Let’s agree to disagree

Let’s agree to disagree. You won’t anger me! thank you God for peace! I don’t have to prove myself to you. if a person isn’t hearing your speech why bother speaking? I thank God for healing my mind. I don’t want to argue with anyone if you don’t agree move along buddy. We don’t have to argue. we don’t have to fight, in fact we don’t have to speak at all. I never could understand why people want to stay in fights. Do you enjoy being angered? I myself do not. Stress is a killer.

If we argue too much I am going to say we don’t get along. I don’t want to stay where they throw stones at me. if we can’t talk like adults, I am gone. You want to be talked to a certain way then talk to me the same. it takes two to argue. and that is real truth. You don’t have to stand in the middle of arguing and fighting. turn your other cheeks and walk away! How many times do we turn the other cheek and flee the scene? AS MANY TIMES AS IT TAKES TO KEEP THE PEACE!

Adults no longer know how to have civil conversations. they speak in anger. They speak in hate. grown folks throwing tantrums. there is no thought in their speech just say the first evil thing on your mind. throw stuff around when you are angered. I am getting old and my days of babysitting are over. i don’t want to be your mommy or spank your hand. or be talked to crazy because i want you to live. if my words offend you feel free to turn your other cheeks and flee from me! have a blessed wonderful day dear people! happy to be at a point where I keep my joy! and truly it is only through God I have been able to do this! Thank you God for answering my prayers because God does know i can’t stand arguing and fighting and that is truth. let’s agree to disagree and move on and the Lord bless you my friends! *my mentality*

Treat Me Better!

The bible says treat people how you want to be treated but in my house I am changing that up. Because I have seen how many treat them self. and many are treating them self all types of ways so please treat me better then you treat yourself for I treat many not better then me equally but seriously I once said that to some one and they did me dirty but then when I sat and considered it I said look at how they treat them self. No wonder they did that to me! God didn’t call me to be a door matt to people. I sat at Jesus feet and I saw how when they threw stones at Jesus. Jesus turned His butt checks and fled the scene. Why Jesus even spoke if they don’t accept you wipe off the dust off your feet and keep going!

#TeamJesusDiscerning! In different dictionaries discern means to judge. to be able to know the difference between right and wrong! God didn’t give a spirit of fear, nor are we to be slaves to those unless we are in chains. So I pray many grow in discerning and seriously let the WORD be a LAMP to our feet. that way we don’t get trampled to the ground when we should be trampling the dirt off our sandals. Just saying!

perceive or recognize (something).
“I can discern no difference between the two policies”
distinguish (someone or something) with difficulty by sight or with the other senses.
“she could faintly discern the shape of a skull”
synonyms: perceive, make out, pick out, detect, recognize, notice, observe, see, spot; identify, determine, distinguish, differentiate, discriminate, tell apart; become cognizant of, become aware of, become conscious of; literarydescry, espy
“in the dim light he could discern a handful of ghostly figures”

Entitled Generation

These words might not be the most popular but I do pray they populate the earth in Jesus name Amen! People don’t owe you anything. But you do owe your self enough to look with in your self and better your self. Just what I believe. have a blessed super natural day in JESUS! ❤ Sorry dear people I am going to be like my parents and speak in love because I CHOOSE to love you! and no hatred or bad words is going to change my love for you! and Jesus loves you too! ❤ God's love is greater then mine! and I am a 100% believer of is to love is to speak LIFE!  I never had a friend, I called a friend that wanted me to die. I don't call those people friends beloved. But who knows maybe perhaps I am the only one who feels this way, Am I different? You tell me?

Men leaders?

I was taught men were called to be leaders. here is some wisdom dear people. How many men will listen? If every man treated every woman in planet earth like their own dauther they LOVE, THIS WORLD WOULD SEE CHANGE! also i pray this be the year God make a lot of RUTHS and let their be a lot of Josephs who when tempted DID FLEE! Or even the Joseph who married Mary who carried a child that was not his.

It only takes two body pieces to make a child, but only a Man and Woman can raise one! I pray God rise many men back to be leaders, in Jesus name Amen!  Let us all put our eyes on God and the rest will come to pass! These are just my prayers dear people. we all looking for a savior but who will be a leader?  are there any men who will lead us? and if woman lead and provide then why do we need man?

It truly takes a real man to stand and be different and be different in this generation. So are there any real men in this generation? Look at Joseph in Genesis, I think that is manly inspiration! Just what i believe though. I do pray for men. I pray God help you better chose wives, and lead the way get in your Word. for truly the Word is Wisdom!  and all the men of old who where noble did seek Wisdom!


Dear God I pray let me be bold. I am so much like David and I am thankful God lead me to Psalms before any other scriptures. it was a blessing from God our Maker. the ONE sitting on His throne. There is no other King only Jesus dear people. God I pray I do not die for delivering this message but honestly I put my trust in your hand and if I die tomorrow, next week or even the next second I just want to THANK YOU GOD! Thank you for everything you have done in my life. I don’t want to ask you to live because I don’t want anyone to think I would ever deny you in any way so instead I pray to YOU instead like David please silence these liars lips,

but not to kill them God but fill them with a new spirit and a new heart for in the last days it is written your people would be filled with truth and no longer would they eat sour grapes AND I BELIEVE YOUR WORDS GOD! I do not want to go in long prayer because God does know how much i prayed in the past and I pray today even and GOD”s WILL WILL BE DONE! let this bless the people! Follow GOD dear people!

Busy Bodies-Idle hands

I have had a lot of enemies in my life and I am certain some may of hated me, and even now there may be some who hate me. I am unaware if they hate me. Honestly life is too busy for me to be looking at others. In fact I pray for idle hands because in my generation they taught us idle hands were not good. or of God you can say to. When people get bored many things become. Many times these things are not productive.

Tomorrow I will do a video on bible journaling. I don’t expect any to follow or even listen but honestly when I was bored I over drank. I looked for ways to entertain myself that were not good. I don’t think I am different I think many are like me. and for those who are, I pray God send you something constructive to do. and to the busy bodies in the church. You’re suppose to be different then those not in the churches. but hey I am not mad at you. it is busy bodies in every crowd, but as a church folk you’re suppose to lead by example. That’s what I thought anyways? am I wrong? hard to know what is good anymore in this world.

I sure do hate to cast judgement without telling something to counter the judgement. So instead of just saying being a busy body is wrong. So many scriptures, about women who gossip, about those who back bite, and whisper. again I am not mad at you. But perhaps instead of putting your time in everyone else’s business it is good to offer your help at a shelter, the hospital, go feed the homeless. That way instead of talking about others, others will be talking about you! and hey maybe even in a good way! You can lead by example. What a better thing to do then talk about people.

I tell you I got so turned off from church folks. Did you see what sister so and so was wearing? No I did not, what!?! how could you not? My eyes were closed. I was too busying in prayer lifting up the Lord to see what any was doing. I don’t know what you guys came to do when you go to church. But I come to church to honor God. but hey who you are, you are.

Either way I wouldn’t even say anything to you church folks because people do that out of church to. But in my mind I am like, ain’t church people suppose to be different then the world? I could be wrong but I thought I read some where……

You know I am not trying to be funny but another thing I think is many of the women in church have time to gossip and be into everybody’s business. perhaps pick up exercising. I once heard gluttony was a sin. I know I myself can use to lose some weight so instead of worry about other ladies, this lady is looking at her self. But they say, an open rebuke is better then secret love, and this was in love dear people.

If you start running them legs, be easier to stop running them mouths. A tired person doesn’t talk much. Also I do pray many get over their bored habits. Find something better then what you are doing. be productive. Spending time with God is never vain, but at the same time it is! Sometimes it is ok to be vain I think! well when it comes to spending time with God I believe anyways.

You know how is it, some can sit in church for thirty years and never bring one to church? Does their attitude match the same they put on in the church? and some if so, that speaks a great multitude because many flaunt an ugly attitude in church and watch what I tell you. Their attendance might be perfect, but in thirty years not one single person they ever brought to church? Why dear people? That is something to consider! Matthew 7:3-5,Proverbs 27:2,Matthew 7:15-20.

Fruit does not mean big crowds. it means deeds my friends. Look at the Word. Is someone who lies considered Godly? Is whispering Godly? is gossiping talked about in the Word? How do you want to be treated? idle hands in the church are one thing. What about others? A lot of people are doing a lot of things that are not good. I did not write this to pick on any persons. but seriously a certain crowd is truly suppose to act a different way then another crowd. one is suppose to know better and the other does not. but which is which? hard to tell in these days.

To the sinners and to the saved to the holy and unjust I pray many of us consider our ways and look at the things we are doing and prayerfully many of us consider our walk with God. because honestly God loves us and to be idle is just not good.

Also who is your idol and what do you bow to? What you spend the most time out of work and even some, to some work is their god. but if baseball gets 58 hours a week of your time and God gets half hour? well, who do you think your god is? I like in Daniel. Look at all that he accomplished in life and He still had time to worship His God! ❤ I pray I can be like Daniel even though I am a woman. I think that so amazing to accomplish so much and still have time to uplift God! ❤ So beautiful! ❤ I want that balance in my life! But hey that's just me! I love you guys and this whole post was written in love! ❤

I pray many of us do better then what we are doing now. Even me! God gives us all strength to do things pleasing to you and pleasing to us! in Jesus name Amen! Truly obeying God and listening is LIFE to us! the blessing on earth is investing time in God! I myself do believe that! This is food for growth!