Major accomplishments!

Today I am excited! I have been missing in action on a lot. but I have been on almost daily sharing scriptures on my facebook page.  I made a bunch of goals and honestly I been working on them! hard work pays off. one of my major goals I have been working on is my exercising. I wrote a story about it here with a video and honestly this video was done months ago and now I have a different tune to sing! Thank you Jesus! Who has been my inspiration the WHOLE WAY!

In the video I shared I said I couldn’t keep up with the senior citizens. think I’ll go try that video again soon. BUT I have been eye balling a machine at the gym and I am not sure what it is called but it is like a skier. or a stair stepper where you move your arms and legs at once. I am not sure what it is called. but I had my eyes on this machine and I tried using it. the first time I confess I didn’t even last 2 minutes. I made myself keep getting on that machine.  I got up to 5 minutes Yay! I got up to seven!! yessss! man I did 17 minutess!! WOOOOOOT! Today I can say I went 52 minutes on that machine and like 400 calories plus gone! man I can’t wait until I get to an hour!!! but I got to 52 minutes today and last time I used it I could only do 17 minutes!

Also for those who follow me. I been spending a lot of time in arts and crafts and even sewing. I think this is going to be my new passion! I tell you I found a way to tie it all into my faith and I am thankful!  I told people this year I wasn’t going to be preaching much but I am sitting with God renewing my relationship with the Lord. I gave a lot of my time to preach and speak the Gospel. but my heart is on Jesus and honestly I love sitting with Jesus and praising and worshiping and this is my season to just rest in the Lord and honesty I am loving every second of it!

Sometime in the near future I will share more the things I have been doing but until then I am just coming on to make a post for myself! I am doing it!!!! YES!!! Feels good!! Make a list of goals and get er done!  if you have a massive goal put that on top then write steps of what it will take you to get from here to there.  Sometimes it may seem overwhelming but that is when you have to look at all you accomplished so far. I may not be where I want to be yet, but as long as I live I shall get there!! Tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone but if you live like you are going to die and then you live, life will truly be sad for you my friends. it is good to think ahead but don’t let today slip away my friends. and don’t forget to pat your self on the back if you are doing a good job.

I am excited and honestly today i am sitting down and looking at everything I accomplished last few months. besides exercising I been making a lot of progress in other things! and I have proof to show my work! makes you feel good! Going to just take the rest of the day and smile at my accomplishments! Thank you God for all the help you’ve been giving me! thank you for answering prayers and just thank you for being you God!  have a blessed day dear people! I pray many others get accomplished and get to sit and smile about it! As soon as I lose more weight I am making me an outfit!!! 😀 It is going to be my celebration outfit victory dress!  I am like half way to my goal!! 😀 Hard work pays off!

Quiet time with God

It is good to worship. to gather and worship even to hear a pastor or teacher of the Word but I found in my life the best thing is my quiet time with God!!! ❤ it was gives me strength and energy to stay focused and centered in life. it gives me peace and joy. i pray the reader learn to establish quiet time with God. get in your closet. and a closet is reference to alone time. it doesn't have to be a physical closets beloveds, not to say it can't be. Do your deeds before God and not men. Seek when people aren't watching, help a homeless or somebody in need and you don't have to broadcast it.

You can not buy your way into heaven with good deeds. I pray many come to understanding that this means you can not continue in sin and think donating will wipe away your sin. Not to say the less fortunate should be forgotten but we are all truly at different walks with God. God doesn't want you giving if you don't have enough to provide for yourself. there is a parable about such called the foolish virgins. please go look it up and consider such things if you don't have much you shouldn't be giving.

I pray God bless the reader with discernment because there are so many arguing God's Word and they take away from the Word and add unto it for their profit and gain and even to say they are prophets. i pray many just seek the Word and pray God lead you. Because we are not all at the same place in our walk with God it is foolish to say we should all receive the same message, unless that message is repent with your hearts.

How can you give up all you own when you have nothing? So God would sit and speak to a homeless to give everything when they have nothing to give to begin with? That isn't even logical my friends and it sounds like that would make a homeless man suffer more. God isn't in the suffering business but into delivering! God knows what it takes for each of us to get on the right path so with that said I pray many get in the Word and grow in God and learn that quiet time with God is sacred and it should be a part of each person's daily routine. just what i consider sound mind doctrine.

Quiet time with God can be praising, worshiping. Seeking God's face in prayer, bible reading. bible study. watching a sermon, reading a daily devotional. It is written you reap what you sow. instead of sowing dollars in people's ministries i pray we sow a seed of time with Jesus! and watch it pay off! Every deed produces fruit! let's sow into God's Kingdom! and may the Lord Jesus water you daily and tend to your every need. Time to blossom for God! ❤ who wants to be planted in God's garden? I DO! I DO! another meaning for the word grace is the presence of God. I pray this year be the year many find grace, in Jesus name Amen! When Adam and Eve sinned they hid them self from the presence of God. they did not confess their sins but instead pointed blame. time to break that evil spell. God I sinned. I am sorry. Nobody made me I did by my own hands and I confess i am sorry.

and in God's presence I will be. i will not hide myself from God but instead I hide the Word in my heart so I would not sin because God forbid I be cut off. i don't ever want to hide from God again! So daily God I will seek you wholly! My quiet time with God has been a HUGE blessing to me!!! I pray this blesses someone today! let's not be like Adam and Eve beloveds lets run to God and not away! have a blessed wonderful day! Psalm 119:11

About Me

This is a video I did today. I wrote before I am changing my messages. Which I am. I pray my messages land on the lap of people like the former me. I also pray they inspire people to find Jesus and God lead many to healing and deliverance in Jesus name Amen! I pray these words bless someone today! Also, I am not trying to get youtube famous. Although I will still be speaking sometimes in order to help people, I am adding a lot of new things soon. Art work among many other things will be soon coming. I think I forget to mention that in this video but regardless I pray it bless even one today in Jesus name Amen! I will probably be missing in action still for a bit. I have been visiting my facebook page to add the Word but other that, I will be back shortly! Shalom! Have a wonderful day beloveds!

Weight Lost. Spiritual Motivation!

Running the race! Coming in first place!  I did this video and even though the image isn’t well I pray the words inspire someone today. Seriously if I can do it. ANY can and that is what I believe! This message was created so you can try and keep up or eat my dust! Just keeping it real! 😀 Shalom! Love you guys! 😀 *sings* Anything you can do I can do better! and if not it is ok I am still going to lead they way! Have a blessed WONDERFUL day! #TeamJESUSForTheWIN! I lost 40 pounds weeeeeeeeeeee! ❤ 😀 This video was created for spiritual inspiration, motivation, encouragement and healing and above all made with much love!!


Stand up and walk!

Praise the Lord dear people! Thank God for waking me this morning! I am thankful to be in the land of the living. I don’t have a perfect life. i could be in a way better place then I am now. But honestly I have been in worst places then I am and I have been in better! life can change. You can be filthy rich in one second and dead broke in a second also. You can go from rags to riches. You can go from depressed to happy, from happy to depressed and this is life my friends!
I am thankful to be alive. i don’t know my future. I know my prayers. I pray God answer them but honestly one thing God taught me is as long as you live change can happen. Change will not happen from wallowing in self pity. I know the stuff nobody wants to hear. Peter said silver and gold I have none but rise up and walk. time to stand beloveds.
Understand you can not change the past, but the future you do have some say of as long as you live. That is why Jesus said forgive. Once you forgive you can let it go and go forward. For all that heavy burden of hate is gone. Now you can create a future. Start planting seeds beloveds. Start planting good deeds and watch them blossom. get up and put your work in. I tell you one day if i live I will sit down and tell everyone all the things I did to get where I am because if I live I am rising up.
Since I been broken almost my whole life I have a great understanding in brokenness and trust me no matter how broken you get life goes on and if you don’t stand up and walk you will get trampled on. and that is just a fact beloveds. no depression pill is going to save you if you been depressed ten years. Seriously just keeping it real. Sit down in your life grab a pen and paper and write some notes. I know your bi polar depression whatever you want to call that devil ,won’t let you. “I don’t feel like it, I can’t.” Devil you are a liar and I cast you in to the lake of fire. That is a demon beloved and God gave us wisdom to overcome it and I am so thankful I been reading my Word. I know how to silence them demons!
You are not dead. You will not die. You don’t want to die. You just hate your life. so change it. Sit down and grab a pen and a paper and write a list. what do you have to do to get your life out of the dumps? Do you hate your boyfriend? then write out a list to leave him! besides fornicating is sin. If you been having the same fights for fifteen years IT ISN’T GETTING ANY BETTER! Only the devil will whisper in your head. he can change. if only they will, IT’S ALL LIES! what do the facts say? if you are in a pattern you hate time to walk straight!
I pray many put the Word of God in them so they can come up out of the woe is me syndrome. In Lamentations you will see the woe is me and it is written THEY HAD NO COMFORTER! and that is why you walk around depressed and sad you’re living with demons and I know traditions don’t want to speak about such things. They say God isn’t real and mock Jesus who cast out unclean things, demons dear people. Them wicked thoughts in your head.. the battle is real. I pray many rise and walk in Jesus name Amen!
Self examine your life. as long as you live YOUR LIFE CAN CHANGE! and that is real knowledge! receive it or don’t. Written from a real friend who wants the best for you! crying on the side lines isn’t getting anything done. GET UP AND MOVE! This is the way I talk to my friends! why? BECAUSE I LOVE YOU AND WANT YOU TO LIVE! Written by Michelle stokes

the real superwoman!

I am the real superwoman! ❤ The other day I said I will read my bible daily live for one or two months whether any join me or not. I 100% meant that. years ago I use to beg people to read the bible with me. I wanted someone to read the bible with me. For half a second I had it, then when I got use to it. it was not there anymore. I started to see my whole life when I needed people the most I ended up all alone and thank God for this because it is what lead me to call on Jesus. I am to the point in my life. I don't care if any are with me. I don't care who joins me. I will get it done!

I am losing weight and because of such i joined a few fitness groups. and even in fitness as the same many say about churches. they say get yourself an accountability partner. and this was my reply. and it applies to both the churches and the fitness.

Thank you for the words and i think they are true but sometimes in life if you want things bad enough you just have to do it whether or not you have an accountability partner. what happens if you get use to support then for whatever reason it is gone? will you quit when nobody is around to support you? I am taking my exercising the same way I have my whole life. most of the times when I needed people the most they weren't there. and when I did try and reach out as soon as i got comfortable with the help. it disappeared. I now realize I am the only true one to myself so whether any is with me or not I won''t stop! My mind is made up!

Accountability partners can be a good thing,, but what happens if they aren't there, will you quit because you don't have help anymore? Do you only read your bible when others are around? I myself don't need or want an accountability partner. I will get it done and if any want to join me lets do it! Other then that you can eat my dust, because with or without you I will get it done! My mentality! and truth be told thank you Jesus for all them times men and women stranded me! it made me so strong I truly don't need anyone! I am thankful for every person God places in my life, but with or without you I will continue and that is just truth! My strength is not in people it comes from Jesus and what God gives no man takes away! and that is truth! have a blessed day! #RandomThought and how i feel! Shalom dear ones!

Rewards with no work..Huh?

Most of my life I was fit. I was active. I got depressed I gained over 100 pounds. i was morbidly obese. I lost it all through diet and exercise. I kept it off for almost 6 years. then I got tired. i said this doesn’t have to be a lifestyle my whole life does it? So I stopped. Over about a year and a half I put on 60 pounds. I started in 2017 around October to diet and exercise again. by march 2018 I only had about 20 more pounds to lose and I was back to my weight before I stopped exercising! yay!
But then I almost died. and it took me almost 2 months to heal. and I couldn’t exercise. and when I could i just lost my motivation. well again about October in 2018 I started back up exercising and as long as I live I now understand this must be a lifestyle I maintain my whole life.
I fully confess this time I do not know my weight. i don’t want to. i just told my self I will exercise religiously and eat right and in four months or so i will weigh my self. I am not thinking about numbers because I know as long as I do it, I will lose it. i say this because one day I will share all the updates and progress but until then i just write this as part of my testimony.
Life is hard. if you quit you won’t see change. i never believed in a diet pill. you want to lose weight, EXERCISE! Diets take months to see change and the minute you stop only takes a second to gain it back. the only true life style change is to do that. Change your eating habits. make time for exercise. and much the same way we lose weight, that same mentally needs to be in our walk with God. if you sit with God daily you will see results beloved. anyways I am a firm believer in that! have a blessed day beloveds!
we all want riches without working. weight lost without exercising. blessings from God without repenting and honestly that kind of thinking is insanity. I am just keeping it real. i pray this message give people something to consider. if you are tired of your life. change the things you are doing beloveds and that is my advice. I pray it blesses someone today in Jesus name Amen! Shalom dear ones!