Our Sword!

Seek the Word daily!! if you are sorrowed. look up scriptures for JOY. if you tell lies. go look up scriptures about lying and the righteous how they speak. if you want to cheat on your wife go look up scriptures about adultery and may God bless your hearts to DO THE RIGHT THING! and may you be freed from sin!
Our Daily Bread. God give us our daily bread. give us our daily Word. let it feed us and guide us and nurture our minds, souls, and spirits in Jesus name Amen! The Word of God is our WONDERFUL instruction Manuel that God gave us to OVERCOME! let us be like Jesus and when we are tempted let us feed the devil them scriptures beloveds. Matthew 4:1-11
Also God gave us a sound mind and a brain, we can reason with and this is the thing most don’t want to hear. You can say NO! you can FLEE sin. You don’t have to submit to the devil my friends. Please stop making excuses and just say no and let our NO’s be NO beloved!
If people truly start sitting in the WORD you start to see HOW POWERFUL IT IS! truly it is our weapon. it is our water!! our bread!! Our armor!! It is amazing how one little BOOK can be so many things all at once! The Word of GOD IS LIVING! That is truly a GOOD THING TO KNOW! may this information be a precious jewel for someone today and may you store it and kept it where no man or woman on earth can steal it. let the WORD live in YOU! Hide it in your heart beloveds and use it when needed and indeed it is LIFE UNTO US! May this be the year God set many of us free in Jesus name amen! have a WONDERFUL day in the LORD! Shalom!
For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. Hebrews 4:12 New International Version (NIV)
Put on the armor of God! Ephesians 6:10-18

Over Come sin

Sharing these without the words so ya’ll don’t get distracted by images! Oh God it can’t be that easy? You mean you can flee? NO WAY! Why I never heard of such things…STOP LETTING THE DEVIL TALK YOU INTO JUSTIFYING YOUR SIN. A true fact! you can fleee! the scripture says submit yourself to God. not bow down to temptation (the devil). Just words to consider beloveds and this goes for a great many sins. We can flee them! The stuff the carnal (fleshly-human) mind doesn’t want to hear but nonetheless truth regardless! Let your no’s mean NO and flee our sin! real talk! How to overcome sin! It is that simple. Tell the devil NO! A true fact most people don’t want to hear because then there are no lies to lean on! God gave us a brain, a mind and indeed we can say NO. let this logic free your mind beloveds for the truth sets us free! have a blessed wonderful day! Let us flee temptation in Jesus name Amen!

Be safe and consider! happy New year!

So almost every new year I write the same thing and this year won’t be different. If you must drink tonight be wise. have your ride all ready lined up. have your cab money in your sock so you don’t spend it. if you don’t have a ride stay home and drink dear people. You know just imagine. You can go out drinking and wake up in a jail cell. Have no memory at all. wonder what is going on. Then the next thing an officer goes by. You yell out hey. hey why am I here? The officer looks at you with hate and says you sir are a murderer, what’s a matter don’t remember?

I hear so many say I am fine I can drive and you only think about yourself. What happens if you hit that car with a lady driving who has six kids and you run into her and kill all her kids? or even worst the mom dies and the kids live. People should think about this stuff before they go drinking. because if you are going to continue to be a drinker at least be wise about it. You getting in a accident and dying is not the only thing that can happen. You could be a murderer.

How would that feel? I mean if we drink in drive that technically could happen so might as well start preparing. Please be wise this holiday. be safe and I love you guys! Happy New Year!

I myself will not be drinking or acting a fool and honestly i do pray people get tired of partying. I pray God help many see there is more to life then parties. Would be nice to see people write extensive goals. Not resolutions. goals get done. resolutions don’t. I pray God gift many with wisdom this year and strength to start something new in their world, in Jesus name Amen! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Merry Christmas! from the House of Michelle! part 1

Merry Christmas! This is my first official Bible Study i will be doing on Tuesdays. Although this one is different to all the ones after I will do pray it be a blessing to many in Jesus name Amen! So this is part 1 of two. it comes with a story, with prayer and some good old bible reading! I pray this be a blessing to many this year and this year be the year GOD write our names on the Lamb’s Book of LIFE and remember not our transgression and transform us in a NEW Creation in Christ! bringing us to LIFE! let the joy of the LORD’s salvation be many’s joy and may it return a joy I can’t number or label all for the zeal of the LORD! and the JOY of the LORD’s!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS JESUS! I pray all year long we hear you rejoicing in heaven and I don’t mean people’s year dear people! and it will be done! Shalom dear ones! For truly the heavens rejoice when even ONE RETURN! My God so many are return and soon will I CELEBRATE WITH YOU GOD! HOW WONDERFUL ARE YOU!!