their feelings all over so allow me to share mine. Agree, disagree, it doesn’t matter i am still going to be me. Also abortion is not usually a topic I even usually speak on. i speak against fornicating and for good reasons. I only am sharing this rant because it is all over social media so I am putting it out there.

*tired of hearing about the abortion law all ready* i am not a monster but honestly here is my thoughts. First and foremost if pastors preached against sin perhaps so many wouldn’t be fornicating. Most these abortions coming from UNWED couples. hardly any pastors mention fornicating at all but now every single pastor in the world is sharing stuff about abortions. I am not for abortion. i think it is murder. Sorry i do but I also say I am not the person who has to live with that decision. i have heard from God people who have abortions get tormented by their own actions. they do not get away with murder it literally haunts them for years. Only nobody sees it but God. Next thing, there is no lost for God. the souls of the babies are all ready in heaven. the ones who commit the act will have to answer to God. Sorry that is what the Lord told me and i believe God.

Now the major part I have a problem with. millions of babies are tossed out, abandoned. homeless, left to starve, go hungry live in poverty. hardly any orphanages and even if so it is damn near impossible to adopt. you have to make enough money. go through a process, so not a lot of babies are being adopted out. and how much funding for this stuff is even available? So it makes me sick that living babies get ignored everyday but the dead babies never born they have millions of voices speaking for them. and people calling people already condemned murderers.

God will judge the parents. Just think it is sad. We will speak up for anything as long as it doesn’t matter. we can’t take care of our living babies but hey let’s let all the babies live so that way they can get tossed out on the street like all the other living kids that just go forgotten. facebok can ban me for this post I truly don’t care anymore. Sick of all these self righteous preachers that won’t preach ABOUT ANYTHING THAT MATTERS! Try speaking to youths, speak against fornicating. Start feeding some of these living children. Seems to be calling out these abortion laws just seems to be some superhero pastor new stuff. meaning every pastor in the world feels it his duty to talk about it. if you really was a super hero start trying to do something about the living kids that go hungry.

Just saying. Preach against fornication. why wait until the murder is all ready committed to scream out murders. You hypocrites! preach against sin before it happens then you won’t be screaming against abortion in guilt. if you act before it happens it just might prevent some of these murders. No, instead we just preach watered down sugar gospels. Again you hypocrites! sorry that’s how i feel and i truly don’t care if any like it or not.

if my comments bother any feel free to unfriend me, it won’t change my mentality. Just being honest. tired of this fake religion they care so much. That is why they never come to the hood. that is why these children go hungered in the first place because Christians would rather preach then do! What a bunch of bull crap! I want to see some of these cameras catching people take care of children instead of watching people camped out abortion clinics, why not camp out in broken cities or places where children are being abandoned.

Start coming to the neighbors people fornicate and start preaching against it then perhaps you might see difference. until then i don’t want to see your abortion bull video made for social media likes and don’t i look like mr holy man status and that is the only reason these videos are created. they truly aren’t righteous videos. and that is just truth! these pastors don’t really care about innocent lives. they care about facebook status and likes. Sorry if people really cared about innocent life they would be speaking for the innocent that live! Let God take care of those in heaven or as Jesus spoke, “let the dead bury the dead.” (yes that is scripture go look it up) In the meanwhile God created people to look and watch over LIVING. those unborn babies souls are already in GOD’s hand!

if my words offend any feel free to unfriend me because i truly am not apologizing or changing my words! This letter was written in complete love FOR THE LIVING CHILDREN who are hungered and lost in the world not in the womb not sorry! Somebody has to be a voice for them!

Rapture theory debunked

Time to reshare this. I do pray many hear these words. have a blessed day beloveds!

Michelle Stokes

So as I stand right now my writing is better then my speech, and by the time my speech is better I will no longer speak or teach this message. I did a video about this and I do know it was not that clear, and since many use my speech to not hear. perhaps this is better written and honestly feel free to debate it on your own. wrestle with God, and ask God if I speak truth or not. But anyways this is my last written message. Wrote as a comment, I wrote somewhere else.  I will not write this again friends. The message has been delivered for years now to crowds God told me and I listened and this is for any standing who have not yet heard it.

You guys do what your own hearts, minds and conscience tell you, for thank God I am no…

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KJV Kwikscan Bible Review

So the other day I went through Bible Reviews! My bible collection! and I spoke of this bible. i just went to go look up reviews. many people have bad things to say about this bible. I share the one from the King James Store. For they only sell King James. I my self thought this bible was and is a blessing from God and as many see I own quite many King James versions. It doesn’t print anymore SO I AM GLAD I OWN MINE!  anyways I said I would do some bible reviews so I am I share this one for again it was one of the bibles I spoke of. you can look this bible if you want but since it is no longer being printed. You won’t find it new. only used. I love this bible honestly!  But I do love a lot of versions! Thank God who is able to speak to people in all Kinds of versions of the bible. God is able to hear our prayers, see our deeds and know our hearts. HOW WONDERFUL IS GOD DEAR PEOPLE! THERE ARE SO MANY BIBLE VERSIONS i PRAY WE PICK ONE UP AND SAY SOME PRAYERS AND ASK GOD TO CLEANSE US UP!

Hell is REAL! No rest for the wicked!

Dear people the things I say, I believe are real and honestly I feel real sorry for the ones who won’t believe and honestly I speak to your unbelief now. I prayed to God I could speak a message simple people could understand. for if people really saw the end days they would know why I prayed these things. Life is not a game. I once wrote it was a test. This lady come and said I was a lair. She said that is not scripture? I said yes it is My friends scripture tells us the Lord test and tries each of us, so how am I twisting scriptures?

I pray many people understand just because somebody does not speak as you do, does not mean they are false. perhaps they know something you don’t, or ask questions instead of assume.

So why do people believe in hauntings? Why do some people sound possessed my friends? Does any ever notice most who speak of the devil don’t speak good things when it comes to God? why are the spirits always angry? why are they always trying to take over living bodies? Why are they tormenting people?

Dear people there is no rest for the wicked. the reason they haunt the living is because they know where they are now. and they wish they could escape death. They wish they could come back and do it again and others say if I died and am in hell I will take others with me. because why? because evil IS NOT GOOD!

The hell people believe exist has not yet come yet. it will become when this earth is destroyed with fire, and that will become when the people no longer want God. God will take the Holy Spirit from planet earth and in seven years the world will die after. and not one man remaining will go to heaven and even if you die your eyes will be wide open to your permanent home and there will be no more GOD to hear your prayers.

Some people sell their souls and I know it is FACT they don’t know their master if they did THEY WOULDN’T SELL THEIR SOULS! and that is truth beloveds this is what God told me. Does it sound like a lie to you dear people?

the earth will burn for eternity, and that is like an eon to people. it is everlasting though but the world will only burn for a year, (God’s year) then God will transform it all again and the evil spirits that are here will be the darkness that was when God makes the new world. Again these are the thing God told me there is no rest for the wicked. they burn forever and when they are not on fire they walk in darkness never being able to cross back over to LIGHT!

Either way this is the TRUTH of the Gospel men try to hide or don’t know or never come to the fullness of God. I pray many of us seek God so we may be born again because indeed my friends there is no rest for the wicked. They don’t die, they live to die over and over and their souls are tormented even out of they grave they never find peace.

I pray many consider these words for they are real as they are written ,as you can read them they are true! Either way no man chooses hell blindly they do it with their deeds, with their actions, when their own hearts turn wicked and they harden their hearts. anytime they want to change, God is always listening my friends. So I pray if these words seem true perhaps we should all try and work out our own relations with God and if you do you do and if you don’t, either way, I am praying for every soul on planet earth. I know not if my prayers be heard, neither do I know who is wicked, what you are doing, the sin you do, but God does, and GOD came to DELIVER US FROM THEM! Only one wants to condemn you in hell friends and those are the ones who say God says we can sin and they are NOT RIGHT WITH GOD!

I pray these words bless the listener! Follow Jesus my friends. be united in JESUS! Shalom!! So does it sound like am lying? Do these words sound false to you? please consider such things. have a blessed day beloveds! Written by Michelle Stokes

Deeply Rooted in LIFE

These are the types of post I will be sharing in my facebook group. If these messages help you feel free to join me. if you are not interested in learning or God please don’t waste my time or yours. feel free to stay where you are. I won’t hunt you down to beat you on the head with a bible and that is a promise. So please don’t come to me and try and beat me down either. but any interested in spiritual growth feel free to join me! Shalom dear people!

Paul’s Prayer for Spiritual Growth and mine too! ❤
14 When I think of all this, I fall to my knees and pray to the Father,[e] 15 the Creator of everything in heaven and on earth.[f] 16 I pray that from his glorious, unlimited resources he will empower you with inner strength through his Spirit. 17 Then Christ will make his home in your hearts as you trust in him. Your roots will grow down into God’s love and keep you strong. 18 And may you have the power to understand, as all God’s people should, how wide, how long, how high, and how deep his love is. 19 May you experience the love of Christ, though it is too great to understand fully. Then you will be made complete with all the fullness of life and power that comes from God.

20 Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think. 21 Glory to him in the church and in Christ Jesus through all generations forever and ever! Amen.

Ephesians 3:14-21 NLT



End days-Last days prophecy

I did this video before I wrote my last post. it is a true video. and I will not plead or beg any to believe me. God said speak so I listen whether people receive it or not is on them. I do pray God open our ears and eyes and even our hearts that we can receive these words and may they be a huge blessing to a new generation in Jesus name I pray Amen! Also later today or tomorrow I will do a video about God’s love. again I do pray this blesses many in Jesus name Amen!

A true conversation whether people believe it true or not it won’t change one word and that is true! a true conversation! I pray it blesses someone out there today in Jesus name Amen! this was only spoken in complete obedience to GOD!  not for followers, likes or michelle’s glory. But for the LORD’S ZEAL, joy, happiness, will and even the LORD’s Name sake! May it bless a great mighty nation of people AND IT WILL! 2 Peter 3. GO READ IT! IN FACT read the  WHOLE Word! AND I PRAY BY DOING SO YOU BE MADE WHOLE!  Input produces output! if you wholly seek. Whole you will be made! The Struggle with sin

The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some men count slackness, but is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.