the real superwoman!

I am the real superwoman! ❤ The other day I said I will read my bible daily live for one or two months whether any join me or not. I 100% meant that. years ago I use to beg people to read the bible with me. I wanted someone to read the bible with me. For half a second I had it, then when I got use to it. it was not there anymore. I started to see my whole life when I needed people the most I ended up all alone and thank God for this because it is what lead me to call on Jesus. I am to the point in my life. I don't care if any are with me. I don't care who joins me. I will get it done!

I am losing weight and because of such i joined a few fitness groups. and even in fitness as the same many say about churches. they say get yourself an accountability partner. and this was my reply. and it applies to both the churches and the fitness.

Thank you for the words and i think they are true but sometimes in life if you want things bad enough you just have to do it whether or not you have an accountability partner. what happens if you get use to support then for whatever reason it is gone? will you quit when nobody is around to support you? I am taking my exercising the same way I have my whole life. most of the times when I needed people the most they weren't there. and when I did try and reach out as soon as i got comfortable with the help. it disappeared. I now realize I am the only true one to myself so whether any is with me or not I won''t stop! My mind is made up!

Accountability partners can be a good thing,, but what happens if they aren't there, will you quit because you don't have help anymore? Do you only read your bible when others are around? I myself don't need or want an accountability partner. I will get it done and if any want to join me lets do it! Other then that you can eat my dust, because with or without you I will get it done! My mentality! and truth be told thank you Jesus for all them times men and women stranded me! it made me so strong I truly don't need anyone! I am thankful for every person God places in my life, but with or without you I will continue and that is just truth! My strength is not in people it comes from Jesus and what God gives no man takes away! and that is truth! have a blessed day! #RandomThought and how i feel! Shalom dear ones!

Rewards with no work..Huh?

Most of my life I was fit. I was active. I got depressed I gained over 100 pounds. i was morbidly obese. I lost it all through diet and exercise. I kept it off for almost 6 years. then I got tired. i said this doesn’t have to be a lifestyle my whole life does it? So I stopped. Over about a year and a half I put on 60 pounds. I started in 2017 around October to diet and exercise again. by march 2018 I only had about 20 more pounds to lose and I was back to my weight before I stopped exercising! yay!
But then I almost died. and it took me almost 2 months to heal. and I couldn’t exercise. and when I could i just lost my motivation. well again about October in 2018 I started back up exercising and as long as I live I now understand this must be a lifestyle I maintain my whole life.
I fully confess this time I do not know my weight. i don’t want to. i just told my self I will exercise religiously and eat right and in four months or so i will weigh my self. I am not thinking about numbers because I know as long as I do it, I will lose it. i say this because one day I will share all the updates and progress but until then i just write this as part of my testimony.
Life is hard. if you quit you won’t see change. i never believed in a diet pill. you want to lose weight, EXERCISE! Diets take months to see change and the minute you stop only takes a second to gain it back. the only true life style change is to do that. Change your eating habits. make time for exercise. and much the same way we lose weight, that same mentally needs to be in our walk with God. if you sit with God daily you will see results beloved. anyways I am a firm believer in that! have a blessed day beloveds!
we all want riches without working. weight lost without exercising. blessings from God without repenting and honestly that kind of thinking is insanity. I am just keeping it real. i pray this message give people something to consider. if you are tired of your life. change the things you are doing beloveds and that is my advice. I pray it blesses someone today in Jesus name Amen! Shalom dear ones!


around Christmas I challenged people to read their bible for 15 minutes a day for a month or two. For the next month or two. I pray everyday around noon. (I am trying to stick to the same time-hopefully I can) But for the next month or two everyday at noon I will come on and read the Word for 15 minutes. it is going to be real hard for me to stop at 15 minutes. But I like to lead by example so to any who are doing the challenge feel free to join me. I will be going live from my group! Even if people don’t join me the recording will be available to view later and regardless of who shows up. Your attendance is not going to effect my actions. have a blessed day dear people! I use to want people to read the bible with me. I thought it was a blessing. I still do but many don’t want to read their Word. But if any like the former me are out there perhaps knowing someone else is reading will encourage you to read to! I know it would of been a great help to me in my hour when i was trying to go forward so i pray this be a help to any! have a blessed day beloveds! Please feel free to read Christmas Challenge if you know not what I am talking about you can read about it here. and the readings will be live from my facebook group. Bless those who come and those who don’t. have a blessed day dear people!

Addictions-Beloveds I love you!

Dear addicted one now it is said many of us addicts like to replace one addiction for another. We put down weed to pick up alcohol, we put down drinks and pick up drugs, we replace pills with heroin and out with one drug into something new, and so a pattern is created!

This year as a former addict I would like to spread the GOOD news and give you a present!! It is Christmas my friends!!! and to all my addict friends, I love you! My heart is for those who are suffering like the former me. I pray this be the year many of us get addicted TO JESUS!

let us run to God as quick as we do our addictions. let the Word be the new thing we inhale and swallow. There is a peace in Jesus I can’t explain or contain and as I was in the drug crowd and couldn’t wait for the drugs to be passed around, I found out those things were not happiness to me. But at one time I did think they would bring me happiness. So now I pass Jesus around and I tell everyone who suffers from addiction, let Jesus heal you my friends!

I couldn’t quit anything on my own. I had problems that needed healing. I had a life different from others. Nobody on earth could comfort me. I found all my comfort in JESUS! and just as I clung to my drugs in the past I NOW CLING TO JESUS MY FRIENDS! I also now pass out Jesus to all my friends, because honestly that is love. love does not get you addicted, Love teaches us to overcome it! hey put it down or just never pick it up to start with!

I pray this be the season many accept the gift of Jesus. there are no gods in earth that is able to heal like Jesus!!! That is why all these other gods come against Jesus because it is clear to see no other god brings healing, healing only comes through Jesus! and Jesus is healing all willing! the will of God will be settled in earth as it has been since the earth was created my friends! may this be the year we run to Jesus and away from drugs! I tell you when I say Jesus gave me a happiness that no drug in earth ever did and that is truth beloveds!

If you are out there suffering addictions I challenge you to sit with Jesus. Look up testimony of all the addicts Jesus has been healing and ask your self do you want this healing? Because indeed Jesus is giving it to all willing!

Jesus!! my addiction for life! I can not get enough JESUS!!! I WANT MORE! MORE MORE! Happy to say I am FULLY ADDICTED TO JESUS! and this is one addiction I pray I keep forever in Jesus name Amen! I love you guys and I pray many can see the love this letter was written in, in Jesus name Amen!

merry Christmas and may the Lord grant us so much strength we walk away from our drugs and into LIFE. if you keep walking in the same circle expecting new outcomes time for us to consider the path to LIFE beloveds! Just strong words for us to consider! Shalom dear people! ❤ Life Recovery Bible review

How I feel!

Sorry God but the LORD does know I would be like David and dance with the ark in my hand! ❤ The sounds i would sing to God in heaven I tell you! ❤ Amen! let’s dance like David did when the Ark was returned! 2 Samuel 6:14, Revelation 21:3-7   Rejoice I said! or I know I am! 😀

Praise JESUS! Let them call me a fool for you GOD! and I will dance like DAVID DID! For my GOD is worthy and indeed can turn something worldly into something WORTHY! ❤ Below is how I feel about JESUS! ❤


The Art of Exercise!

The Art of exercise! #TeamNoShame! I don’t know is this something to be shamed about? You tell me. I am thinking I should be shamed but yet I don’t think I am. Can the audience tell me shame or not? I kind of wrote this in humor but being serious at the same time. I pray this video blesses someone today.

Even if it doesn’t God please help it bless me because LORD knows I need it! and man I don’t think there is shaming in saying I need help, or I want to learn. I think the shame is never trying to get help. But what do I know. You guys can tell me! Have a blessed lovely day dear people! feel free to judge me! I pray it inspire me!, Even others!

This was created in humor and truth! Real Talk! I made mention of Busy Bodies-Idle handsInput produces Output

I’m Keeping every one of them!

I am getting a lot of gray hairs and I am not coloring them! Believe it or not I am actually excited about this! I earned every single gray head on my head and I am going to flaunt them! I don’t care how much of it shows. I had my hair out today and I said wow. so much silver mixed in. I promised myself I wouldn’t dye it. I had blue black pretty hair. it is a unique color. They don’t even have dye my color.
In the summer it takes on a natural red color so it looks red black. I started dying my hair at 15 and for so many years I had brown hair. Around or about a decade ago I took my makeup off and stopped coloring, and gave up all jewelry for God. It was a promise I made God for that time. I even shaved my head bald a couple years back for God and it was like I was rewarded for doing such, because my hair is so long and it was only like a couple summers ago I chopped it.
I have pictures on my page. I almost died two days before my birthday. I took pictures with no make on, then I took pictures with makeup on. and I prayed to God, I am going to put just a tiny bit on and take pictures I am thankful to be alive and I am getting old. So a little make up I put on and honestly I am too the point I may or may not wear it, but if I do it will just be a tiny bit for I don’t want to look like a street walker.
I once thanked God, Joyce Meyers wore make up. I am sorry God for saying this aloud but God knows I thought it. I don’t think Joyce Meyers is ummmm, an outwardly appearance attractive lady. Sorry I was just so thankful Joyce Meyers wore make up because honestly to speak my thoughts out loud, I don’t think she is so pleasant to look at. and when I was at the lowest in my life. God really spoke to me through this woman. I was praying, I was crying. the T.V was on some random station, and all of a sudden it was like God heard me. Joyce Meyers came on randomly and the remote control wassssssssssssssssss so far across the room and so ummmm being the lazy person I am, I did not get up to change the channel.
So I started listening and I got goosebumps. I kid not Joyce Meyers answered every word I spoke to God. now how did that happen? What the hell? and soooooooooooooooooooooooooo many times God did this to me. I was alone crying not even voicing my words. I was praying, I was talking to God. I would say who am I kidding? why would God talk to someone like me? and I would wipe my tears and all of a sudden my dad would call and say God told me to tell you this and he would repeat everything I prayed.
Random strangers would quote my prayers word for word. I would see this so many times in my life over and over. Maybe once, twice that is a coincidence. my friends! I can not even number the times that has happened to me now. That was many years ago.
I don’t doubt God, and neither can I be bullied by any other’s faith. I have my own faith friends. I have my own walk and truth be told I am so thankful for this! I only write this because many will come and judge you for what your wearing, and what you do, I fully think people should consider what they do. I would not want to paint my face to attract a man. What happens when the paint is gone? What happens when I am old?
I never wanted to be around people who loved me for my looks, That is so awkward. Judge me for who I am. I will ugly up in a second! Either way I am not trying to impress any! I am so happy to have these silvers in my head! I am going to flaunt them! THEY ARE SO SHINY! ❤
I hid my beautiful hair all these years because, for many years I did not fit in. Black people told me I was not one of them, and white people said you are none of us either and for almost 2 decades We were the only mixed people anywhere. I tried to fit in. But it is really hard. I am really tall. I stuck out like a sore thumb. So many years I spent trying to look like other people. I am so happy to be myself! I will flaunt these gray hairs! I earned them! if I could count them I might name them all if I could! 😀 😀 Just saying THEY ARE MINE! I am going to keep them all and just let it come!
Truthfully happy to be the age I am! and I am not lying or hiding it for any! if anything, I always say I am older! Ha that way when I am 60 I will tell them all I am 80 and they will SAY MAN GIRL YOU LOOK GOOD! 😀 😀 That was written in humor! I am not really a liar but I do like to round up. makes it more simple. Anyways this whole post was so random! I pray God use it in some type a way. The whole point of this was I am just going to be Michelle. it is too much work trying to be other people. it comes so naturally to be Michelle! Think I will stick to what is natural!
I pray the reader be blessed. have a wonderful day dear people!