Feeble hands

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Michelle Stokes

If I lay my hands and am given power to heal, how much powerful are feeble hands that are lifted to the Power that made us given? So I am not a Babe in Christ and in my walk with God so many say pray for me and I have, and many have said I have laid hands on them and they were healed. but then became everyday Michelle pray for this. Michelle pray for that, and it was like Moses. I was praying all the time for people. and when their prayers were not answered, (life did not add up to their every want) who became the bad guy? if I heal you I am blessed, I am uplifted. If I say read your Word and speak the Word I am then persecuted for my speech.

I found the power of God.  It is not hidden, just not sought…

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What are you thankful for?

In America we complain about cockroaches, in other countries they eat them, In our country rats are considered tainted in other countries they are food. We live in a generation better then many. many don't have soap now. Think of the days before electricity. Before all technology. When you start looking at life wholly. maybe … Continue reading What are you thankful for?