This was just something random on my heart. I pray it blesses someone today in Jesus name amen! rejoice dear people for truly indeed the tabernacle of GOD is with men! and we should dance and celebrate that these things are beloveds! always someone worst then us. always someone with less. and this is truth. not to gloat in others misfortune but what I mean to say is things can always get worst.
I once complained to God and I tell you it is truth when I say things got like 100 times worst and it wasn’t even seven days until I fell to my knees and said GOD I am sorry I complained! and beloveds ever since then I promised GOD I wouldn’t complain.
You know how hard it is to praise God when you been through some of the things I have? Boy I tell you it was hard. but I found out it is GOOD to thank GOD for what you do have! If you have a roof over your head. GIVE GOD THANKS! if you ate today, GIVE GOD THANKS! My friends it is true today somebody died of starvation. right now someone is sleeping on the street. with no cell phone. no social media. No liking facebook post. So truly we can find something to give God thanks about..
Now that I am older and giving God thanks has become a habit, I can truly say it is a blessing to say thank you beloveds. I don’t want to take life for granted. and some of us boo hoo about things so petty when we look upon other people. and that is just truth. I pray many people understand as long as you live life can change. I pray people get some Spiritual guidance from God. Beloveds. Proverbs Chapter 3
Do you know complaining feeds into dark moods, dark spirits, and dwelling in a pit of nothingness? Think about it. Don’t fall for the devil’s deception! Rise up and walk my friends. Life is hard. Lean on Jesus. Flee from evil. Run to Jesus and let the GOOD LORD lead you! Just my advice and honestly I consider it sound mind advice to any who are willing to receive it. Establish a relationship with God. then you will easily see why it is A GOOD THING! to do so!
In my dark hours God lead me to the Book of Job. and truly It somehow healed me. For my God!!! Even though I had so much happen to me I didn’t have everything that happened to Job happen to me. but even Job rejoiced in the end and I am like Job in that sense!
Many times people pray and say how long, or they say God is silent to me. I am beginning to learn, I think every person who knows God goes through that season. It is good to rest in the Lord. let the Word Comfort you! I thank God for leading me to the Book of Psalms! this is the first Book God ever lead me to and truly it has been a GREAT HELP!!! Thank you GOD! ❤
The WHOLE Bible is good to edify and grow and learn. After all, all the New testament people went to the Old testament for answers. as I also think today’s generation may want to do the same also. and please also read New Testament. Reading the Bible is not a once and while thing, it is a new life change. a new life. start off a scripture or two a day if you have to. something is better then nothing friends. Get to a point where you read, study grow, learn examine, meditate, inhale, live and breathe the Word! It doesn’t happen over night, again a new life style.
Jesus is the New Covenant. Spoke simple for understanding. Without LOVE you will not see GOD. without a true desire to change you will not see GOD. Seek the LORD earnestly. and truly let your heart not be wicked and you will find Jesus or Jesus will find you even. look up the Word contrite and read Psalms 51. and Know that there are no more blood animal sacrifices. the sacrifice is your life, your heart, your mind.
God is watching. we are being tested and that is truth. God is a rewarder of those who make God their life or as it is written seek the Lord diligently.

Bible Journaling

So as I spoke in this video I was considering doing bible jornaling because I journal anyways and I explained a few other things in that video. Might be worth watching. But as a continuance from that video I said i was going to purchase two new bibles and also. That I was trying to redo the way I journal. I am tired of the spirals I am collecting. So was going to do something more productive. As I was looking at a bible review video this one was suggested for me. and I just think this is amazing. I am probably going to do something like this.  It is a great idea I think. and truth be told kind of what I had in mind not exactly but close enough. Maybe perhaps when I finish I will share what I went with. I just appreciate the time this lady took creating this video I sure did enjoy it!  Thank you God for people who give us knowledge to help us grow. Just think this was a blessing! So I share it. 🙂