The Human Mind is corrupted

I pray this video bring many to understanding in Jesus name Amen! Also in the video I say I am not a Christian. and I pray none misunderstand me. The word “christian” is used twice in the bible and once it is used in plural form with a “s” so actually the word “Christian” is in the bible two times and once with and “s” added to it. Before they were called Christians they were called followers of the Way. and God calls those who obey Sons and Daughters and My Child even, so I pray many don’t pervert my words, but watch the video from beginning to end and may much understanding be given in Jesus name Amen! For in no way do I deny Christ. or Jesus at all!!! in fact Jesus is my LORD and Savior! I pray this messages bless someone out there today, in Jesus name Amen!  may this be the best 18 minutes of your life! Again I do pray people watch it to the end and consider such things! Have a wonderful day beloveds! ❤ Joel 2:13 ❤ Shalom!



beauty and the beast-lack of knowledge part 1

This was going to be a testimony, but then as I was creating this video, I started to realize this would lead us perfectly into the bible study I am coming out with called lack of knowledge. I also pray many can get past my beastly image for I didn’t try and get pretty for the camera but this kind of reminds me when that old ragged beggar lady came to ask the prince can she stay at his house for a single rose in return and the prince judged the old woman on appearance and was cursed until he found love. well I may not believe in those kind of things but the thought kind of is funny when you consider the things I said.

To God we are all beast until God’s love changes us! Who could ever love a beast? God can!! Jesus said all that ever came before me were liars and thieves (John Chapter 10), and God can create monsters into something new. (beast into man if you will) God’s love breaks the spell the enchanter puts on us! Going to share the beauty and the beast opening scene along with my video. Don’t know which you should watch first but honestly if you watch them both. maybe you will see some humor in it! Jesus use to speak in parables! I pray many find the meaning in this! Also stay tuned to my up coming bible study which will be called lack on knowledge and prayerfully it will help somebody out there. Have a blessed day beloveds!

Nobody has to love you. Monster!

Nobody has to love you. and if I am the first monster you ever heard say it before then allow me to be that monster. Since me speaking truth seems to make me the bad guy let me play my monster part then I suppose. I am so thankful my parents taught me as a kid. They let me know how blessed I was that they clothed me, that they fed me, that they loved me. I thought they were monsters when they said that to me. I said this on my video the other day, Entitled Generation. I just write now for those who didn’t watch. but if you want to see the full version feel free to check out that link.

But I am thankful my Mom and Dad taught me nobody has to love me. I look to many today and somehow many feel they are entitled to everything. and I am not sure where this thinking came from. I think perhaps it was from the generation of kids who had kids. and then most of them were single parents, so they probably did not have good teaching. I don’t know that is what makes sense in my mind anyways. but I am here to be the monster and tell you nobody has to love you dear people. so if you have even one who loves you, you should seriously be thankful!

I pray you find something to love about them, because honestly many don’t have any who love them. many get tossed out on the streets, abandoned, forgotten, so seriously I pray this generation open their eyes and see nobody has to love you dear people and that is truth. and those who are not loved. I pray you find the love of God. and even those who are loved, God’s love is greater. and God sure does seem to love the ones who seek him. or that is sure what I hear from many and I believe for I seek God daily and I am thankful for such things, because when I didn’t seek God I was ungrateful and unholy and honestly that is what the scriptures say. In fact you can say I felt I was entitled to love.

Boy I sure was wrong and I am thankful for every single person God put in my life. even them monsters! they help me appreciate the angels when they came! I mean can’t have monsters with out the good guys!

Bible Reviews! My bible collection!

So I never bought these bibles with the intentions of sharing them. But I do share them praying this conversation bring any to a stronger relationship with God in Jesus name Amen! I pray this video blesses any as it did when I made it and when God came into my life. I pray God do the same for you God did for me friends in Jesus name Amen! may the Lord fill us with a beautiful new spirit for LIFE to us and the glory of GOD! Shalom dear ones!

This is not official bible reviews just more a conversation about my bibles! I think I will be adding all through out the week different reviews made by others on some of the bibles I mentioned in this videos and some I didn’t I truly pray it blesses many! have a wonderful day dear people!

LIFE or death!

I pray many of us sit down and consider our life, and if you don’t you don’t I pray the Lord bless you and seek after you and change your heart the very same way God did to me. I pray you see the Love of God, in fact, that is why I been writing so much because the love of God is greater then anybody on earth can understand!

From the beginning of the Bible God IS LIFE.  God created LIFE that is who GOD is CREATOR OF LIFE OF ALL THINGS!  Now does it make sense to any why so many of us say Jesus is GOD? Please consider the Words of JESUS dear people! I do pray this gives a great multitude of people understanding and wisdom. it is time for us to come to understanding of LIFE! for indeed sin is death written since God made people. Even before then sin was. it has always been it was the darkness that was here when the earth was void and empty.  darkness was and will be always because it doesn’t die. it lives forever in death, in hell, forever trying to torment THE LIVING!

As the serpent said in the beginning surely you won’t die. AND I STOMP ON THE DEVIL”S HEAD! for God has given me the POWER TO STOMP ON EVERY LIE THAT EVER EXISTED IN EARTH! and I just did! Sin is death the devil wants us to die GOD’s Love spoke from the beginning to not sin! obey me! and it is LIFE dear people and that is the truth the people always forgot because they fall under the devils spell saying it is ok to sin.

I will go into a deeper conversation of this. this was written by Michelle Stokes and you can steal the message if you want and many will try and imitate it but honestly, this is the message God gave to me when I PRAYED FOR TRUTH dear people! Now I speak, does this sound like lies? I will let the people decide! Life or death? truth or not? love or hate? which one sounds like GOD? Sorry I would not be a friend if I didn’t speak this. that is what I believe anyways. I pray the people have a blessed day and may God bless everyone who comes to this post and write us in the Lamb’s Book of LIFE in Jesus name Amen! Take off our crown of thorns and put on our crowns instead!  Let us walk as Children who obey, listen and honor God in Jesus name Amen!

Somebody Testify!

I pray many can get past the sound of my voice, get past the images and hear the words. The whole video is not me singing, it is a powerful message I pray somebody’s ears are open and they are able to receive them and even if not God open the ears of your people! in Jesus name Amen! May someone listen from beginning to end and I pray God bless the listner as God has blessed me. This is not an act our show, this is me.  if it was I probably would of dressed up. This is who I am daily. and nobody on planet earth will change me!  I pray instead these words change somebody today! I love you guys. Blessed are those who listener from beginning to end and let’s be followers of Michelle, and by that I mean do as I do. Bowing to Michelle won’t have much of an effect, but I tell you bow to God like I do and your actions then will have an effect.  I more then believe YOU WILL SEE MIRACLES IN YOUR LIFE! This is me, dear people. and you don’t have to like me, or follow me, or hear me ,and I will still me regardless!

Michelle Stokes is feeling blessed.