Know the devil

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So this is part 2 of a video I did earlier called Know the devil’s voice. This one is better suited for people who are baby Christians. I pray this help people in their walk with God! and also I truly pray both these videos bless many and help a great many people overcome! Who really wants to overcome their wilderness?

Live Bible Study-oh boy

So hind sight is a blessing. 😀 😀 I had a bible study all lined up and a bunch of scriptures and it all made sense.  I don’t like being on camera. For almost 30 years I hid from cameras. a couple years ago i started recording and it took me awhile to get over this nervous feeling. I made so many errors. Well I got to the point I felt comfortable enough, and I started noticing I made less and less mistakes through my recordings. thank God for growth. But lately it takes so much time to record, then upload and publish and many friends been saying go live. So i said ok.

Well my bible study was all prepared on Monday and i couldn’t wait to broadcast it. in fact I was going to record it early and just release it on Tuesday but I did not. So yesterday i looked into going live. and set things up. and did a few test videos. and it was noon. I published about that all ready in this post, Moving Forward!

Well it did not happen yesterday so I came on and read the bible for fifteen minutes and that made me extremely nervous but that was kind of easy as I was just reading the bible. So I did those fifteen minutes, then I tried to go live and do my bible study. Well….I already had butterflies in my stomach from doing the bible reading live. I went to try and do my bible study live three times. Either way I was so nervous I did not present the bible study I had originally lined up but I do pray this video help someone. the beginning is quite comical because you will see I do tell on myself. but even through it all I pray God let it help someone in Jesus name Amen!

I do not have the best camera and have been thankful to use what I have. But youtube live did not like my cell camera as much as facebook live did, so I will probably sometime soon invest in a better camera. until then I pray we can look past the fuzzy image and God open up our ears to hearing in Jesus name Amen!  I am going to share this but honestly please keep in mind everything I just wrote.  I am trusting God that as I continue to make these videos I will grow in them as I did my writing and the videos I was recording.  I use to not even type full sentences, Nor write full words. or even capitalize God. and I don’t claim to speak or write proper English but seriously if you guys saw what I wrote ten years ago compared to now. You would know the mighty work God has done in me, just for it all to come out this bad. :D.

God bless everyone! Again I just pray through all this mess it blesses someone today in Jesus name Amen! I am not trying to be a rock star I just believe in God and the power of God, so I keep going praying God lead even one that can understand me in Jesus name Amen! because God does rejoice in heaven for even one sinner that repents, and God even if I am that one I will do this for myself. 😀 have a blessed day beloveds!


This is going to be the year God blesses a great multitude of people. and they shall rise and GOD will give them power to overcome the enemy and stomp on his head and say devil you have no authority. and the LORD said it is finished and it will be completed by the ZEAL OF THE LORD! Happy NEW year dear ones! it is written the people in the darkness have seen a GREAT LIGHT and when the whole world walks in darkness the LIGHT will shine!! Dear ones there is so much darkness all around and only Jesus came in LIGHT and LOVE and came with the redeeming blood. let us be like those who covered our houses in the blood of the Lamb but then lets not be like those who complained in the wilderness, but instead let us be made NEW in Jesus name Amen!

So how can a man be born again? he can be washed clean by Jesus!! he can sit with GOD and let the LORD renew his mind, his soul and spirit, and man the LORD can do that for woman too! and even child if they are willing! and that is truth dear people! I pray this video bless many!! it is what I consider edifying and refreshing and renewing. have a blessed day dear ones! Just some wisdom for people who want to move forward, and come to some understanding in their life.

Broken women inspiration-My testimony!

I never understand the completeness of what I have been doing. I never considered anything I been doing. I just have been doing. There are not many woman pastors that move me. and honestly in today’s times not enough men anointed to turn my head. I am sorry I am beyond them ear tickling messages. You have to be deeply rooted in the Word for me to even listen. I am not saying this in a haughty way, but as much time as I spend with God you basically have to be connected with God and spew scriptures out your mouth to catch my interest. I know the WORD when I see it!

For many years when I was being hard headed or rebellious, God would use Joyce Meyers to bring me to tears. She was the only one I could hear, and not because I was looking but because somehow God would always make sure my T.V was left on accidentally and she would be speaking and my own laziness I wouldn’t change the channel or for whatever reason. I never sought out Joyce Meyers. it is just how it went down.

I was raped more then once in my life. I was molested. I lost everything I owned. More then once. Luck wasn’t on my side. I wanted no part of God. What kind of God would allow all this stuff to happen to me? I am cursed. I am doomed. God does not love me. I would pray to God then I would wipe away my tears. God would not talk to someone like me, who am I kidding.

I would slap myself in the face, Not really but I would talk reason to myself. Girl stop talking crazy. God doesn’t love us. it is just me and you and that is all we got. Stop all that non sense. I use to talk to myself like that. Then all of a sudden as I was putting my make up on to get ready. here comes Joyce Meyers. Telling me God loves me. Telling me to read my bible. She said she was raped. or molested or both, what? Now you got my attention. How can anyone who had those things happen smile and say God loves you?

I cried. I confess I didn’t become a Joyce Meyers follower. I said to myself Michelle get over it that lady is just an actress she is getting paid to say that stuff. I would smile and say I love God if people paid me too. I would turn the T.V. off. but too late a small seed was planted. her words would eat my conscience for days.

I have come to understand I am the new generation Joyce Meyers. I am the one that has been telling people. hey we got to read the bible. I am the one that has been standing up confessing my sins and the things I did and they way God healed me. it breaks my heart to see so many call Joyce Meyers false and for those who don’t know, go into the religious crowd and they drag her name down in dirt. Well I am not Joyce and many have done the same thing to me.

I wrote people should pray, read your Word, and here came all those religious folks and they called me false. and the called me a devil too, but they don’t even know me. I would say so the devil tells people to read the bible? The devil tells people to pray and seek God’s face? the devil tells people to repent? to live Godly? No matter what you say these ugly religious people came to spew hate and honestly I was so naive back then. Even though I saw they called Jesus a devil I just thought that they would see I was not a devil.

After all I was not doing what Jesus did, so I thought to myself no way on earth they would call me evil or false. Boy was I wrong. I thank God for everything that has happened to me in the last decade. Some how some way in my own style I am going to be like Joyce Meyers because anyone who tells me to read my Word. I call them people angels and since they called Jesus a devil. I would rather be a devil who points people to Jesus, then be like those who say they are saved and call innocent people they never even met devils.

I am also so thankful God gave me a talent so I would not have to sit and follow people and worry about who is false and who is not. I always think to myself if those who pointed fingers put the mirror in front of self maybe they would have a following, following them instead of them going after people who preach the Word they would be one of the ones who preached too!

Either way I have a heart for the people on drugs, the people in gangs, the molested, the raped, the wounded, the sinners, Because I WAS ONE OF YOU! and I pray I can lead a mighty nation of people like the former me to God and I will let people call me any name they want for the ones who hear I will be called an angel and that is truth and for them I will take a beating like I have been and do IT WITH A SMILE ON MY FACE!

Sorry dear people I thank God for my life because of everything that happened I able to stand and be a lion and a lamb at the same time and I will be both for GOD! God I thank you for today. I thank you for the past. I thank you for my life. I pray every single ounce of my life, the good, the bad, the ugly, the sorrow, the sweet joy, Use every single ounce of my life for your glory GOD, for the numbers of your Kingdom. to save many in this generation. use everything in my life for you GOD and it will be done! it all ready has been happening and I am so thankful God is able to use my life and give it a purpose otherwise it would of been in vain and if I knew God was going to use all that hurting and suffering to save others I wouldn’t of complained, because God does know I love people so much I would take a beating for my friends if it saved their life and that is truth of who I am and God does know it man!

I pray my heart be so transparent many people get saved in Jesus name Amen! Also my time for dying for others is over. I died my whole life so I can now live and sing praises to GOD! and that is truth beloveds! Either way I pray everyone have a happy new year and truth be told this is the year I will walk in newness with the LORD! ❤ So many new things are coming and I am just thanking GOD in advance! ❤

drug life mentality

a message I did a few years back. Don’t let the make up confuse you. Make up doesn’t change my heart dear people! I pray these words bless many! have a blessed WONDERFUL DAY! My computer almost crash like 2 weeks ago. I had long needed to move things around. That is a main reason I have not made any art yet. I am sifting through a lot of old things. Lost what I was currently working on! Either way I watched this and I do pray it blesses someone today as it did years ago when I had it uploaded for the public! Doesn’t seem my heart has changed much. i don’t know you tell me?

an old video I made a while back. A real video about life I made for the forgotten generation that is just dropping like flies. I pray God give us the Holy Spirit and help us over come our addictions in Jesus name Amen! Just words to consider friends have a blessed day in the Lord.

Thank God for being God

Thank God for being God. many people will abandon people. they will do many things and when times get bad they bail. and sometimes others stay too long just to get all walked on. There are so many who have called out to God when we were wounded. when we were stranded we all ready know, had it not been for God we would not even be standing. I pray this be the season many look with in.

There is scripture that says God never leaves us or forsakes us and I tell you when I say when I was forsaken and abandoned the Lord took me in. The Lord Comforted my heart, my soul and my spirit. I am trying hard to cross over to, I don’t want to call God a he, nor a she. for God is invisible and has been saving many for many generations.

Many people fall down and never rise again and others say they can rise on their own. There are also those who say had it not been for the Lord I would not be standing at all. Had I not prayed I would of fainted and even when I did pray sometimes I was still faint. No matter the condition the Lord has always been able to lift me up. I am believer God will do the same for all who seek the Lord. and this is the message I been speaking almost my whole life, because as a person who prays I do know prayers get heard.

I pray God turn many unbelief into believing in Jesus name Amen! Also for those who don’t know the truth in the Word. God is mentioned as both he and she in the bible. The She is referred to Wisdom. please don’t pervert the INVISIBLE GOD!

it is great to think of GOD as our Father. Then if GOD is our Father truly GOD would be our Mother too. But just in simple American language. Please don’t make God into a mere human for even though Jesus was SON, it was written I came for the Father. The Father is Creator of all things. Jesus said ask in my name. Everything was given to the hands of Jesus. and honestly when people sit at Jesus feet you will see Jesus is LIFE and GOD and they are ONE!

This is truly the mystery of the Gospel being hand delivered to you dear people. I pray we eat it, receive it and let it be GOOD FOOD FOR OUR NAVEL! Have a blessed day in the LORD!

God has always been LIFE, and the devil whisper you won’t die, you won’t get addicted, it’s fun the devil says, but then when you sit back and observe the facts, what is fun in evil dear people? I pray this open the eyes to many! Thank God for being God! ❤ who is more then able to open the eyes of a multitude of people! THE LORD IS WONDERFUL DEAR PEOPLE!


A real warning

I write this this and some will laugh, others will think it a joke, some will say it is false, others will say GOD SPOKE TO ME THE SAME THING! and even worst there will be those who say there is no GOD. I been writing it for months and about 3 days before Christmas I wrote it again. God is separating the real from the fake dear people. I know not who is who. I just know it will happen.

God spoke it, I wrote it, it is happening. I said God is going to separate the real  from the fake because dear people we are in the last days, and these things were written to happen only many don’t speak full prophecy neither do they seek the LORD wholly.

I will not prophecy about anyone’s future, nor will I lay my hands on people, for I know many false prophets will rise and say by their hands you are healed, and they will give no glory to GOD. I myself am not them and I do know I would rather lift my hands to the ONE who made people. for the POWER of GOD is GREATER then men. Even if men don’t believe it, or understand my friends. Does not change the TRUTH. GOD is real.

the Holy Spirit which is GOD who came in the name of LIFE and I say Jesus because Jesus works fine. I pray so many people look past images, look past religion and work out our own salvation with fear and trembling. because so many have claimed Jesus and they have shamed and mocked GOD and truly this is a sad day for many, because they say words by their own lips and by the name of JESUS they have professed and proclaimed all kinds of things wicked.

They think GOD is a man, and they think they have this man all figured out. perhaps it is the false images that were created to lead man to believe GOD is man. GOD is not man. GOD is SPIRIT and invisible and nothing invisible has a sex dear people FOR IT IS INVISIBLE!

I pray I can say this in the clearest way possible in earth. For I am a simple woman and I sure don’t like when people try and twist my words. It’s like those who try and pervert the Gospel. So in plain English I have been writing, but honestly I don’t write English, I write a dirty broken version of the American langue which IS NOT ENGLISH!

God is the ONE who made LIFE, with out GOD there is no LIFE. The earth is GOD’s and all things in earth GOD created my friends but not everything in earth will see GOD, nor will GOD say GOD knew them because honestly there is a battle of GOOD and evil. Evil is death dear people. it can be called the devil, and sin also. hatred

I pray many look past names, look past religion and understand GOD is HOLY! There is no sin in GOD and to sit with GOD is to be cleanse free from sin. God gives you a NEW desire friends for GOD desires US TO LIVE! That has always been GOD’s desire my friends!

I pray many understand this simple wisdom. because honestly it is not time to say how long God will the wicked go unpunished? This season GOD speaks YOUR SINS I DO SEE! No man one earth should say it is GOD that causes us to sin. But instead it is GOD’s Holy Spirit that gives us strength to come out of sin beloveds! No man on earth should be looking for man perfected, for perfected men LOOK TO GOD! the perfect man all ready died for us my friends. His name is JESUS. I pray we all look towards perfection. God’s Spirit (Sword-WORD) gives us, who are reborn, a good sound mind to know what is RIGHT and what is wrong.

Sharpen your SWORDS dear people! the battle is real and it will come a time that anything NOT GOD will not stand! For indeed GOD IS GREATER THEN PEOPLE!

I pray many of us sit with JESUS and honestly go to Church. not everyone on earth who loves GOD is false. I would pray and ask GOD to lead me or spend my days with GOD. Draw near to GOD some type of way. Start praying, start reading your bible. No man on earth is going to be able to fake what happens in the next few decades and that is truth beloveds. Also many will fall because God did not come when they thought.

So many only found JESUS because you thought this was the end days. please don’t get discouraged if GOD does not come in people’s timing. if the devil knew the hour he would try and steal many souls. In fact he is right now. Why are you fearing beloveds? Why are you running to pastors? if you go to church on Sunday and have no relation with GOD Monday through Saturday. my friends you have a church service not a relationship with GOD. It is no wonder you have no understanding in FEAR NOT and TRUST! Please continue to go to church and seek the LORD through out the week. I mean how many hours is football games? how many hours do we sit and look at things not Godly? I am just keeping it real dear people. Your gods are who you spend your most time with and soon GOD will say to many. call on the gods you created to save you. GOD knows they will not, do you? Please start reading your bibles. 15 minutes a day is better then no means at all. Some Books in the bible are but a page long. Some Books of the bible can be read in less then 15 minutes, and that is the FULL Book! Like Jude, Jonas, Galatians, Ephesians Joel. 1 John, 2 John…plus quite a few more. Those were just some examples.

Just words to consider. because if I spoke the things that were coming. many would try and dissect it. others would steal pieces of it and only share the pleasing parts. other would take the fear and promote a message. and then others would sit and nit pick and judge every word I said. and honestly the things that are coming you can’t fake beloveds. it truly is time for us to seek God. and those who will, will and those who won’t, I pray God have mercy on their souls, in Jesus name Amen!

To some who see this. This message will be a HUGE blessing to them and to others it will be a curse and that is just what it is people. meaning they will either seek for God or they won’t. repent is a good word. I wrote this in love. Also. I am uncertain how much I am going to be around. Because honestly I am not a preacher and I like to try and do as I say, so this whole year I am totally devoting myself to me and God. What I mean to say is, even if I come around I am not coming around like a religion. I will however do my own bible studies on Tuesdays.

I tell people. I once was a non believer. Even though I seen God in my younger years, Even though I was raised in the Word. I was raised in the Word without knowing and truly my biggest crime I ever committed was staying ignorant to the Holy Bible. I do say this book because along time before I read it I heard the WORDs written in it. I wrote it before I read. so how is that possible dear people? and please don’t be mad at me if God didn’t lead me to any other book, any other prophet, it is just a truth of my life, God lead my to my BIBLE and truth be told I AM SO THANKFUL!

To those who come to God with a repented heart, God is going to help you. I say follow Jesus because without LOVE you won’t see GOD and that one WORD solves every puzzle, every question and every riddle. But don’t go naked, ADD TRUTH AND LOVE! and FOLLOW IT with a HOLY heart,

Seek the LORD wholly and HOLY GOD will create you! Matthew 6:33. By the Hands of GOD and GOD’s WORD it shall be accomplished! also honestly until we become whole in the LORD we walk around with a void in our hearts and spirits and we search for the missing pieces in all things wicked, that truly just do keep us down more.. it is a terrible pattern to be caught in. I know I lived it. I pray we all walk with God. life is never easy, no matter what road you travel, but I learn the road without GOD is the worst path to be on, it was that way in my life anyways. I ran from GOD thinking I would be miserable, obeying GOD. Then my own misery from running from GOD, brought me to true tears of sorrow, and I wept to GOD like a baby! I said I am sorry. BEST THING ON EARTH I EVER DID!

David had a repented heart, he lusted and murdered and some how still managed to receive God’s blessings. I pray many of us sit in Psalms a little bit and learn how to pray some righteous prayers of repentance beloveds. just my advice. It is also very wise to follow Jesus, get in your bible. pray and seek God’s face.

Dear God take away our stony hearts. give us a heart of flesh and give us your Holy Spirit. keep us protected and hidden in your wings. lead us to safety, Guide us dear God for it truly is dark out here, and many of us are alone in the wilderness. We have no comfort, we have no rest, no faith, we are orphans, we are fatherless, and motherless, we are widows, we are left wounded God,  GOD please take us in and teach us how to be Son’s and Daughters GOD in Jesus name, help us walk as MAN and WOMAN even!!! in Jesus name Amen!