My understanding

This is my understanding. It is not even mine because truly God gave it to me. but I do understand My understanding doesn’t line up to everything the world teaches so with that said it shouldn’t! because it wasn’t given to me by the world! I pray these words help someone today and bring you to Jesus my friends and to a better understanding so that you may receive LIFE in planet earth and after! in Jesus name Amen! and God will honor these prayers so with that said i just want to give God some thanks and praise in advance! HOW WONDERFUL YOU ARE GOD!! #GoTeamJESUS!

In the beginning was the Word. and the Word was God and with just God’s Word the heavens and earth were created. God said let there be and so it was.  Jesus is the only name in earth salvation is given and there will not be a new name. and the former things have passed away and every name that came before was forgotten! for God made a New Covenant that was always, already with the earth and the people and this was LIFE unto the people.

God created people. Until this day people are still people. God’s Name can not be spoken in earth. it doesn’t exist neither does the language. these are the things GOD revealed to me. if God had a name on earth it would be HOLY. and that is God’s Name. In Holiness there is no death. there is no sin, there is no hate. there is only LIFE. Jesus is Life beloveds. and also Jesus is God and many can’t understand for so many reasons. I could list these reasons if I want, but honestly There is no point.  For many who don’t understand that Jesus is the only way, there is a reason. it is because you have been given over to a reprobate mind.

Many don’t get past their traditions and teachings of men. and there is a hardening of the heart. it is good to also think of Jesus as the Son. I do mean Son of Man but also Son of God. and even God in the flesh. God gave life to everything in earth. without God there is no life beloveds. for God created life and again without GOD there is no LIFE. it is not an accident or mistake that Jesus said I am the LIFE. the New Testament didn’t just happen by accident it was well planned by God before the earth even stood, it was created and all ready finished before it was created. I know to some this sounds complicated but that is who God is beloveds.

God is able to be all things at once. God is the past, the presence, present, and the future. God is just somehow able to be everywhere at once and hear everyone’s thoughts at the same time and God knows us before we are born.  God has gave me visions years before they happened. I had visions God spoke and they came to be years before they came God had all ready showed them to me. I even tried to warn people of things God told me and not once could I ever change anything the Lord spoke to me.

I am not a prophet, I am not a catholic, I am not a muslim, a pentacostal. I am not a christian. or the other 99 thousand religions. to me Christianity is a religion and I have heard so many try and explain what it means to be a Christian but in all that I studied, all that I know, and the things God revealed to me there is not one thing any can say to me to convince Christianity isn’t a religion. Sorry I am firm in my beliefs. and I didn’t come for religion. I am not against these things either but see I serve God the Creator. the ONE who made heaven and earth and even the PEOPLE.

I don’t bow down to painted images. I don’t follow men. I don’t follow religions. I didn’t pray to Peter or Mary or Paul. I prayed to God in Jesus name I said Lord. I said God I called on the  Name of Jesus and over and over the Lord made the Holy Spirit known to me.  I say Holy Spirit for God is not a person. it is good to think of God as our Father but it is also time for us to understand God is invisible and not a person. That way there be no more confusion.

The truth is God is known as a He and She in the bible. To any who read it you will find these words to be true but many don’t seek and assume I am lying but it is truth when I say THESE WORDS ARE NOT FALSE! in Old Testament mostly God is often referred to as a She. or Wisdom. In  new testament God is also refereed to as the Bride of Christ. I mean you guys don’t truly think God is coming for the church? I mean the physical church that is, or even the people who attend church?

Anyways I didn’t write this to pervert the Gospel or even argue. I wrote it because it is time for people to wake up and understand who God is. God is the Spirit of LIFE, without God there is no life, no love, nothing good will be left. When God comes back for His Bride. his bride is His Holy Spirit my friends. One day God will come by planet earth and God will come for his bride and God will not set one foot on earth but instead ride a ball of fire and then God’s Bride will be taken and what will remain is death and hades and the earth will not stand for even seven years. This is how earth will die. God will not lift one finger to judge this world. The earth will end by the hands of men when their hearts were wicked and they no longer want God. I don’t know about a rapture theory. I only know what GOD showed me.

One day these words will come to pass. This is a fact. When? I don’t know.  That is only for God to know. I didn’t come to speak about end day prophecy, I came to speak the things most other people won’t. Every command God ever spoke was for LIFE to us beloveds. and I don’t mean the religious laws. I do believe people should dress modestly and what not but honestly it doesn’t matter how your dressed if your whole soul is going to rot in hell.

Also it is better to fear God instead of end days because men know not the hour of the Lord’s return, the same as they know not what day their life shall end or which shall be first. tomorrow is promised to no man. and truly if you start obeying God here in earth you may just find there is reward in earth also beloveds. only hardly any find it because they don’t search for it. most who follow Jesus complain about the lands we live in and look for rewards in the sky not in planet earth. so we have not because we ask not honestly.

I pray God help a great many people find Jesus. and go past new testament and look at God as Jesus and see the love of Jesus. the love that commanded us in the garden. Don’t eat off that tree. that Command that told Cain to do good. That Command that says to LOVE. Truly LOVE is the answer and I don’t mean the twisted love the world speaks of.

God loves us so much a great WONDERFUL Book was created and when we read it whole and apply it to life we see the love of God. God doesn’t want me stealing because God doesn’t want me locked up in jail. God would rather have me pray and ask for direction. Speak to me and I will guide you. I will lead you to shelter. Those are the things God would say. I use this as a small example. The more I sat with God all I see is this GOD that loves me so much God called me out of sin and honestly as a person who saw both sides, I am so thankful I obeyed God beloveds because when I was hard headed and rebellious it was a terrible life and I am just being honest. I don’t write for religion or traditions I truly write praying God lead someone like the former me to my page.

In my life when I did things against God it never went well with me. maybe I am highly loved by God because it is written whom God loves the most God chasten. Despise not the chastening of God. That is how it is written in King James version and it is written discipline in many other versions of the bible. both words have the same meaning! Hebrews Chapter 12. people can say what they want but in my own life I could see everything I ever did against God came against me. whether it be stealing, lying fornicating. or any of the other wicked things I use to do. none it worked for my good except to teach me NOT to do it my friends! I pray these words bless someone today in Jesus name Amen! Why do I read my bible? BECAUSE IT IS LIFE TO ME! and a true blessing and honor and just wise beloveds!

Also before you work out your new outfits you are going to wear to church, and work out your appearances for church many should work on their relationship with God. and say God I am a sinner I am sorry give me strength to not sin anymore. help me come out my old stuff. Lead me in ways pleasing to you God. in Jesus name Amen! just what I consider good advice.  God does know it advice like this I would give my younger self if I could. and although I can not, I do speak it praying it help any because if I had spoke it to myself I would of rejoiced when I listened! May God bless the reader!


This was just something random on my heart. I pray it blesses someone today in Jesus name amen! rejoice dear people for truly indeed the tabernacle of GOD is with men! and we should dance and celebrate that these things are beloveds! always someone worst then us. always someone with less. and this is truth. not to gloat in others misfortune but what I mean to say is things can always get worst.
I once complained to God and I tell you it is truth when I say things got like 100 times worst and it wasn’t even seven days until I fell to my knees and said GOD I am sorry I complained! and beloveds ever since then I promised GOD I wouldn’t complain.
You know how hard it is to praise God when you been through some of the things I have? Boy I tell you it was hard. but I found out it is GOOD to thank GOD for what you do have! If you have a roof over your head. GIVE GOD THANKS! if you ate today, GIVE GOD THANKS! My friends it is true today somebody died of starvation. right now someone is sleeping on the street. with no cell phone. no social media. No liking facebook post. So truly we can find something to give God thanks about..
Now that I am older and giving God thanks has become a habit, I can truly say it is a blessing to say thank you beloveds. I don’t want to take life for granted. and some of us boo hoo about things so petty when we look upon other people. and that is just truth. I pray many people understand as long as you live life can change. I pray people get some Spiritual guidance from God. Beloveds. Proverbs Chapter 3
Do you know complaining feeds into dark moods, dark spirits, and dwelling in a pit of nothingness? Think about it. Don’t fall for the devil’s deception! Rise up and walk my friends. Life is hard. Lean on Jesus. Flee from evil. Run to Jesus and let the GOOD LORD lead you! Just my advice and honestly I consider it sound mind advice to any who are willing to receive it. Establish a relationship with God. then you will easily see why it is A GOOD THING! to do so!
In my dark hours God lead me to the Book of Job. and truly It somehow healed me. For my God!!! Even though I had so much happen to me I didn’t have everything that happened to Job happen to me. but even Job rejoiced in the end and I am like Job in that sense!
Many times people pray and say how long, or they say God is silent to me. I am beginning to learn, I think every person who knows God goes through that season. It is good to rest in the Lord. let the Word Comfort you! I thank God for leading me to the Book of Psalms! this is the first Book God ever lead me to and truly it has been a GREAT HELP!!! Thank you GOD! ❤
The WHOLE Bible is good to edify and grow and learn. After all, all the New testament people went to the Old testament for answers. as I also think today’s generation may want to do the same also. and please also read New Testament. Reading the Bible is not a once and while thing, it is a new life change. a new life. start off a scripture or two a day if you have to. something is better then nothing friends. Get to a point where you read, study grow, learn examine, meditate, inhale, live and breathe the Word! It doesn’t happen over night, again a new life style.
Jesus is the New Covenant. Spoke simple for understanding. Without LOVE you will not see GOD. without a true desire to change you will not see GOD. Seek the LORD earnestly. and truly let your heart not be wicked and you will find Jesus or Jesus will find you even. look up the Word contrite and read Psalms 51. and Know that there are no more blood animal sacrifices. the sacrifice is your life, your heart, your mind.
God is watching. we are being tested and that is truth. God is a rewarder of those who make God their life or as it is written seek the Lord diligently.

Marriages restored!

Dear God I pray many seek a relationship with you as quick as they chase after lust. let us hide our self in your secret place so that way our spouses have to climb to heaven to find us then we can have our Holy Union as you always created it to be! I also pray you help those who are married. for many chase after this fairy tale love and they know not love when they see it. through good times, through bad times, in sickness and in health. through rags and riches our marriages should be the same as our marriage to Jesus. let us not get luke warm marriages!! but I pray we write the tablets in our minds so that way if we are to be married it will be God who directs our feet.

God restore your holy union with man and woman and even in their marriages but first let us strengthen our relationships with God. for a relation without God is of the world. and worldly things don’t last!! they are only temporal. Let us all seek God so we may have a marriage that last for eternity. those are my prayers! Have a blessed day beloveds and a relationship without God is a terrible thing. He shall crush your head and she will bruise your heal. A marriage without GOD is cursed beloveds! i pray Jesus free us from our chains for indeed those who sin are servants of sin and only the Holy Spirit set us free. So I pray we seek our relationship in GOD first and then God will connect us to our missing pieces. if it is of God it shall be! and what God brings together no man asunder my friends!

How do I come out

Ok so everyone says sinners go to hell, But I never see them offer a way out. So for those struggling to not sin I write this praying God lead people who need to see it. I pray these words bless someone today in Jesus name Amen! This was not just written to the sinner but to the messenger who feels it is their job to condemn us all to hell. May these words bless people today! have a wonderful blessed day!

so how do we get out of sin? Please don’t pass judgement without telling us how to free our self. it is great to point fingers but if you offer no freedom, then are we not guilty of murder? I seen so many people point fingers at sinners. When I was a sinner I wanted to stop but didn’t know how. i pray many people learn to give the full message. Somethings require prayer and fasting. it is easy to come out of sin when we sit with Jesus. Sit in the Word and a renewing of your mind will become. the old man will pass away and as we fill our self with new wine or the Living Water we shall be washed clean and transformed and God will deliver us. Some sins I could walk away from other sins I had to pray for deliverance.

and in the end the Word of God was my missing piece. it gave me POWER to overcome all things! i pray many armor up. it is easy to see why we fail. many coming to the battle field naked. and as Children of God is it our job to fully equip them? Saying your a sinner doesn’t help much or offer people a way out. I remember how hard it was to come out of sin with nobody directing me how to get out. i would of been lost had I not cried out to GOD and that is truth! I pray any in sin see this message and it be a great helpmate to you to help you come out of sin. have a blessed day beloveds!

Is murder different from murder?

Going to share a post. and I say from the beginning, I did not post this to get in a big old debate about your beliefs and what not. I am not God and you don’t have to answer to me. I know so many sinning a million different ways, I truly don’t want to point out any sins.  but just know there is a GOD who delivers people from their sin and I pray many find GOD, but more so I pray GOD find you and deliver you.  I am not God and I can’t forgive you and you don’t have to answer to me. that is how I feel about it.  I also know a God who has used murders in the past, God has used liars, and thieves and many sinners. so please know I didn’t write this to judge any!  So many share their feelings about abortion and my feeling is, Is murder different from murder? This post is how I feel and you don’t have to agree with me!  In fact I leave comments open feel free to state your opinion and even your beliefs but just know you will not change my beliefs.

This was in response to America is going to hell for abortions. To be honest, so many say they know what or how God thinks. This message was written for people to consider. I mean since we all say we know how God thinks, is murder different from murder dear people?

why point fingers at just America? isn’t the whole world murdering their babies? Isn’t there child sex traffic all over? Do babies all over get neglected? is murder different from murder? Does it matter if they abort them or toss them out in the trash? or neglect them? Are many children in the world now being murdered by starvation? being left behind? uncared for? why just point out one sin? it truly is time for people to repent! How many children have you fed? How many children on the streets now living dying daily? we don’t care about them? just the ones that are butchered on the table? is a child not a child because it didn’t get aborted? So if we all care so much what are we doing? is there a difference in how they murder babies? whether it be in the womb or out in the world is any of it not called murder? and is America the only country killing babies? that doesn’t seem to be true. or is it? orphanages are closing. we complain about giving. Money for funding never is. it gets cut, nobody gives. are we not part of murder our self? instead of look at the problem we just point fingers at each other. is the whole world guilty? and if not why do such things exist? and this only happen in America? America is the only country with children?


Again this was just written so people think, and please you tell me, is murder different from murder?  if abortion is murder, which I myself believe is. Is there a difference in how we murder our kids? and if so how so? Some people chose to be a voice for the dead, I pray I can be a voice for the living that are dying. I don’t have any income to support them but truly I can open my lips for them and this only seems appropriate! after all many who speak up against abortion say they care about those children but yet millions of living children get neglected daily. are these children not dying? and if so why is this not considered murdering? and if it is murder, who will be the voice for them? Dear God help us!

I made this yay!

This is the very first bible cover I made today! the first of quite a few and the next ones will be better. still playing with the design! I am sooooooooooooo excited I made this!! I guess it could be a book cover but it was made for my bible so bible cover I will call it! Now i can make all my bibles totally personal and I so plan on it!! ❤

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Who can understand this complicated teaching?

I have a teaching that is going to be extremely complicated. especially in this generation when everyone always wants to get their way. I am going to speak a complicated word many may not understand. are we ready? This is so complicated it can only be spelled with 2 letters. and those two letters combined are very hard to swallow some times and Our minds are even sometimes not able to understand this two letter complicated word. Is it so simple we can’t solve it? Either way for those who are wondering, this wonder we will be examining is the word “NO”

You do not have to do evil things. You can say no. You can walk away. You don’t have to make excuses or reason with sin. It is hard to understand but truly your no’s can be NO.   Some of us do things we don’t have to, then we make up all kinds of excuses. and the biggest excuse people say is “nobody is perfect. ”  My friends truly that may be, but you DON’t HAVE TO BE LIKE THEM!  You can say “NO”

No I won’t smoke. No I won’t drink. No I won’t tell lies. No I don’t want drugs. No I won’t hit anybody. I will walk away. I will not sleep with random people. I won’t put myself in those situations.  I don’t want to watch Netflix alone with any man, if we are not married because we have no business being that close to each other unless we are spouses.  Let our No’s be NO!

We can be like Joseph who chose to walk away when we are tempted. We can flee the scene. we can say NO to temptations.  In fact that is why I say read the bible. To teach us things we ought not be doing.  I truly do believe not only is the Word able to discern our thoughts, (Hebrews 4:12) it is also able to teach us sound mind. give understanding and many examples of why we SHOULD NOT SIN! Even how to overcome it! and indeed it is LIFE to us!

I pray many come to understanding we have a mind! we can say no. and on another note. We don’t have to give our kids every single want beloveds. You can say no to your kids. it is ok. it will not hurt them NOT to spoil them rotten. Just keeping it real. if you hand a child a bunch of candy every time they throw a fit, pretty soon you will have an obese kid. Then you have their health problems on your conscience. at sometime some of us have to learn to be adults.  Adults know when to say NO. (or should be able to know) Who is able to understand this complicated word? In today’s generation many think being told NO is a bad thing.  I pray God help people see, sometimes NO can save people! Just food to chew on!  Have a blessed super day beloveds!