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I will be adding an image to this donation page soon! Drawn by me! have a wonderful day dear people!

Praise the Lord dear people. Writing is a passion. Speaking God is my speech. I would love to do things for free and am constantly, so if any feel lead to support my work and the things I am doing feel free to Buy Me A Coffee The amount of coffee you  buy me is up to you, all you do is hit the quantity and pay for it! 🙂 The cost is three dollars per coffee. Feel free to buy as many as you want! 🙂 All donations will help with growth.

I will be opening up a store for those who don’t just want to give their hard earned money away. I will also be offering some sample art, for any who do give. (Soon coming-All this is in the process of being set up)  Have a blessed day dear people!! and God bless everyone!!! Whether you buy me a drink or not I truly pray God bless your house, mind, soul and spirit in Jesus name Amen! Also a like and share is a good way to support my page to! Both things I consider to be golden!

P.S I am not a church. I am a girl working for free out of the goodness of my heart. that is why I made this link for any who want to freely give!  Have a blessed wonderful day dear people! Love you guys.   I may be adding other ways you can contribute, for indeed some things do cost money. In the meantime while I work and continue to produce my own income,  if any feel free to help out in anyway please by all means feel free you can do so byBuy Me A Coffee