Over Come sin

Sharing these without the words so ya’ll don’t get distracted by images! Oh God it can’t be that easy? You mean you can flee? NO WAY! Why I never heard of such things…STOP LETTING THE DEVIL TALK YOU INTO JUSTIFYING YOUR SIN. A true fact! you can fleee! the scripture says submit yourself to God. not bow down to temptation (the devil). Just words to consider beloveds and this goes for a great many sins. We can flee them! The stuff the carnal (fleshly-human) mind doesn’t want to hear but nonetheless truth regardless! Let your no’s mean NO and flee our sin! real talk! How to overcome sin! It is that simple. Tell the devil NO! A true fact most people don’t want to hear because then there are no lies to lean on! God gave us a brain, a mind and indeed we can say NO. let this logic free your mind beloveds for the truth sets us free! have a blessed wonderful day! Let us flee temptation in Jesus name Amen!

Treat Me Better!

The bible says treat people how you want to be treated but in my house I am changing that up. Because I have seen how many treat them self. and many are treating them self all types of ways so please treat me better then you treat yourself for I treat many not better then me equally but seriously I once said that to some one and they did me dirty but then when I sat and considered it I said look at how they treat them self. No wonder they did that to me! God didn’t call me to be a door matt to people. I sat at Jesus feet and I saw how when they threw stones at Jesus. Jesus turned His butt checks and fled the scene. Why Jesus even spoke if they don’t accept you wipe off the dust off your feet and keep going!

#TeamJesusDiscerning! In different dictionaries discern means to judge. to be able to know the difference between right and wrong! God didn’t give a spirit of fear, nor are we to be slaves to those unless we are in chains. So I pray many grow in discerning and seriously let the WORD be a LAMP to our feet. that way we don’t get trampled to the ground when we should be trampling the dirt off our sandals. Just saying!

perceive or recognize (something).
“I can discern no difference between the two policies”
distinguish (someone or something) with difficulty by sight or with the other senses.
“she could faintly discern the shape of a skull”
synonyms: perceive, make out, pick out, detect, recognize, notice, observe, see, spot; identify, determine, distinguish, differentiate, discriminate, tell apart; become cognizant of, become aware of, become conscious of; literarydescry, espy
“in the dim light he could discern a handful of ghostly figures”

Stand up and walk!

Praise the Lord dear people! Thank God for waking me this morning! I am thankful to be in the land of the living. I don’t have a perfect life. i could be in a way better place then I am now. But honestly I have been in worst places then I am and I have been in better! life can change. You can be filthy rich in one second and dead broke in a second also. You can go from rags to riches. You can go from depressed to happy, from happy to depressed and this is life my friends!
I am thankful to be alive. i don’t know my future. I know my prayers. I pray God answer them but honestly one thing God taught me is as long as you live change can happen. Change will not happen from wallowing in self pity. I know the stuff nobody wants to hear. Peter said silver and gold I have none but rise up and walk. time to stand beloveds.
Understand you can not change the past, but the future you do have some say of as long as you live. That is why Jesus said forgive. Once you forgive you can let it go and go forward. For all that heavy burden of hate is gone. Now you can create a future. Start planting seeds beloveds. Start planting good deeds and watch them blossom. get up and put your work in. I tell you one day if i live I will sit down and tell everyone all the things I did to get where I am because if I live I am rising up.
Since I been broken almost my whole life I have a great understanding in brokenness and trust me no matter how broken you get life goes on and if you don’t stand up and walk you will get trampled on. and that is just a fact beloveds. no depression pill is going to save you if you been depressed ten years. Seriously just keeping it real. Sit down in your life grab a pen and paper and write some notes. I know your bi polar depression whatever you want to call that devil ,won’t let you. “I don’t feel like it, I can’t.” Devil you are a liar and I cast you in to the lake of fire. That is a demon beloved and God gave us wisdom to overcome it and I am so thankful I been reading my Word. I know how to silence them demons!
You are not dead. You will not die. You don’t want to die. You just hate your life. so change it. Sit down and grab a pen and a paper and write a list. what do you have to do to get your life out of the dumps? Do you hate your boyfriend? then write out a list to leave him! besides fornicating is sin. If you been having the same fights for fifteen years IT ISN’T GETTING ANY BETTER! Only the devil will whisper in your head. he can change. if only they will, IT’S ALL LIES! what do the facts say? if you are in a pattern you hate time to walk straight!
I pray many put the Word of God in them so they can come up out of the woe is me syndrome. In Lamentations you will see the woe is me and it is written THEY HAD NO COMFORTER! and that is why you walk around depressed and sad you’re living with demons and I know traditions don’t want to speak about such things. They say God isn’t real and mock Jesus who cast out unclean things, demons dear people. Them wicked thoughts in your head.. the battle is real. I pray many rise and walk in Jesus name Amen!
Self examine your life. as long as you live YOUR LIFE CAN CHANGE! and that is real knowledge! receive it or don’t. Written from a real friend who wants the best for you! crying on the side lines isn’t getting anything done. GET UP AND MOVE! This is the way I talk to my friends! why? BECAUSE I LOVE YOU AND WANT YOU TO LIVE! Written by Michelle stokes

Don’t look

If this blog offends you feel free to don’t look! I wrote this on facebook and I share it here. I honestly pray many don’t look at the world but instead let every household look at God. and I do mean the whole world. for many thing wills come to earth and honestly if the people don’t repent many things will fall on the world. I pray this letter reaches many countries and many people consider the lands they live in and I don’t mean the lands of other countries. I know I see a lot of evil and I know I believe in God and I know many don’t. I also know many of the leaders truly don’t care about their people.

Today I cussed I fully confess in an off landish way I may of called Donald trump a foul word again in an off landish way. in the Word of God it says confess of your sins and so I did. I am sorry God I cussed and I don’t have one ounce of hate in my heart.

In the Word of God I am taught to pray for my leaders. I am taught to pray for the broken and give to who I can. God you know me and everything I have done. nothing is hide from you. You know for many decades I sat and prayed for so many presidents in fact I think I have prayed for all of them and God every year it is the same old bull crap and honestly instead of praying for my presidents I am praying God protect the innocent. Don’t let many die and starve because of a few rich people who can’t see anything other then their pride.

God you know I would never pray death on anyone but seriously how many poor will die while people sit and fight and God I look not to them but I put my trust in you. I pray not for others to see but if others want to pray with me. I pray we pray to God and ask God to consider the innocent blood that is being shed by our corrupt leaders.

I don’t know if I will live. I don’t know if I will die. I just pray I can pray righteous prayers that God will hear because many will say nothing can change. that can’t be and God so many times you showed me that what men say impossible with you all things are possible. please God I pray to you alone if I have to don’t let anyone’s doubt stop my prayers from being heard because even if nobody on planet earth  has faith you can do the impossible I do God and I pray please God help us and consider us innocent poor people! have mercy on our souls and fight for us God!

Whether or not my prayers be answered. whether I live or die everyday I live I will give God thanks because tomorrow is promised to no man!! and truth be told I wouldn’t and don’t and haven’t trusted any of our presidents for a long time. I am not sure I ever did. anyways it is not Donald trump who has been answering my prayers and I don’t even normally talk political talk but this is what I wrote. Again I am guilty and the Word says confess your sins so I did.

The issues isn’t a wall it is about cutting us low people off. they don’t care about us Americans. If they did they would get their butts back to work. You know many years ago they taught us they don’t know why the depression hit and that was a bunch of bull crap. the great depression was because a bunch of greedy a holes fought over who was going to have a monopoly over the world’s power supply. and now it is the same thing. Millions are going to die and be homeless all because some people fight over power. I could care less about Donald trump or any other law. But I do care about people. So how many will die and go hungry while you guys act like babies? So in other words Donald Trump ain’t hurting and half of congress isn’t either but us lower guys. they say it is only suppose to be a conspiracy when they say that they want poor people to die but something don’t seem like a conspiracy when the facts line up to the theory, is it not then considered truth?

it was so hard for the former me not to come through this post. i wanted to add like 50 cuss words. I pray God help us. No offense our leaders don’t give a damn about us. I pray many of us get on our knees and pray directly to God. for these people have enough food and supplies they could keep this crap going for years and just like in the great depression many will die because of greedy rich assholes! There I said it. I do feel better now and to God alone I apologize for cussing! other then that the Lord knows my heart! I pray God if they want us poor people dead let them drop dead. Please don’t let many die and go into hunger because of a few rich greedy people can’t get it together. please watch over the poor and oppressed that are victims in this situation protect the innocent Lord in Jesus name Amen! and please God let these devils fall hard!

Not trying to be funny but if they knew what it was like to be hungry perhaps they would work things out speedily. It has been more generations then I remember our presidents don’t give a damn about us. never have and never will. My faith is in God alone. Lord we need some help down here. Again I pray somebody join me in fasting and prayer and if not that is ok I will and I pray God answer me speedily in Jesus name Amen!