About Me

This is a video I did today. I wrote before I am changing my messages. Which I am. I pray my messages land on the lap of people like the former me. I also pray they inspire people to find Jesus and God lead many to healing and deliverance in Jesus name Amen! I pray these words bless someone today! Also, I am not trying to get youtube famous. Although I will still be speaking sometimes in order to help people, I am adding a lot of new things soon. Art work among many other things will be soon coming. I think I forget to mention that in this video but regardless I pray it bless even one today in Jesus name Amen! I will probably be missing in action still for a bit. I have been visiting my facebook page to add the Word but other that, I will be back shortly! Shalom! Have a wonderful day beloveds!

Weight Lost. Spiritual Motivation!

Running the race! Coming in first place!  I did this video and even though the image isn’t well I pray the words inspire someone today. Seriously if I can do it. ANY can and that is what I believe! This message was created so you can try and keep up or eat my dust! Just keeping it real! 😀 Shalom! Love you guys! 😀 *sings* Anything you can do I can do better! and if not it is ok I am still going to lead they way! Have a blessed WONDERFUL day! #TeamJESUSForTheWIN! I lost 40 pounds weeeeeeeeeeee! ❤ 😀 This video was created for spiritual inspiration, motivation, encouragement and healing and above all made with much love!!


Rewards with no work..Huh?

Most of my life I was fit. I was active. I got depressed I gained over 100 pounds. i was morbidly obese. I lost it all through diet and exercise. I kept it off for almost 6 years. then I got tired. i said this doesn’t have to be a lifestyle my whole life does it? So I stopped. Over about a year and a half I put on 60 pounds. I started in 2017 around October to diet and exercise again. by march 2018 I only had about 20 more pounds to lose and I was back to my weight before I stopped exercising! yay!
But then I almost died. and it took me almost 2 months to heal. and I couldn’t exercise. and when I could i just lost my motivation. well again about October in 2018 I started back up exercising and as long as I live I now understand this must be a lifestyle I maintain my whole life.
I fully confess this time I do not know my weight. i don’t want to. i just told my self I will exercise religiously and eat right and in four months or so i will weigh my self. I am not thinking about numbers because I know as long as I do it, I will lose it. i say this because one day I will share all the updates and progress but until then i just write this as part of my testimony.
Life is hard. if you quit you won’t see change. i never believed in a diet pill. you want to lose weight, EXERCISE! Diets take months to see change and the minute you stop only takes a second to gain it back. the only true life style change is to do that. Change your eating habits. make time for exercise. and much the same way we lose weight, that same mentally needs to be in our walk with God. if you sit with God daily you will see results beloved. anyways I am a firm believer in that! have a blessed day beloveds!
we all want riches without working. weight lost without exercising. blessings from God without repenting and honestly that kind of thinking is insanity. I am just keeping it real. i pray this message give people something to consider. if you are tired of your life. change the things you are doing beloveds and that is my advice. I pray it blesses someone today in Jesus name Amen! Shalom dear ones!

The Art of Exercise!

The Art of exercise! #TeamNoShame! I don’t know is this something to be shamed about? You tell me. I am thinking I should be shamed but yet I don’t think I am. Can the audience tell me shame or not? I kind of wrote this in humor but being serious at the same time. I pray this video blesses someone today.

Even if it doesn’t God please help it bless me because LORD knows I need it! and man I don’t think there is shaming in saying I need help, or I want to learn. I think the shame is never trying to get help. But what do I know. You guys can tell me! Have a blessed lovely day dear people! feel free to judge me! I pray it inspire me!, Even others!

This was created in humor and truth! Real Talk! I made mention of Busy Bodies-Idle handsInput produces Output

First appearances by Michelle Stokes

To those who always think we can make accurate guesses on first appearances. How much time do you think you need to look at someone before you have them all figured out?  How long do we glance at someone and make an opinion on them? (label them, put them in a box) )5 seconds? 10 seconds? 30 seconds? two minutes? Seriously what is your honest answer? weeks, days? Ok, Now I have an exercise you can do.

Go to google, type something like houses, or dogs, or something that a variety of different things will pop up. make sure you are on image mode. don’t hit enter yet. just think about what you are going to google.

Now, whatever that time was, you said it took you to make an accurate judgment of someone is the time you get to spend on Google. Should grab a timer if some of you answered 2 seconds, don’t cheat give yourself two seconds. unless you said days. or weeks, if you said five minutes. if you said thirty minutes. If you said 2 seconds. go to google image, and look at the page for that amount of time. then close google. and grab a pen and write everything you saw. Don’t shut the page but take it out of view. minimize it. Also don’t open it back up. No cheating you only get the time you gave yourself at the beginning.

After you are done writing everything you saw and you are a 100 percent you did not forget one detail. open the page and compare what is on that page with what you wrote.  The exercise came from this article, Deceived By

If your answer was days, weeks, months. perhaps save the page. copy it or something and do yourself a favor and write down everything you see every day (meaning truly spend some time looking at it daily)  and look at your list in whatever time you gave yourself and enjoy the fruit of your labor!! ❤  for if you gave yourself a long time you should have books worth of details!

This exercise was created by Michelle Stokes. designed so hopefully we consider such things!  Food for thought! have a blessed day beloveds! 😀 ❤ Unless you have a photographic memory this exercise probably is good for many! I pray many find the deeper meaning in this message! Have a wonderful day dear people! ❤

Straight Motivation!

So today I posted a post about age and a lovely person came to my page and spoke of their story written about age.  A few months ago when I got knocked down I was praying to God and honestly I was feeling old. and after I got done praying I was lead to this video. and honestly it inspired me greatly. It is kind of long but really worth listening to.  I realize I am not dead, and my Dad is alive and very active. He is almost 82 and he still walks, and runs and jumps. he is very active. he can do push up and hoola hop. and honestly my dad also motivates me. But after watching this video i got a new perspective which I really needed because after being beat up it was hard to get my mind set back and I am just so thankful God has many people motivate me in so many ways. it really is a blessing from God.


Either way i do pray someone out there take some time to watch this video and perhaps read the last article I shared that truly is inspiration. or at least for me it is anyways!  have a blessed wonderful day dear people!

Family Restored

a virtuous woman would only submit to a man who knows God and Godly men would not be dominating they would be like Christ and both would understand we complete each other not compete each other. Just my understanding.
I pray their be many men who rise up and be Christ like and many woman be of virtue and may God restore family in Jesus name Amen! Unless we are made whole in God we will never be whole my friends! I believe this with my whole heart!