Live Bible Study-oh boy

So hind sight is a blessing. 😀 😀 I had a bible study all lined up and a bunch of scriptures and it all made sense.  I don’t like being on camera. For almost 30 years I hid from cameras. a couple years ago i started recording and it took me awhile to get over this nervous feeling. I made so many errors. Well I got to the point I felt comfortable enough, and I started noticing I made less and less mistakes through my recordings. thank God for growth. But lately it takes so much time to record, then upload and publish and many friends been saying go live. So i said ok.

Well my bible study was all prepared on Monday and i couldn’t wait to broadcast it. in fact I was going to record it early and just release it on Tuesday but I did not. So yesterday i looked into going live. and set things up. and did a few test videos. and it was noon. I published about that all ready in this post, Moving Forward!

Well it did not happen yesterday so I came on and read the bible for fifteen minutes and that made me extremely nervous but that was kind of easy as I was just reading the bible. So I did those fifteen minutes, then I tried to go live and do my bible study. Well….I already had butterflies in my stomach from doing the bible reading live. I went to try and do my bible study live three times. Either way I was so nervous I did not present the bible study I had originally lined up but I do pray this video help someone. the beginning is quite comical because you will see I do tell on myself. but even through it all I pray God let it help someone in Jesus name Amen!

I do not have the best camera and have been thankful to use what I have. But youtube live did not like my cell camera as much as facebook live did, so I will probably sometime soon invest in a better camera. until then I pray we can look past the fuzzy image and God open up our ears to hearing in Jesus name Amen!  I am going to share this but honestly please keep in mind everything I just wrote.  I am trusting God that as I continue to make these videos I will grow in them as I did my writing and the videos I was recording.  I use to not even type full sentences, Nor write full words. or even capitalize God. and I don’t claim to speak or write proper English but seriously if you guys saw what I wrote ten years ago compared to now. You would know the mighty work God has done in me, just for it all to come out this bad. :D.

God bless everyone! Again I just pray through all this mess it blesses someone today in Jesus name Amen! I am not trying to be a rock star I just believe in God and the power of God, so I keep going praying God lead even one that can understand me in Jesus name Amen! because God does rejoice in heaven for even one sinner that repents, and God even if I am that one I will do this for myself. 😀 have a blessed day beloveds!

Merry Christmas! part 2! <3

This is the second part of Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! This is my first official Bible Study i will be doing on Tuesdays. Although this one is different to all the ones after I will do pray it be a blessing to many in Jesus name Amen! So this is part 2 of two. it comes with a story, with prayer and some good old bible reading! I pray this be a blessing to many this year and this year be the year GOD write our names on the Lamb’s Book of LIFE and remember not our transgression and transform us in a NEW Creation in Christ! bringing us to LIFE! let the joy of the LORD’s salvation be many’s joy and may it return a joy I can’t number or label all for the zeal of the LORD! and the JOY of the LORD’s!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS JESUS! I pray all year long we hear you rejoicing in heaven and I don’t mean people’s year dear people! and it will be done! Shalom dear ones! For truly the heavens rejoice when even ONE RETURN! My God so many are return and soon will I CELEBRATE WITH YOU GOD! HOW WONDERFUL ARE YOU!! ❤

The Spirit is TRUTH!

The Spirit is Truth! and the Spirit of God gave us LIFE, and the WORD is life and SPIRIT! Jesus says I am LIFE and if you follow my WORD then you shall be my disciples indeed. Well that message was suppose to be for the Jews, But many Jews did not receive Jesus as the same as Cain did not heed the Words of God.
it is a murdering heart that closes our ears. It is the haunting spirit of evil we listen to when we do things not RIGHT! When we do not heed the Voice of the Holy Spirit then my friends, we are listening to things that are not GOD.
I pray this be the year many get gifted with discernment and many be able to tell RIGHT from wrong and let us follow the SON for indeed the SON is SUN to us and also LIVING WATERS! Daily Bread and all things the Body needs to survive in the SPIRIT world.
Some of us are in the desert and our souls are dry and parched. We need to come to the Living Waters. be like David in Psalms 63. I pray God lead many of us to green pastures. fertile soil, still waters, and may God plant us in His garden again and may we produce GOOD fruit in the land of the LIVING in Jesus name Amen!
Do not hide the path of LIGHT to us GOD but instead shine that LIGHT that we may see in Jesus name Amen! A planet without LIGHT is dead so, is the Body, mind soul and SPIRIT!

Retiring My King James

So I own so many bibles but I wasn’t happy with any king James I had. Most are too big. or too small and I was looking to get myself a good one to carry around. So I am retirng all my old King James Bible and this is my new treasure! This is the bible I will be reading out loud all day on Christmas to Jesus!! ❤ I can not wait for it to come! it is the last bible on my list and I thank God! I set out over two years ago with a list of bibles I wanted to own and this baby completes my collection! I think I will be content with the bibles I own for the rest of my life! thank you, God for your precious Word!

it is a blessing to own my bibles!! I have such a deep love for every one I own! I pray God I don't want to part from my bibles please let me keep them own them and treasure them as long as I live and may I have many years in earth to sit and enjoy them! In Jesus name Amen! This video is kind of long and there are others but this is the one I liked! I saw this bible in Books a million and honestly, I am waiting patiently for it to come! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!  I hope it isn't sticky like she said but if it is. it is ok! I will wear them pages in nicely! ❤ ❤ Also over the next few days i am just going to share some reviews on some bibles I do own and love! ❤ I pray this blesses any! Even if it only blesses one, even if I AM THAT ONE! 😀