Don’t look

If this blog offends you feel free to don’t look! I wrote this on facebook and I share it here. I honestly pray many don’t look at the world but instead let every household look at God. and I do mean the whole world. for many thing wills come to earth and honestly if the people don’t repent many things will fall on the world. I pray this letter reaches many countries and many people consider the lands they live in and I don’t mean the lands of other countries. I know I see a lot of evil and I know I believe in God and I know many don’t. I also know many of the leaders truly don’t care about their people.

Today I cussed I fully confess in an off landish way I may of called Donald trump a foul word again in an off landish way. in the Word of God it says confess of your sins and so I did. I am sorry God I cussed and I don’t have one ounce of hate in my heart.

In the Word of God I am taught to pray for my leaders. I am taught to pray for the broken and give to who I can. God you know me and everything I have done. nothing is hide from you. You know for many decades I sat and prayed for so many presidents in fact I think I have prayed for all of them and God every year it is the same old bull crap and honestly instead of praying for my presidents I am praying God protect the innocent. Don’t let many die and starve because of a few rich people who can’t see anything other then their pride.

God you know I would never pray death on anyone but seriously how many poor will die while people sit and fight and God I look not to them but I put my trust in you. I pray not for others to see but if others want to pray with me. I pray we pray to God and ask God to consider the innocent blood that is being shed by our corrupt leaders.

I don’t know if I will live. I don’t know if I will die. I just pray I can pray righteous prayers that God will hear because many will say nothing can change. that can’t be and God so many times you showed me that what men say impossible with you all things are possible. please God I pray to you alone if I have to don’t let anyone’s doubt stop my prayers from being heard because even if nobody on planet earth  has faith you can do the impossible I do God and I pray please God help us and consider us innocent poor people! have mercy on our souls and fight for us God!

Whether or not my prayers be answered. whether I live or die everyday I live I will give God thanks because tomorrow is promised to no man!! and truth be told I wouldn’t and don’t and haven’t trusted any of our presidents for a long time. I am not sure I ever did. anyways it is not Donald trump who has been answering my prayers and I don’t even normally talk political talk but this is what I wrote. Again I am guilty and the Word says confess your sins so I did.

The issues isn’t a wall it is about cutting us low people off. they don’t care about us Americans. If they did they would get their butts back to work. You know many years ago they taught us they don’t know why the depression hit and that was a bunch of bull crap. the great depression was because a bunch of greedy a holes fought over who was going to have a monopoly over the world’s power supply. and now it is the same thing. Millions are going to die and be homeless all because some people fight over power. I could care less about Donald trump or any other law. But I do care about people. So how many will die and go hungry while you guys act like babies? So in other words Donald Trump ain’t hurting and half of congress isn’t either but us lower guys. they say it is only suppose to be a conspiracy when they say that they want poor people to die but something don’t seem like a conspiracy when the facts line up to the theory, is it not then considered truth?

it was so hard for the former me not to come through this post. i wanted to add like 50 cuss words. I pray God help us. No offense our leaders don’t give a damn about us. I pray many of us get on our knees and pray directly to God. for these people have enough food and supplies they could keep this crap going for years and just like in the great depression many will die because of greedy rich assholes! There I said it. I do feel better now and to God alone I apologize for cussing! other then that the Lord knows my heart! I pray God if they want us poor people dead let them drop dead. Please don’t let many die and go into hunger because of a few rich greedy people can’t get it together. please watch over the poor and oppressed that are victims in this situation protect the innocent Lord in Jesus name Amen! and please God let these devils fall hard!

Not trying to be funny but if they knew what it was like to be hungry perhaps they would work things out speedily. It has been more generations then I remember our presidents don’t give a damn about us. never have and never will. My faith is in God alone. Lord we need some help down here. Again I pray somebody join me in fasting and prayer and if not that is ok I will and I pray God answer me speedily in Jesus name Amen!

Rapture theory debunked

Time to reshare this. I do pray many hear these words. have a blessed day beloveds!

Michelle Stokes

So as I stand right now my writing is better then my speech, and by the time my speech is better I will no longer speak or teach this message. I did a video about this and I do know it was not that clear, and since many use my speech to not hear. perhaps this is better written and honestly feel free to debate it on your own. wrestle with God, and ask God if I speak truth or not. But anyways this is my last written message. Wrote as a comment, I wrote somewhere else.  I will not write this again friends. The message has been delivered for years now to crowds God told me and I listened and this is for any standing who have not yet heard it.

You guys do what your own hearts, minds and conscience tell you, for thank God I am no…

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Truly Thankful

Truly thankful there is so many people speaking Jesus. it was not this way ten years ago. there was only a few slim religious folks who spoke Jesus. Now it seems the whole world is speaking Jesus! I am so thankful for that! I am going to retire. I am thankful many are preaching the Good News now I can move on to my hearts desire!  Thank you Lord for answering prayers. I was sent out all over and honestly most of it was terrible but I got to revisit the places I was sent and it is such a blessing so many of the ones God sent me to speak to did repent and now have huge followings and they are doing it the RIGHT way! I am happy I got to be a part of all that and partake in it, but my hour for that is over and now I can just be myself. That is so wonderful!!!

many will not have a clue what i speak of but God does and this was just an open letter of thanks to God. God told me if I spoke i would build up an army for Him and I did listen and I am so thankful that season is over! Most of the world is not ready for the messages I speak for I speak beyond the baby messages of the world and the Lord is happy with the things I have done.

I pray many grow past the baby stage but now that God is their Teacher they will do good!! for the things I know, only God can teach and honestly again I am so thankful to be at the place I am now! I am not a religion, I am not a Christian but I am that woman who brought many to Jesus in the last decade and the best thing is, the world doesn’t even know it but God does!

So many seasons I wrote, so many places. So many names. I had no face, no picture so many called me an angel. and man that is wonderful! not boasting or bragging for many probably wouldn’t even believe me, but I got to see the fruit of my labor and I am going to spend the rest of my days celebrating with God! Thank you Jesus!

The things that will come nobody on earth can fake and when I speak many sit and mock me, then they speak to their crowds my messages with missing pieces, and then they even say the lord gave them the message. I  seen it many times and the things that come next no man on earth can fake and God can’t be mocked! so with that said again time for me to retire and I am blessed by this!

Again this message was just a thank you Jesus celebration letter! So many so certain they have the right way, they know the right way. They have God all figured out but the thing is some of these people barely even met God. God has been speaking to some since they were born and others just now found God and soon the Lord will laugh at many for this is the hour the real will rise up and the fake shall fall down and I will not partake in this but instead sit with Jesus as I have been. Happy to be retired! God bless the new nation that is rising up! may their seed spread and grow in Jesus name Amen! This letter was not written to make sense it was written to Jesus! have a blessed day beloveds!

A week in-update and progress

I am a week into my thirty day challenge! I honestly probably read the bible way more then 15 minutes a day. In fact for the last week almost everything I read out loud live, I read before I got on camera. So while the public sees me read it once I actually read it twice. and then after the reading I am in my own chapters of different books for different reasons. It is amazing to see how much of the bible you can read in 15 minutes.   Around Christmas I challenged people to read the bible for 15 minutes a day for a month or two.  I wanted people to know it was possible to do. but honestly to those who don’t know God and even those who do. Those fifteen minutes a day will really help you grow.

As I was reading the Word out loud every day I offer some advice usually before the reading. I am not going to retype everything I said, but it is some good tips for any out there trying to grow. I have about three weeks of my challenge to finish so any who are looking for some encouragement feel free to join me at my facebook group.  I honestly don’t know how much I will be around. I am pretty much coming on to do videos here and there. I am accomplishing many things and for a while the internet shall not see much of me. By about June this year I pray everything I have been doing be in the eye for all to view. But until then no point in coming on everyday and updating my progress. Sounds like I am just talking and not doing, but as a woman who does I decided to just go full force into what I am working on. if you plant bulbs in the winter they grow flowers in the spring! That is what I am aiming for!

and I pretty much will will be crossing over to more videos soon and eventually this page will just be about my artwork and music.  I know this is a blog site but I did not create this blog to write. I created it to speak Jesus so if you would rather read then watch videos. My webpage will soon not be the page for you for I will be crossing over to mostly video soon and I only write this for the people who truly follow me! Even if nobody follows me I will still be me and that is truth! I pray the readers day is blessed and if you truly do watch me. Feel free to join my youtube channel. for again I will mostly be doing videos soon. Have a blessed day beloveds!

Guard my mouth

As the watchmen who watch the earth, God watch my mouth. put a guard upon my lips so I be slow to anger, slow to wrath for only you can tame the tongue. let my lips not speak foolish things. neither let me speak bitter. let that old bitter cantankerous woman rest in peace God and create me into a woman who speaks in ways pleasing to you God.

Let every word that proceeds from my lips be righteous things spoken for your glory God. For your honor. for you do know my heart, my thoughts, every deed I do! everything! Nothing is hidden and you do know I pray my lips continuously  praise you God!! for that is my delight!! My honor and I am so thankful to be able to do such things! May I have long life so I can do this for the years I didn’t!  I am sorry I ran from you in my younger years God, But now I am an adult! help me be an adult you can be proud of.

Do I make you proud God? That is one of my biggest fears! that I shame God, for I love God!! ❤ and God has been so kind and so good to me! I don’t want to mess up. I pray God keep me on your path. I don’t want to slip or fall or look away from you ever in my life again!! and God does know I mean that!! for I had a life without God and it was the worst thing I ever witnessed and I want no part of that life ever again!

Lord God every day flat on my face I will fall and praise you Lord!  Not literally, but I did literally in the past and because of such I am able to rise and give God praise wholeheartedly everyday! and honestly it is the best blessing in earth there could be!! thank you God for answering prayers from someone like me for when I was bitter you took away those sour grapes and let me eat on your finest food and sip your wine and drink your water and honestly what a blessing indeed!

So I was reading Ruth today for my fifteen minutes daily reading I said I would do, and all day I been thinking I am like Ruth. I worked in God’s field and when I got thirsty God said I could drink and it was like God tossed down extra barely so I can glean more! God was so kind to me even though I was a foreigner to God! God is my Boaz! ❤ Just a lovely blessed thought I had as I was writing this!

I did pray God change my heart, change my tongue, change my deeds. I didn’t want to do them anymore. and God was so faithful to listen! I wrote this prayer in public because God spoke to me if any one want to pray as I did God will be faithful to answer them. for those are not prayers I said today they are prayers I said in the past that created me to who I am today! I pray many learn God does NOT want us to stay the same.  Pray for change. have a blessed day! Just words to consider!

I was a chief among sinners. God delivered me, and changed me and honestly it is a blessed thing!!  I have such a peace and joy and rest and just fullness I never had before!! and honestly I thank God for it!!! because it only came for sitting with God! I pray many people find true repentance in Jesus name Amen!   Written for spiritual growth for any who truly want to grow.

There is many benefits in honoring the scriptures. the more you start DOING you grow to understand that to LISTEN is indeed for us! I wrote this post because it is leading into something greater I will write about soon. it is time for us to reap the good fruit and if we sow good fruit we shall reap good fruit! Again just words to consider friends! have a blessed wonderful day in Jesus! ❤

Psalm 141:3 Set a guard over my mouth, Lord;
    keep watch over the door of my lips.



LORD of the Sabbath!

6 days God worked and on the seventh day God rested. Jesus is LORD of the Sabbath and teaches us how to rest every day in Him. Don’t have to hallow one day of the week if you hallow your hearts beloved. hallowed means holy, set apart, sanctified. cleansed. washed, and I will give them a NEW heart! I will take away those stony hearts and create them a NEW SPIRIT! and a new birth and I will transform them by my hands thus says the LORD and that is the LORD, God knows our hearts beloved, and instead of us practicing holiness for once a week, let us seek the LORD wholly every day we rise. truly GOD who is HOLY can lead us out of temptation and deliver us from our evil. This is why the Lord’s prayer starts with HOLY is your Name!
I pray many of us find the LORD of the Sabbath and may we Hallow His Name so that we made be made whole! for the LORD came to heal that which was sick, fix that which was broken and restore us beloveds! it is written Jesus is LORD of the Sabbath and to Him we must submit our self so that we may be washed clean by His precious blood! deliver us from our evil Jesus! wash us clean with your Living Waters! Jesus still has authority over unclean things and Jesus still cleanses the ones who seek Him for it! that is a mighty good thing to know! ❤
Matthew 6:9-13 King James Version (KJV)
9 After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.
10 Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.
11 Give us this day our daily bread.
12 And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.
13 And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.
made holy; consecrated.
“hallowed ground”
greatly revered and honored.
“the band will be in some hallowed and historic surroundings”