Practice makes perfect

I don’t think I will ever be perfect. I am so thankful God lead me to read my Word. because before I read, God told me to speak, and I was like Moses. I said God but there are many more studied then I, Many who can speak better. I can not go. and the Lord spoke I will give you the words to say, and so I went and did as the Lord spoke. and God was with me and so I did, and shortly after someone hand delivered me a message “Moses couldn’t speak well” I said He couldn’t? They said no. many times Aaron spoke for Moses. I didn’t know that then.

Either why in order to get over my fear. I think I will go live tomorrow also. I have a message all ready and so we shall see. I do believe practice makes perfect but in my case. practice will make me better, for I don’t think I will ever be perfect, but since I spoke about Moses. Tomorrow’s live will be about our wilderness. God bless everyone God brings to see this and bless the one’s who watched my video! You might need extra prayer to be able to sit through it but prayerfully I will get better soon. also as I believe I stated earlier I will be purchasing a new camera soon. But until then I will use what I currently own. Have a blessed day everyone and thank all those who sat and watched the video and I pray it blesses some, in some kind of way! have a wonderful day dear people! ❤ I love you guys! God's love is greater then mine!