Weight Lost. Spiritual Motivation!

Running the race! Coming in first place!  I did this video and even though the image isn’t well I pray the words inspire someone today. Seriously if I can do it. ANY can and that is what I believe! This message was created so you can try and keep up or eat my dust! Just keeping it real! 😀 Shalom! Love you guys! 😀 *sings* Anything you can do I can do better! and if not it is ok I am still going to lead they way! Have a blessed WONDERFUL day! #TeamJESUSForTheWIN! I lost 40 pounds weeeeeeeeeeee! ❤ 😀 This video was created for spiritual inspiration, motivation, encouragement and healing and above all made with much love!!


Tips for your social media (Facebook) break

I absolutely loved this! I totally turned off all social media for a long time! was the best thing I ever did!! Even lately I haven’t had a lot of time for social media and I do mean even word press. I have been so busy in life accomplishing things and honestly it is great! and for years now instead of digging through needless post. I pick up good healthy books. the bible. I pick up so many useful things. I don’t miss all that useless time I use to be on social media. Just being honest. and it has been super nice making myself get off the box! it’s good to get hobbies. pick up side jobs. something productive you can show for your time. Instead of how many statues you liked. As we get older we think of time a little different then youngsters. Or I know I truly do. Are you investing your time wisely? I truly am trying to!

Boondock Ramblings

When bloggers and others talk about a social media break let’s be honest, we know they (we) are talking about Facebook. As far as social media goes, Facebook is the biggest time suck for most people. Not only that but Facebook has more information on you than anyone else and their tentacles reach into so many facets of the Internet, disconnecting from them for a while, or all together, is probably a pretty good idea.

You might be thinking to yourself, “I don’t spend that much time on Facebook” and while it may be true that you don’t spend a large, continuous block of time there I have a feeling you spend much more than you think. In the same way someone who wants to lose weight benefits from keeping a food diary, someone who is considering a break from social media should write down each time they log on…

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Know the devil’s voice

I did this video and it is a normal conversation i pray help many out there learn the devil’s voice so that way it can strengthen walk. This message was not to the holy but to people who really are struggling with sin and to any who have facebook. I did make a part 2 of this which probably will help baby Christians. I pray these help many come to understanding the battle is real and this be a great help mate to help you know the devil’s voice. Part two can be found on facebook, and honestly I will probably be getting a new camera soon so forgive the blurry image and listen to the words instead! I do truly pray this bless many in Jesus name Amen!

Rewards with no work..Huh?

Most of my life I was fit. I was active. I got depressed I gained over 100 pounds. i was morbidly obese. I lost it all through diet and exercise. I kept it off for almost 6 years. then I got tired. i said this doesn’t have to be a lifestyle my whole life does it? So I stopped. Over about a year and a half I put on 60 pounds. I started in 2017 around October to diet and exercise again. by march 2018 I only had about 20 more pounds to lose and I was back to my weight before I stopped exercising! yay!
But then I almost died. and it took me almost 2 months to heal. and I couldn’t exercise. and when I could i just lost my motivation. well again about October in 2018 I started back up exercising and as long as I live I now understand this must be a lifestyle I maintain my whole life.
I fully confess this time I do not know my weight. i don’t want to. i just told my self I will exercise religiously and eat right and in four months or so i will weigh my self. I am not thinking about numbers because I know as long as I do it, I will lose it. i say this because one day I will share all the updates and progress but until then i just write this as part of my testimony.
Life is hard. if you quit you won’t see change. i never believed in a diet pill. you want to lose weight, EXERCISE! Diets take months to see change and the minute you stop only takes a second to gain it back. the only true life style change is to do that. Change your eating habits. make time for exercise. and much the same way we lose weight, that same mentally needs to be in our walk with God. if you sit with God daily you will see results beloved. anyways I am a firm believer in that! have a blessed day beloveds!
we all want riches without working. weight lost without exercising. blessings from God without repenting and honestly that kind of thinking is insanity. I am just keeping it real. i pray this message give people something to consider. if you are tired of your life. change the things you are doing beloveds and that is my advice. I pray it blesses someone today in Jesus name Amen! Shalom dear ones!


around Christmas I challenged people to read their bible for 15 minutes a day for a month or two. For the next month or two. I pray everyday around noon. (I am trying to stick to the same time-hopefully I can) But for the next month or two everyday at noon I will come on and read the Word for 15 minutes. it is going to be real hard for me to stop at 15 minutes. But I like to lead by example so to any who are doing the challenge feel free to join me. I will be going live from my group! Even if people don’t join me the recording will be available to view later and regardless of who shows up. Your attendance is not going to effect my actions. have a blessed day dear people! I use to want people to read the bible with me. I thought it was a blessing. I still do but many don’t want to read their Word. But if any like the former me are out there perhaps knowing someone else is reading will encourage you to read to! I know it would of been a great help to me in my hour when i was trying to go forward so i pray this be a help to any! have a blessed day beloveds! Please feel free to read Christmas Challenge if you know not what I am talking about you can read about it here. and the readings will be live from my facebook group. Bless those who come and those who don’t. have a blessed day dear people!

Relationship truth

Beloveds. this message is going to hurt some feelings but I am going to give you a biblical aspect of why your prayers for your “boyfriends, girlfriends” aren’t being heard. Now to those who don’t want to hear about God this is where you should exit now. Some of us who believe in God are sitting in relationships and are fornicating and then we see no error in our ways and we even pray God fix my other half. look at what they are doing we say. make them answer to their wrong doings. Trying to fix every imperfection in their boyfriend/girlfriend when you not even sitting right with God.

Sex was suppose to be saved for marriage between husband and wife. that is a blessed union created by God. Then many of us sit and fornicate and we want the blessings from God in our unholy relationships. Beloved these things ought not be. I pray you stop sinning. leave the one you sin with. Confess if you want, that you have no more desires to sin. Then sit with God. work out all your imperfections (own salvation) and then when you are perfected you can pray God fix your other half and if it be God’s will to bring you back together, IN GOD’S TIMING FRIENDS! and in a clean holy union.

It is 2019 and I am going to be honest. It is time for many of us to come clean and confess our sins to God. Ask God to help us stand blameless so some of our prayers can be answered. God isn’t going to bless your mess dear people. and I am sorry for those who don’t know God is holy, and God has laws that are to be honored. We can’t be asking for blessings when we are cursed by our very own sin.

I know from my own life my prayers were hindered when I was doing wicked. and so many cry and hurt and even get bitter because God isn’t hearing their prayers. but my friends your prayers don’t line up to God’s will. and God isn’t going to come against God beloveds.

I pray many of us discover the reason we should put the Word in us. When you equip yourself with the Word you can see God has laws for our own protection and many of you are not covered by God’s protection because we are running around naked. not clothed. just naked in our sin with no shame we come to God asking for blessings when we are unworthy. not even willing nor wanting to come out of our sin. just bless us God while we sin. How foolish that does sound.

Jesus died for our sins while we were yet unworthy my friends but Jesus didn’t die in vain, nor say continue in sin, or ask for things in my name that aren’t right by God. it says ask in my name and if it is in the will of God it shall be given. dear friends praying for your fornicating relationship is without a doubt not in the will of God. I pray these words help people this year even if they are not the words they want to hear, I pray they be the words they need to see so they can break the yoke of sin in their life, then perhaps some of our prayers will be answered and we can delight in the goodness of the Lord.
This was just written for spiritual growth for any who are able to receive it! have a blessed day beloveds!