Counting every blessing

So I wrote this earlier, and for those who don’t know I type two fingers looking down and I have reread this a few times and the more I read it the longer it gets and I am not certain I removed all the error. I am going to post it and read it yet another time and if I think it doesn’t make sense, I will edit it yet again but remember I don’t speak proper English so I just pray I wrote it where it makes sense to people and they consider the things written. have a blessed day beloveds!

*Counting Every Blessing* Written by Michelle Stokes. The past nobody speaks of but God has NOT forgotten. This generation can only see them self. They don’t see how much blood has been shed for them to live this life. For thousands of generations men would of loved to have even one translation of the bible. if Adam and Eve could of had a book that was written telling them not to sin I bet they would of thought it a blessing. So many generations don’t have what we have now and yet we sit and complain and cry like babies. Thinking we are entitled to things. My friends if you only knew what God knew then perhaps we would all repent.

Years ago I use to fear end days. I use to think about my own death. How vain I was and how vain are us people. and many will say I am not vain, like I did. Then God gave me a vision of the past. I fell to me knees. I certainly am vain, I just didn’t know it! But after my vision I did! and I fell to my knees and repented! I cried with my whole heart. I felt like I was bleeding it hurt so bad. God showed me the past. I saw so many murdered. I saw people raped and burned. i saw many hung. I saw saw so many suffer. I saw wars. I saw children murdered, I saw famine. I saw so many die so we can have knowledge, so we can live. I saw so many die from sins of others. I saw the blood of the innocent that was shed for us people to live.

I wrote this article a decade ago and a bunch of religious folks came and tried to shame me. They said Jesus is the only blood that matters. They tried to shame me and God told me there is no shame for me but for them there will be, for if they think that the innocent blood that was shed was less important then the blood of Jesus. they have no clue who God is and that is what God told me beloveds. Do you know that when innocent blood hits the earth God hears the screams of it in heaven?

it is like a cry for help. Do you know when much innocent blood is shed, God hears those screams all at once in his head? How many know this? God showed me this in a vision. This vision sure does seem to line up to the Word. I didn’t know it at the time when God gave it to me I just spoke in faith. I wish I had been reading my bible when them religious folks came. I wasn’t then and I didn’t care to argue. I just let them go about on their way. So you say I said, have a blessed day.

Now it is many years later and I could prove every vision I had, in the Word if i truly wanted but honestly there is no purpose.

Innocent blood has a voice beloveds, Talked about in,
“Genesis 4:10 And he said, What hast thou done? the voice of thy brother’s blood crieth unto me from the ground.” right after Cain murdered Abel. Should go read all of Genesis Chapter 4.

and God hears the blood of the innocent crying out to God and their cries will be heard!

Matthew 23:35 New International Version (NIV)
35 And so upon you will come all the righteous blood that has been shed on earth, from the blood of righteous Abel to the blood of Zechariah son of Berekiah, whom you murdered between the temple and the altar.

If people only knew truth. Every single person on planet earth could all die and it would not equal the number of innocent that have died for us to live. That is what God spoke to me and I do believe beloveds! God does not come for the people on earth now. He comes for the cries (blood) of the innocent. So many generations have suffered through many things but this generation wants no harm to come to them. I pray many people repent. I would not want to stand on the side that sheds innocent blood. for those people have their reward and hell is not what I would call pleasant but if that is what they want that is what they will get but as a woman who saw hell once I know they really wouldn’t want hell if they had a true vision about it.

God has amazing ways of taking your fear away. If you are with God we don’t die our souls live, and if you saw the past you wouldn’t have one concern about the end of the world. You would sit right with God and understand life is a gift. and if you think your life isn’t worth living you probably need to work out your relationship with God. Some look to heaven, I found God here on earth and I am thankful to be alive and enjoy God and life.

I wasn’t always that way. I thank God for revealing to me all this stuff so I can have peace. God does know this Word is true for me! “Psalm 27:13 I had fainted, unless I had believed to see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living. 14 Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.”… The whole Psalms 27 is so beautiful! ❤ ❤ But it is true I would of fainted had I not seen the goodness of God here on earth! and that is truth!

For many years I was haunted I had a vision about the end of the world when I was 12. I can gladly say I am not in fear!! I have no worries and I don’t think about my end, nor the end! THANK GOD! Lord I totally 100 percent trust you and I will live each day praising you God and thanking you for the blessing to honor you and obey you in the land of the living! A true blessing indeed. it was like the sun shined and now my days are filled with LIGHT and understanding!

Such a blessing indeed! I pray many of us sit at Jesus feet and the Lord comfort our hearts because honestly tomorrow is promised to nobody. So many generations had so much suffering and look at allllllllllllllllll the things we have other generations didn’t have!!!! We are blessed indeed. and since many would of died to have a bible if offered in former generations when there was none available I personally believe we shouldn’t let them bibles be in vain but dust them off and read them! Thank God for this WONDERFUL BOOK of Wisdom, knowledge and understanding other generations did not have! in Jesus name Amen!

I pray this messages blesses someone. have a blessed day beloveds. The whole purpose was I pray we all start looking past our self. Look at others. what do you have others don’t? Do you know years ago they did not have a bible. They didn’t have technology. they had hard lives. why does this spoiled generation complain? Is it because we are spoiled? We better start thanking God for our gifts because God forbid God start taking things away to bring us back to remembrance that we are blessed beyond MANY generations! I am sure many generations from the past would love to have your life that you sit and complain about.

Consider such things beloveds. This post was written in the utmost love for God and people, and even the blood of the innocent! I wouldn’t want to see God cry or get angered. neither do I want to be held guilty for their blood. So I sit and do things pleasing to God and I found out by doing so it truly is pleasing to me! it makes me whole and centers me!! to sit with God IS NOT A VAIN THING! but at the same time it is because the blessings and peace you receive for doing such things, is for you beloveds which is vain! So even though it isn’t vain it is at the same time!! 😀 Haha! a funny truth! 🙂 I pray this message bless someone! Have a blessed wonderful day

Not behind BUT UNDER!

Not behind me but under! No where you can run devil! For the Lord has given me the path to take and the path is lit up on your head. Where I walk my feet will trample evil. I will not bow down before it neither will it get behind me . IT IS UNDER MY FOOT! I crush it when I walk.  The Lord gave me the power to crush the very serpents head and I shall use it to the fullest authority in fact just my voice  is able to say devil you are a liar. You are dead, dead you will be I am alive, Through Christ and I know your words have no effect in my life. MY AUTHORITY AND WORDS COME FROM THE MOST HIGH! JESUS! who had power to cast out all unclean spirits! THANK YOU JESUS!

God has always been above lies, and the truth shall set you free, and the WORD washes us clean by the Blood of Jesus and all the blood that was shed since sin entered this world. I pray many be set free by the TRUTH of Jesus and please beloved look past images AND SEEK THE WORD! Have a blessed WONDERFUL DAY!  Shalom!

Haunting Spirits-Spiritual battle! HELL IS REAL! SO IS THE DEVIL!

I am going to write some things and this message is not written for the Christians and by that I mean those who are luke warm or those who say you are false and they know not the TRUTH OF GOD! Every knee will bow down. this is Revelation given to me by GOD and whether any believe or not does not change these words even to those who will say I am false. your words CAN NOT CHANGE TRUTH beloveds!

I did not just wake up hearing God and neither did I find Jesus through religion. God knew me before I was born and God spoke this to me once and I didn’t believe. I never knew it was the WORD.  God did not change dear people.

and the same the stories of  Judges 6:25-32, 1 Samuel 5:2-5 I am called like Gideon. and by my words God will take down all false gods that ever stood against GOD.  Every knee shall bow to JESUS and this is NOT a new thing. Until this day every god ever created all bow to JESUS my friends! Jesus is NOT a new GOD. Jesus is GOD

God has always been in heaven. God only came to earth to save those who were lost. God only came to the earth and as when God came to earth in the ark all the others gods did bow before GOD! 1 Samuel 5:2-5 it shall come to pass but it all ready is my friends! This is why the other gods sit and try and torment JESUS for they all know JESUS is life and they are death and they are mad that they can not cross over so they sit in earth where they are confined and they war AGAINST THE GOD OF LIFE!  as it has always been beloveds as GOD created it, it was and STILL IS!

The devils created pagan gods, they created theories to try and keep the tree of LIFE hidden. for indeed it is the devil who wants us to die. The same the devil who sat in the garden and said you won’t die. the devil still is beloveds. and death comes from not obeying God. Not only in the flesh but also the spirit. This world is a test my friends. and as we can be rewarded in heaven it can be in earth. as we are punished in hell, we can be punished in earth also. Sin is death and is punished and the final resting place is hell. there is NO REST for the wicked dear ones! They only live to torment the living for they have found truth and are trying to escape. No man in planet earth can withstand hell. we can not even stand the sin we do or the sins of others. Those who sin willing are making acquaintances with their gods. there is no freedom in sin. there is no life, there is no love only death and hell and torment.

I pray this be the year many of us overcome these haunting spirits. that we overcome death and sorrow and torment these demons try and entrap us with. God gave us a path to LIGHT. the path to LIGHT was so that you can see and cross over because there is no rest for the wicked. and some of us are miserable never understanding our life or thinking we are cursed it is because indeed sin is cursed dear people. This is why over and over repeatedly so many times it is written SIN NOT!

God loves us so much God doesn’t want us to sit in death beloveds. God gave us life. Free will is a blessing and a curse. No man can serve two masters. you are either obeying the lust of your father or you are in with GOD our Father. there are not three gods. there are not two or many. There is GOD and the devil dear ones. Jesus is the only way to LIFE. every other god speaks death as in, that is all the devil can speak my friends. Does John Chapter 8 make sense to anybody yet?

God created the darkness. the earth the heavens and everything that stood in both! By the hand of God these things were created. This world is a spiritual battle I pray many overcome. I do also pray we consider thinking about God in simple terms. Good and bad. Light and darkness, LIFE or death and honestly there is NO IN BETWEEN!

the luke warm will be stomped on. You can not ride the fence! you are either in the gates or in the gates and on one side there is JESUS and the other side is death AND JESUS SAID I AM THE DOOR NO MAN GETS TO HEAVEN UNLESS I OPEN THE DOOR MY FRIENDS!  I pray many of us knock on the door and say Jesus let me in. I pray we sit at the gates of the city and praise GOD until those gates fall down for indeed we are tested dear people. Life is not easy, neither is the path of life. God designed life to be hard dear people. for sometimes bad times help you live. and honestly to give people a perfect life would mean they couldn’t even see it, as the same as Adam and Eve who had they of known the results of sin THEY WOULD OF NEVER ATE THE FRUIT!

I do pray these letter give people eyes so they can see. the battle is real dear people and we war against things WE CAN NOT SEE. Just as God can have some who come in His name the devil can do such things also. God says sit with me and I will use you for my glory. The devil says come with me and let us go murder. and those who walk with the devil they walk blindly for it is true, not one man on earth would sit with the devil if they knew they truth of their home.

For hell was not created for people. it was created for monsters and demons and it is written if the blind lead the blind both shall fall in the ditch and so they follow the devil blindly. and the devil would never reveal his true self to people, because if the devil did the devil knows NOBODY WOULD PICK HIM!  So the devil uses trickery to make us sin. MMMM my isn’t this cocaine lovely. man didn’t it feel good to punch that person. i hate you, i hate lets die the devil says! and has a party because if you listen to that voice you are obeying your father and it will be a sad day for you if you pass away before you repent because then you will see there is no rest for the wicked. and they scream and scream and the can not escape death and why would they? they disobeyed God in life and followed lies. No man can pray to God in hell. you sit with your master and there is so much torment in hell and honestly I pray these words help people decide because God spoke to me if they really knew the truth every man on planet earth would chose me. I tried to warn them and they did not listen.

These words were written by Michelle Stokes. given to me by GOD for the Glory of the LORD and the LIVES of many, I pray we all make a stand. Do we want to live or die? I myself DO chose life for I seen hell my friends and I do 100% believe hell is real. I also believe in GOD and to those who don’t, I pray God make the Holy Spirit known to you and help you rise up out of your graves in Jesus name Amen! For you are either dead or living TRULY THERE IS NO LIFE WITHOUT JESUS beloveds and this is TRUE Words even if people don’t believe or receive them they ARE STILL TRUE beloveds. I pray many of us cross over, because if you don’t cross over in the land of the living, indeed you can not cross over when you are dead. The truth nobody wants to hear about the Gospel and the world we live in!

not the devil’s friend

I am not the devil’s friend, neither did I come to play patty cake with him either. I came to punch him in the nose, knock him to the ground, stomp on his head and say DEVIL YOU ARE DEAD! YOU CAN’T HAVE MY FAMILY! YOU CAN’T HAVE MY FRIENDS! THIS IS GOD’S EARTH!  I came with so much oil I am passing mine out for Christmas. I have much to share I packed enough in me TO LAST A LIFE TIME!

Never in my life have a wanted a friend who wanted me to die. I STOMP ON THE DEVIL’S HEAD! Get under me satan! For GOD gave ME POWER TO CRUSH YOUR HEAD! AND i AM GOING TO WALK ALL OVER IT for the devil has become my footstool!!! AND HE HAS BEEN TRAMPLED all on by these WORDS! HE HAS NO AUTHORITY OVER ME! OVER ANYTHING I DO, NOR THE THINGS I think for GOD gave me the WISDOM to overcome! POOF BE GONE!

Sorry dear people My Father taught me how to fight!!! I took up kick boxing so I could lift these legs and kick the devil dead in the head. I didn’t do that in real life. it was a joke. But I am well equipped to fight this SPIRITUAL BATTLE! devil you have NO POWER HERE! Hell is REAL! No rest for the wicked! There is something in earth that wants us to die and something that wants us to live. So in this generation do any know the difference?


The Spirit of Hope

Dear God to any out their  filled with the haunting spirit of doubt, the haunting spirit of fear, the haunting evil of depression, I say this because this world is truly a spiritual battle. and God gave us the power to crush the devils head. Now I know not medical terms and I come not against medicine, but honestly I say some of us depressed because we don’t know how to cope. and you can call this a religious message if you want, but I learned in my life the dark side came from being in the dark. the Word is our LIGHT! it our guide to LIFE but not only that God is everything GOOD in planet earth and some will say it is conscience or whatever they call the ONE who wants us to live.

Everyday we rise. everyday is a new opportunity. good things are productive. I pray many pick up the Holy Bible and consider their hearts. Look unto the goodness of God. not the haunting spirit that says death, or lies, or deception but come to God  with a new heart, with a new thought pattern, dear people. Trust when I say God created people to live. God also created the bodies to pass away. and that is the truth dear people

Every man and woman on planet earth have some obstacle to over come, some pain, some agony, and healing comes through Jesus my friends. no man will see God without Jesus because Jesus is the LOVE OF GOD! I pray God give us a new spirit of hope and fix those who are broken and help us see that as long as we live, change can come. and truly I say i pray many consider taking God with them because GOD IS REAL dear people.

I pray God take off our religious blinders so that many come to full knowledge of GOD who created us! By the hands of God this world was created but that is just part of the Gospel. the simple truth is GOD SAID, and IT WAS!  I pray many get filled with the Holy Ghost for it is written in King James Version 1 John Chapter 5:6-8 THE HOLY GHOST IS THE WORD! and again same bible version I pray we read Revelation Chapter 19 dear people and even perhaps 21, BUT GOD FORBID WE TAKE FROM THE WORD! So please read the whole Book from beginning to end to end from beginning as long as you live dear people. just what I consider good advice! love you guys!  Shalom!

Sick and tired

Sometimes in your life you just have to get sick and tired of being sick in tired. one thing I noticed in my life, it not hardly any people who just naturally bless God.  It is not hardly any who are born with the perfect life.  Most people have to get sick and tired. and honestly, this is the same for the person who has depression, the person who is obese, the person who can’t walk, the person who drinks to much, the ones who do drugs, the ones caught in abusive relationships. You either get sick and tired of being sick and tired, and you give up or you get sick and tired of being sick and tired and that makes you rise up.

I don’t speak like religion and honestly, I am tired of religion. I love Church, not all churches are bad, not all are good. it is the same with people. I was not taught by religion. I found God from seeking God. I believe any can find God if they do the same thing. As a Bible believer, I believe God wanted people to live.

I also know until people want change it will not happen. Many say they can do things on their own then they struggle. others are able to break the pattern and rise up. I mostly speak to those who can’t rise up. I was one of those people. I sat many hours in prayers with God and I am going to speak the things God spoke to me. You want change. You change your life. There was a time I was going to church almost seven days a week. I didn’t tell people. I did not do it so I can write about now and boast.

I did it because everyone I knew was doing drugs. people were dying. I wanted change. I would rather sit in church, then hang with my friends. I was tired of struggling and I tell you I am thankful I did.  I had already had so much witness of God in my life I was not going to church for them I was going to church for me.

It just comes a time in life you have to sit down and examine your life, what are you doing? Where are you going? Do you want this for your self?  I don’t know what everyone else wants, but honestly when I was doing what the world was doing that stuff was not happy to me.

I love church because honestly even though some gossip in church many people in the world gossip too so I just see people are people but I tell you at least most church folks are not trying to run around and go to clubs and do drugs and all stuff I don’t care for. Not in church anyways. What they do out of the building is not my problem.  I noticed most of them mean well so it was good to hang with these people. and so I did.

If you are out there struggling I pray you get some help, I pray you get some counseling but honestly above all I pray many pick up their bibles. because I do believe in God and honestly God wants us to live, and when we are not honoring God we are more then likely lost. I believe this my friends. I know I was and honestly, I am so thankful for Jesus. the Words of Jesus are true if people really listen.

God loves God’s creation that is why God tells us not to sin. I hear people fight about names, fight about traditions. fight about who is all knowing, when from beginning to end the whole bible is a book of sin and how to overcome and honestly it is life to us. That is why the devil will keep many from it. the devil wants people to die. I know people say you are crazy when you speak like this but honestly, I pray many start thinking like this because it is good to understand when you know God loves us and wanted life for us not death my friends and I am speaking the truth about God, and that is truth.

I pray many get so sick and tired they call on Jesus and Jesus come and restore you to health, restore your mind, and restore everything the enemy stole. and for some reason, these prayers seem to make me the bad guy and that is fine. I will still say them my friend!  Even pray them when people can’t see me! I pray the reader be blessed and God give us strength to rise above our stuff in Jesus name Amen!

I pray many sit down with a pen and paper and write down everything you are tired of. Hold that piece of paper up in the air and say Lord all this I give to you God, I know you can help me change everything I am sick and tired of in Jesus name Amen. and take that piece of paper and tear it up. and then sit down and write another list of what it will take for you to achieve things to make you happy.

I found in my life, my happiness was and is Jesus and honestly the more you sit with God the more guidance you get from God. I found in my life I could not change anything but hanging with God started changing me. Either way if I did not believe these things work, I don’t think I would be speaking them. I pray these words bless the reader. have a wonderful day dear people!



Dying days

This letter goes out to those who have been handed their death certificate. I have seen God heal the impossible but I also am aware some things are incurable. I do not know which and why God heals others and not some. But too those who have terminal illness. I pray God give you comfort in your last days on earth. I am sorry for whatever was dealt to you, and some things are not changeable, but I do pray God just give you peace in your mind. Those are my prayers to any who come to my page that are terminally ill.

I am praying against a great number of things, But I tell you something God told me years ago and I pray it gives you peace. All people on earth are born knowing they will face death. our bodies fade. I do truly believe our soul lives.  I believe fear is real, and I pray God take away your fear and even if you did not live your life according to God, I pray God comfort your heart.

I do not think it wise for any man to wait until their last breathe to find God. but I do know Jesus did pardon the thief who was dying with him. Tomorrow is promised to no man, and I have seen God give people who were told they had six months to live then lived 20 years after. So I pray if possible God heal you, but if not I pray God lead you to peace, and whether you have a healing or a miracle or it is just your time to pass this earth, I pray no matter what God give you great peace in your heart. Those are my prayers.

To the living and young and active, Tomorrow is not promised to any. And many are trying to number how many days until God’s return, so then we can repent at the last minute. I pray many do not take this option. I do believe in heaven and hell and what if you pass away before you are right with God? and honestly if you knew what God had planned for you, I truly believe you would not wait to see what God has prepared for you. Meaning the blessings from obeying God in earth are worth running to and not waiting for!!!

We all want to talk about God, but not the other place. But then we all want to try and talk to the dead. My friends if you are talking to the dead, maybe you might want to ask yourself, Why have the dead not moved on?  If they are dead and with God they are not on or in earth anymore. and just be careful to praying to dead spirits my friends there is only One Holy Ghost that I know of, and to praise Jesus is the same as praising the Living God, so with that said. I just pray many seek God, and God give you peace here on earth and after, and know God does forgive us. So with that said. I just pray these words comfort someone today, Have a blessed day dear people.