Beginner inspired artwork

All these things I created are new to me. I am praying I get better. this is my new inspiration! I just want to thank JESUS for inspiring me. before I created this things I made stick people and I even managed to mess those up. Almost everything in these photos has error in some place but I am thinking not bad for a beginning.  Really praying God grow my talents! anyways the feeling I got from accomplishing these things was better then silver and gold and I am not usually boisterous in anything I do but I am happy with these as a first, i know I can only get better!


Major accomplishments!

Today I am excited! I have been missing in action on a lot. but I have been on almost daily sharing scriptures on my facebook page.  I made a bunch of goals and honestly I been working on them! hard work pays off. one of my major goals I have been working on is my exercising. I wrote a story about it here with a video and honestly this video was done months ago and now I have a different tune to sing! Thank you Jesus! Who has been my inspiration the WHOLE WAY!

In the video I shared I said I couldn’t keep up with the senior citizens. think I’ll go try that video again soon. BUT I have been eye balling a machine at the gym and I am not sure what it is called but it is like a skier. or a stair stepper where you move your arms and legs at once. I am not sure what it is called. but I had my eyes on this machine and I tried using it. the first time I confess I didn’t even last 2 minutes. I made myself keep getting on that machine.  I got up to 5 minutes Yay! I got up to seven!! yessss! man I did 17 minutess!! WOOOOOOT! Today I can say I went 52 minutes on that machine and like 400 calories plus gone! man I can’t wait until I get to an hour!!! but I got to 52 minutes today and last time I used it I could only do 17 minutes!

Also for those who follow me. I been spending a lot of time in arts and crafts and even sewing. I think this is going to be my new passion! I tell you I found a way to tie it all into my faith and I am thankful!  I told people this year I wasn’t going to be preaching much but I am sitting with God renewing my relationship with the Lord. I gave a lot of my time to preach and speak the Gospel. but my heart is on Jesus and honestly I love sitting with Jesus and praising and worshiping and this is my season to just rest in the Lord and honesty I am loving every second of it!

Sometime in the near future I will share more the things I have been doing but until then I am just coming on to make a post for myself! I am doing it!!!! YES!!! Feels good!! Make a list of goals and get er done!  if you have a massive goal put that on top then write steps of what it will take you to get from here to there.  Sometimes it may seem overwhelming but that is when you have to look at all you accomplished so far. I may not be where I want to be yet, but as long as I live I shall get there!! Tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone but if you live like you are going to die and then you live, life will truly be sad for you my friends. it is good to think ahead but don’t let today slip away my friends. and don’t forget to pat your self on the back if you are doing a good job.

I am excited and honestly today i am sitting down and looking at everything I accomplished last few months. besides exercising I been making a lot of progress in other things! and I have proof to show my work! makes you feel good! Going to just take the rest of the day and smile at my accomplishments! Thank you God for all the help you’ve been giving me! thank you for answering prayers and just thank you for being you God!  have a blessed day dear people! I pray many others get accomplished and get to sit and smile about it! As soon as I lose more weight I am making me an outfit!!! 😀 It is going to be my celebration outfit victory dress!  I am like half way to my goal!! 😀 Hard work pays off!

I made this yay!

This is the very first bible cover I made today! the first of quite a few and the next ones will be better. still playing with the design! I am sooooooooooooo excited I made this!! I guess it could be a book cover but it was made for my bible so bible cover I will call it! Now i can make all my bibles totally personal and I so plan on it!! ❤

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Cup of joy

This is the next piece of art I will be transforming. I don’t know that I am an artist, but my new passion is just going to be create what I consider art. I have already transformed a few pieces and I can see mistakes in them. Practice makes perfect. Anyways I truly like to do before and after pictures so this is the before. We shall see what it becomes. All my inspiration comes from God. This is where my heart is set. To just spend time with God and let my heart be set on my passion and my passion is God, so I pray it shows in everything I do. Have a blessed day dear people! I love you guys! ❤ As with my other art I pray some people read the scriptures in my art. I think sooner or later I will showcase them all together. Anyways I am in the process of doing new things, just not sure how long everything will take! God bless every single reader that God brings to see this and even those who don’t. have a wonderful day dear people!


Transforming my heart

This picture has so much meaning. Not because I am in, but because I am in it!!! I have a story I am writing for this image. This is the same image I shared before. Only transformed. And much like I transformed the heart into something else. God transformed my heart!  this may not be the best but I will get better. Still, a million more ways I can transform this image and God is still transforming me daily!  Really thankful for that! and that is one thing I pray, that I can give God thanks every day in all things I do, even if it is just doodling!  Thank you Jesus! 

Pieces of my joy, part 1

This is a very generic version of a piece of upcoming artwork I am doing. just posting this because I said I would the other day in this post.  I will be creating this into something I will consider art and a present to all my friends who need a piece of joy! I always like to look at before and after pictures. in makeovers, in restoration jobs, in house cleaning, weight loss, before and after of people who work out, and many other things. So I share this before I transform it.  If you are wondering what I speak of. it was made mention of here.  God bless everyone!