It’s hard being a newbie Christian

man God is so awesome! i totally love this post! That’s what I’m talking about!

Bri's Corner

In my previous post, I talked about how I grew up in a catholic home. I mentioned how difficult it was to make the transition to Christianity. Over the past few days since I started this blog, a thought has kept creeping up in my mind. “Being a newbie Christian is tough”. I began blogging with the intention of sharing my walk with Christ. I believe it is important to let others like me, know that they aren’t alone in freshly starting off their walk with Jesus. I say this because I know how terrifying it can seem when you look around at so many other Christians that have probably been in ministry for years. They seem so well put together. It’s intimidating and it can make one feel like we won’t ever know as much as them. But I’m here to tell anyone that might, or is currently experiencing…

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Family Restored

a virtuous woman would only submit to a man who knows God and Godly men would not be dominating they would be like Christ and both would understand we complete each other not compete each other. Just my understanding.
I pray their be many men who rise up and be Christ like and many woman be of virtue and may God restore family in Jesus name Amen! Unless we are made whole in God we will never be whole my friends! I believe this with my whole heart!

Devoted people of God

There are genuine people who love God. They will take you from verse to verse, Chapter to chapter and honestly God bless these people. I do not speak against every single person who preaches God. i do not think I am the only one speaking truth. i thank God for people who love the Lord, even those ear tickling message serve a purpose.


I know there are some good preachers out there. But if you never read the Word if you never pick up the bible out of Sunday you probably are not very happy in life. It is good to sit with elders. Sometimes it seems I am against everyone but honestly I am against nobody I just pray many people read their bible. it is ok to ask elders to Teach you. it is ok to go to a church and let your pastor feed you. it is ok to hear a message online but it is also great to  read the Word on your own, or with your teacher.  So many ways we can grow in God.  My prayers are not against the pastors but really for the people. I pray people get a genuine desire to serve God wholly my friends and if it takes a pastor for you to achieve that then great! if it takes looking at false religion to find true God. then fine. if it takes you hearing people’s words to repent then that is great. i just pray we grow in God in Jesus name Amen!


Sorry I don’t really care for watered down Gospels and when i started maturing in God I was always so thankful for those hard core bible thumpers. and honestly I guess that is who I am. I thank God for everyone who thumped me over the head with my bible for it was LIFE and I am glad they did it! even if I did not care for at that second!  In my hour of need you never know when a word rebuked is a word received. it is not my job to make you believe. Plant a seed and God waters it. God is WONDERFUL MY FRIENDS!


God bless God’s devoted people! God bless all people because whether it be good or bad we do lead an example. if you are bad we look at you and say lets not be them, and if you are good we say man I should be like that, or people with any sense do anyways. so thank God for all people! I am so in awe and love with God. it is amazing how everything on earth all works for God’s good! ❤ So divine my friends! ❤

Advance Bible Study On Sin #2

I pray many watch this as we ought to read our bible. from beginning to end. Might be some good advice to take notes and go look things up. Have a blessed day dear people! I also pray this help a great many people and God help us see truth and come to understanding of the Word, in Jesus name Amen!

This message is taken from the first part which can be found here. This message is not for babies, but at the same time it is given to people who don’t know a lot about the Word. it is not for people who delight in their sin. To those who enjoy hurting. to those who enjoy the struggle to those who like lies and appreciate them, THIS MESSAGE IS NOT FOR YOU FRIENDS! But to those who are broken, to those who know the struggle, to those who sit in sorrow and want to come to some truth I pray you watch this video from beginning to end, and I pray God help many of us in Jesus name Amen! Part one of a few.

Bible Time #4

Bible Time!!! let’s get it!!! grab your bibles and read with me or don’t! I will read alone! does not matter but if even one watches this and is blessed then PRAISE GOD! Even if I am that one bless me GOD!! I pray this message be a blessing to the heart of the listener in Jesus name Amen! You can find the earlier chapters either on my youtube channel or my web page at have a blessed day dear people!

Done with churches and religion even christians

I am done with the show. I am done with acting. I never was down with that stuff anyways. I can clearly see I don’t belong in these things and I just had enough. People don’t really want God, They want a show. This is the second part of a video I did earlier called, I am not a Christian. Either way I did not make this video for likes and followers just part of my vlog. feel free to leave negative feedback and call me any name you like. I p[promise it will have null effect. God bless you friends!