Healing in the name of JESUS

Let all with eyes see, and those with ears hear. truly a prophetic message. Who is able to receive it? Blessed are those who hear from beginning to end, and I apologize if my first few words offend you. I pray you hear from beginning to end and then take it to consideration. prayer, meditation and thought, consideration, good old fashion bible reading and even to Almighty GOD. Sorry video makes sense if you watch it from beginning to end. kind of like the bible. better when you get the FULL message! Shalom beloveds!!

The things written in italics is a post I wrote that was separate from this video but at the same time they are connected so i shared it. *Disclaimer brought over from facebook. To all the new comers who don’t know me. I pray this video help people have their own relationship with God and may God heal and restore many and write us in the lamb’s Book of LIFE!

To all who come to my page. In quite a few videos i say I am not a christian. God has never called me “my christian” God has always called my my child! Please don’t get it twisted Jesus is my LORD and Savior! Jesus is GOD to me and hardly any understand for they have no understanding of God. and Christians if you are Christian feel free to follow traditions and even Paul if you want to but God is not telling me to speak that message. Most who say Jesus don’t even know Christ IS NOT the last name of Jesus and many of them also bow down to false painted images.

God will either call us HIS or not. You will either be called Sons and Daughters or bastards. and that is what the WORD says. Don’t be mad I don’t speak like you, act like you and are not subject to the laws of Christianity.  I am subject to GOD with direct authority. I pray my words offend none but they are the truth regardless of your feelings beloveds. God is calling me to speak and so I obey God. I pray my words lead people out of sin and into the arms of Jesus. have a blessed day beloveds.

Come Be a used to be with me!

I apologize i didn’t try and get pretty for this video, but I do pray these words draw many into God’s Kingdom! Who wants to be a used to be with me? May these words bless someone today in Jesus name Amen! Despite of today’s teachings, God calls us to be used to be beloveds! May the Lord Jesus bless you, heal you, and call you out of the former things in Jesus name Amen! 2 Corinthians 5:17, and the former things shall pass away and they shall not be remembered or mentioned! God will write you a new name, a new heart, a new spirit for that is truly the WILL of GOD!

About Me

This is a video I did today. I wrote before I am changing my messages. Which I am. I pray my messages land on the lap of people like the former me. I also pray they inspire people to find Jesus and God lead many to healing and deliverance in Jesus name Amen! I pray these words bless someone today! Also, I am not trying to get youtube famous. Although I will still be speaking sometimes in order to help people, I am adding a lot of new things soon. Art work among many other things will be soon coming. I think I forget to mention that in this video but regardless I pray it bless even one today in Jesus name Amen! I will probably be missing in action still for a bit. I have been visiting my facebook page to add the Word but other that, I will be back shortly! Shalom! Have a wonderful day beloveds!

Open truth

I love every single person that visits my page. I am not a pastor. I could be, I have preached. I been offered to pastor. I just don’t agree with most religion. I looked into making my own church, starting my own religion and honestly I put so much prayer into it and when it came down to it I am like God I don’t want to be another branch of the thousands of branches of religion. I don’t even really care for religion. i do love Church though. I also like religions but I guess i don’t like religious people is what i should say but even that is false wording because I love everybody! But ok better wording I don’t get along well with religious folks because they hang on too much to their traditions.

I wasn’t taught by churches, i wasn’t taught by religion. it wasn’t my pastor I prayed to. it wasn’t mary or paul or peter. it was GOD dear people. i have called on GOD, i have called on Jesus. i have said LORD AND ALL MY PRAYERS WERE ANSWERED!

God revealed to me God has a name nobody on earth can say for it doesn’t even exist in this world. Jesus is the way. there is no other name salvation in earth is given and there will be no other name beloveds. You can argue the name of Jesus, you can say it is tainted, it isn’t real. it is made up. it is a white man’s religion and all the other blasphemous things people say about God.

Jesus is God in the flesh. or as some say the Son of God. Christians are taught to only follow Paul and to not follow other doctrines. I speak the bible so Christians come and rebuke me and then preach the pleasant things they didn’t know before they met me. they won’t speak of hell. they don’t speak on demons. they don’t speak on overcoming sin. mention sin. Say sin is judged and even so then they nit pick which sin they call out like abortion and homosexuality but then they ignore the sins like lying and fornication, stealing and what not and people play with grace and justify this to sin. even though most of the world is going to hell for fornicating and lying they preach not against these things.

it is a sad time we live in. God didn’t call me to win people over with my speech. (meaning that false kind word love doctrine twisted truth) God said speak and whoever will hear will hear. The real love of God! I am not here so humans can say I am holy or not beloveds. as far as I know Jesus is the only perfect! and that is what i know and am content in knowing. i know many who come in religion say all these things. beloveds i wrote this because i am not your religion. and you are not God. Be careful who you judge. None of us should be judging but see people don’t understanding speaking truth isn’t judging. judging is saying you are going to hell for sin. and that is honest judgement for that is what the JUDGE has said, Unless you repent! Sin is all ready judged and condemned to death and hell for eternity my friends.

All have sinned. I can teach you how to come out of sin and if you listen it will save you. But honestly I don’t care to force anyone. Free will is a blessing and a curse and i have already seen the end. I know people will hear or they won’t. i am not going to force feed anyone to read their Word. but what i will do is speak the things pastors won’t preach. I been doing this for all my life basically and some love me and some hate me. Usually the ones who listen tell me I am a blessing to them. they uplift me and say thank you for helping me! You’re an angel. but to many of the religious folks who will sit and nit pick speech. nit pick everything I do, some of them label me other things. like false and devil and some even say i am crazy. I honestly don’t care what people label me.

I just pray any of my words lead people to freedom out of sin and into the arms of Jesus my friends and God does know this is truth. i speak of many topics and honestly I am not changing my speech for any. if you don’t like my speech probably time to move along then. But I hope one little speech doesn’t offend any. because honestly i have had millions of friends. and not once ever have I liked every single thing about any of my friends. I had my likes and dislikes with them and we were still friends.
if you are looking for somebody that you are going to love every single word they say all the time I am like that doesn’t make sense in my mind. Anyways i just wrote this because the next few days i am going to be speaking. not like religion. not like Christians but like Michelle.

Know the devil

Brought over from facebook for those who don’t have a facebook.

So this is part 2 of a video I did earlier called Know the devil’s voice. This one is better suited for people who are baby Christians. I pray this help people in their walk with God! and also I truly pray both these videos bless many and help a great many people overcome! Who really wants to overcome their wilderness?