Let’s agree to disagree

Let’s agree to disagree. You won’t anger me! thank you God for peace! I don’t have to prove myself to you. if a person isn’t hearing your speech why bother speaking? I thank God for healing my mind. I don’t want to argue with anyone if you don’t agree move along buddy. We don’t have to argue. we don’t have to fight, in fact we don’t have to speak at all. I never could understand why people want to stay in fights. Do you enjoy being angered? I myself do not. Stress is a killer.

If we argue too much I am going to say we don’t get along. I don’t want to stay where they throw stones at me. if we can’t talk like adults, I am gone. You want to be talked to a certain way then talk to me the same. it takes two to argue. and that is real truth. You don’t have to stand in the middle of arguing and fighting. turn your other cheeks and walk away! How many times do we turn the other cheek and flee the scene? AS MANY TIMES AS IT TAKES TO KEEP THE PEACE!

Adults no longer know how to have civil conversations. they speak in anger. They speak in hate. grown folks throwing tantrums. there is no thought in their speech just say the first evil thing on your mind. throw stuff around when you are angered. I am getting old and my days of babysitting are over. i don’t want to be your mommy or spank your hand. or be talked to crazy because i want you to live. if my words offend you feel free to turn your other cheeks and flee from me! have a blessed wonderful day dear people! happy to be at a point where I keep my joy! and truly it is only through God I have been able to do this! Thank you God for answering my prayers because God does know i can’t stand arguing and fighting and that is truth. let’s agree to disagree and move on and the Lord bless you my friends! *my mentality*

Stand up and walk!

Praise the Lord dear people! Thank God for waking me this morning! I am thankful to be in the land of the living. I don’t have a perfect life. i could be in a way better place then I am now. But honestly I have been in worst places then I am and I have been in better! life can change. You can be filthy rich in one second and dead broke in a second also. You can go from rags to riches. You can go from depressed to happy, from happy to depressed and this is life my friends!
I am thankful to be alive. i don’t know my future. I know my prayers. I pray God answer them but honestly one thing God taught me is as long as you live change can happen. Change will not happen from wallowing in self pity. I know the stuff nobody wants to hear. Peter said silver and gold I have none but rise up and walk. time to stand beloveds.
Understand you can not change the past, but the future you do have some say of as long as you live. That is why Jesus said forgive. Once you forgive you can let it go and go forward. For all that heavy burden of hate is gone. Now you can create a future. Start planting seeds beloveds. Start planting good deeds and watch them blossom. get up and put your work in. I tell you one day if i live I will sit down and tell everyone all the things I did to get where I am because if I live I am rising up.
Since I been broken almost my whole life I have a great understanding in brokenness and trust me no matter how broken you get life goes on and if you don’t stand up and walk you will get trampled on. and that is just a fact beloveds. no depression pill is going to save you if you been depressed ten years. Seriously just keeping it real. Sit down in your life grab a pen and paper and write some notes. I know your bi polar depression whatever you want to call that devil ,won’t let you. “I don’t feel like it, I can’t.” Devil you are a liar and I cast you in to the lake of fire. That is a demon beloved and God gave us wisdom to overcome it and I am so thankful I been reading my Word. I know how to silence them demons!
You are not dead. You will not die. You don’t want to die. You just hate your life. so change it. Sit down and grab a pen and a paper and write a list. what do you have to do to get your life out of the dumps? Do you hate your boyfriend? then write out a list to leave him! besides fornicating is sin. If you been having the same fights for fifteen years IT ISN’T GETTING ANY BETTER! Only the devil will whisper in your head. he can change. if only they will, IT’S ALL LIES! what do the facts say? if you are in a pattern you hate time to walk straight!
I pray many put the Word of God in them so they can come up out of the woe is me syndrome. In Lamentations you will see the woe is me and it is written THEY HAD NO COMFORTER! and that is why you walk around depressed and sad you’re living with demons and I know traditions don’t want to speak about such things. They say God isn’t real and mock Jesus who cast out unclean things, demons dear people. Them wicked thoughts in your head.. the battle is real. I pray many rise and walk in Jesus name Amen!
Self examine your life. as long as you live YOUR LIFE CAN CHANGE! and that is real knowledge! receive it or don’t. Written from a real friend who wants the best for you! crying on the side lines isn’t getting anything done. GET UP AND MOVE! This is the way I talk to my friends! why? BECAUSE I LOVE YOU AND WANT YOU TO LIVE! Written by Michelle stokes

Know the devil

Brought over from facebook for those who don’t have a facebook.

So this is part 2 of a video I did earlier called Know the devil’s voice. This one is better suited for people who are baby Christians. I pray this help people in their walk with God! and also I truly pray both these videos bless many and help a great many people overcome! Who really wants to overcome their wilderness?

The Gift of Discernment

The gift of discernment. King Solomon it could be said had this gift, and even some of the greatest men fall. men’s knowledge is good to know. Great to have facts.. There is a such thing as too much wisdom. if that wisdom causes you to trip, to fall, if it knocks you down what kind of wisdom is that? 1 Kings Chapter 3. So what happened to king Solomon?

Sometimes wisdom can catch people up. We fight about names, get captured in religions and traditions but in the Word of God wisdom speaks simple. Then wisdom also speaks how long will you mock knowledge? Will you run from it? The gift of discernment.

A good way to grow is first study the Word as the scripture says then you will be able to rightly divide what is true and what is not. beginning wisdom is to consider, is this good for me? will eating this knowledge cause me to die? Should I over drink? what becomes when I do? if I start this stuff, what is the outcome? is that good or evil? 2 Timothy 2:15, Hebrews 4:12

Think of God in a new way. Would the devil want me to die or live? Do you know the devil to be good? Is God good? and does good want life or death? Are the things I am doing causing death to myself? Is it causing death to others? Am I creating good fruit or bad fruit? Are my deeds good or evil?

Does God want me to sin? Does that sound Godly? I do pray many seek Jesus but more so I pray many examine their heart and compare their hearts to the scriptures. is your heart, good? is it evil? do you hate people? do you think God wants us to hate? Do you think God forgives you? if God does forgives you, can God forgive others? is God a terrible God? and if so why?

Can you argue things you don’t know? and if you do argue things you don’t know what does that make you? Either way there was a purpose in this. I pray many find it. Written as words for people to consider! have a blessed lovely day dear people!

Don’t care to convert

The last few days have been very interesting to me. I don’t care to convert anybody. I think that is what religions do.  I truth be told don’t care what people do. Be gay, go steal, do drugs, do everything wicked under the sun and be who you want to be. Have fun. I wasn’t having fun when I did that stuff. I was miserable inside, chasing a void, I could never find. But that is just me. I am not you. So I don’t know how you feel. Your story isn’t mine and vise versa. So, Don’t believe in God? That is fine.  Want to live your life in every way you can? then please go do so.

I do speak because God is real. I know God heals broken people. There is a difference between those who want help and those who don’t. I never saw Jesus breaking His back to heal any who did not want it. I only speak because I know God heals. I have seen the power of God. I believe. I am a believer. I don’t even have a religion and yet as soon as you mention God people say I am not interested in your religion. Then they even claim they know God.

Years back God spoke to me in a vision. It was the most powerful vision I had in my life. God showed me many things and I found out all these things were truth. I couldn’t understand many things and even some things I doubted.

I look around in planet earth and I see so many confused. I see so many lost. I see so many broken, and for these people, I keep going. I could be like the churches and keep healing in the building. I could pound the pulpit. In fact, I was given the opportunity to preach two times and both times I did deny, although I did preach too. For I can not preach your religion. Although I understand why these things are. I do not believe in religion friends. I believe in God.

I don’t believe in Christianity as most teach it. Some will say it is ok to sin, others speak a kind word, and then there are those who never grow and say we are under new covenant and try and keep us in bondage in the same sentence, and this I do know is true but they never go back to see old. and neither do they truly sit and study. Or sorry, just my observation in my life.

Jesus is God to me. He is the Son, the Christ, My LORD and savior, and I say these things and many don’t have the same understanding as me. So they say I am false. but I was not taught by your religions. I was taught by God.

I am just to the point I am just me. I don’t care to convert any. I never say follow Michelle, but I do say follow me if you are struggling. I think I am a good source of truth. I truly do try to be anyways. but my messages are not to force you, or say you have to. I care not even judge sin friends, for sin is already judged and all sin leads to the same place. death, hell, hades and darkness is not Light and that is what I know. There is not Light in hell either, only on planet earth and in heaven. these are the things I know.

I am just to the point in my life I do not care to argue, reason, nor debate. I found the power of prayer and I honestly don’t want to waste one second of my breath arguing scriptures when the truth is the Whole Bible is there for any who want to seek it. I also know it is a mighty difference of understanding given, when you are putting full books and chapters in you. Way more understanding is given then just a few scriptures and this is solid truth I stand on friends.

I only wrote this due to my last few days activities. I will say in the open. please feel free to bow down to Allah, bow down to Buddha, or drugs, or the devil if you want to. I truly don’t care. but as for me, myself and I, I will continue to bowing before Jesus daily. As God in the center of my life! ❤

I always wonder what other healings are these other gods doing, it seems there is so much evidence of Jesus healing everyone. Where is the witness in these other gods?  I mean not to be offensive but honestly, I can’t comprehend how anyone would continue to serve a god who has no benefit to you in life. Jesus is healing people daily, and many are seeing Jesus help right here in earth. So in my mind, it makes no sense at all to worship other gods, but then I been in many crowds that try and speak logic, and reason and that gives me a headache.

In my teeniee tiny human brain, I am still able to comprehend;  People are not creating anything God created, but we say we are gods. I am sorry my tiny brain is unable to comprehend how men say they are gods. We are not building new people. we are not making new planets, we are not doing anything God has done. So I can not understand how us people think we could ever have GOD figured out. and that is how I feel and what I believe and I am so firm in my beliefs. I am fully anchored in JESUS! and I will live by what I believe.

Either way, I am not trying to convert any. Convert people to what? reading their bibles? praying? Following an invisible God? Then why am I condemned for doing so? I mean if I said hey everyone lets lift up Santa Claus and we all become Santa followers. I would probably be exalted. but let’s say lift up the invisible GOD and I am the bad guy?  I just truly think that is amazing to me. I am getting old. and somethings never cease to amaze me about people anymore. and that is how I feel. Truth be told my eyes are not on people anymore. they are on God. Feel free to bow down to whatever you will. Free will is a blessing and a curse, and honestly to not know God is cursed, unto death and I believe that. In fact, I lived it.

In hell on earth, I was trapped. I thought God wasn’t real.  I never knew God’s Words existed whether or not we know God, it is truth.  I don’t mean the bible. I mean the Words, without a book, they all stand! Whether you know it or not. Sin is punished here on earth and after and all them years I spent suffering in ignorance.  I am truly grateful God called me to reading my bible. and as a sinner. I already know you are going to do what you do until you get tired, sick and tired of doing what you do, or to the grave you will go.

Just really thankful to be one of the ones who called on God in the land of the living! ❤  for I truly am so much like David. Psalms 27:13-14. I also am so thankful for Psalms 37 also! it truly has been such a blessing and a delight to read the scriptures and still until today, I do delight in them! and that is truth friends! I am not offended by your sin. Sin all you want. I pray you get sick and tired and call on God like I did and may God heal and deliver you too my friends.  For I truly do believe God can do it for any willing.

God came for broken people. not those who enjoy their sin. Why would God come for those my friend? They already bow to their gods daily and love it. and GOD as me, lets them be. God lets them do as they want. I do feel I have that same mentality. Not trying to convert any. You either do or you don’t.   Have a blessed day dear people.

Instead of converting any. I am genuinely praying God heal and rise up a whole nation of people and let it be,  A WONDERFUL DEMONSTRATION OF GOD WHO NEVER CHANGES! The GOODNESS of GOD my friends, best thing on planet earth IS JESUS! ❤ and until this day GOD is the same!  God has been speaking LIFE to people ever since God created them. and Jesus spoke. My sheep hear my voice. My people hear my Commands.   God gave us Commands that have been LIFE unto people, way before this generation my friends and until this day it is the same. and I don’t mean religious ceremonies. I do pray many stop fighting with their Maker and perhaps humble and get to know God who made us. Those are just my prayers and only time will tell if they are answered.

Although my prayers have not changed and I have seen them answered already, I pray God let them be a never-ending prayer for the rest of my life, add unto it and multiply it greater then any number I could ever imagine God in Jesus name Amen!

if you want to be religious, go be a religion, if you want to be rotten, go be rotten, if you love sinning go sin. Do whatever you want. In the meanwhile, I pray any broken people that be lead to me, God give us wisdom and strength to rise us up and may God make us broken people whole, in Jesus name Amen!  Written in more love then most people will even comprehend and that is truth friends! I just don’t care to argue it, nor defend it. the truth needs no defense for it does bare witness! Have a blessed day dear people!

Also this post was not written to offend any. it is just how I feel and my mind set, and even if people think my mind isn’t right. I am praying I keep this mind set my whole life.

Thoughts and prayers posted in the open. random moment. Just how I feel.

Wake up and give thanks

Lately my mood for years now has been unstoppable. and honestly I believe it is because for years now I jump out of bed and I give God thanks. I have to listen to songs and praises. I do this pretty much everyday. I lift up my voice I thank God. I don’t even feel complete if I don’t thank God and honestly ever since I been doing this it does not matter what day I have. because it seems that my praises in the AM sustain me all through the day.


When situations arise through the day I say Jesus be with me. Jesus help me get through this. Jesus give me power not to say a word at all. Man I have seen the power in praise. the power in prayer. The power in the WORD. I thank God for His power. I wouldn’t be without it!  it made me whole. it completes me. and I am so thankful to God for changing me!!! I was miserable before I did these things and now I am so happy I don’t ever want to change!!


My happiness was not in drugs. it was not in relationships. it was not in friends nor family. My happiness is in God and man it is the best thing in the world I ever found!!!!! ❤  and I seriously wouldn’t give it up for anyone! Instead I pray many people find it. Those are my prayers. have a wonderful day dear people. I am off to go exercise and prayerfully soon I can get on a schedule of some kind. I am getting to the end of my set of goals I set up and now it is time to get more serious. and set new ones! 🙂

I believe in…

I believe in the trinity, as some teach it. and I also believe in the Oneness doctrine. I been in debates when people tell me how can that be they say? or they can not come to understanding as me. I will answer all these questions in one sentence. I believe JESUS works in all things! and I believe IN THE NAME OF JESUS! I believe my bible from beginning to end. I believe Jesus when He says I and my Father are ONE, and even those who doubt, how can you say you believe and take away from Acts Chapter 2. or even take away from the words of JESUS spoken whole? I BELIEVE IN THE NAME OF JESUS! I believe in Jesus and the best thing on this planet came when I sat at my LORD Jesus’ feet. What a true blessing indeed! So WONDERFUL JESUS IS!

MY GOD IS THREE IN ONE! Amen! I BELIEVEEEEEEEEEEEEE! also if you want to see how I believe about the trinity, feel free to use the search bar on my page and type in trinity then you can see what I say (believe) about that. God bless everyone who reads this today! I pray your day is blessed and wonderful and God fill you with peace, a new spirit and a new mind set and all things that work for men’s favor and God’s glory. Those are my prayers. Have a wonderful day dear people! I love you guys and I truly pray the listener be blessed with the joy of the LORD, may the joy of the LORD be restored with in us and give us strength and lead us to LIFE abundantly in Jesus name Amen! ❤ Jesus is the best thing that ever came to planet earth and it would be a shame not to come to understanding of this. That is what I believe!