Cheers to Jesus! :)

You can sit, you can pause, you can rest, take a break but never give up!

You can stand for a second, you can take a pause, you can examine but don’t give up.

Without direction the feet stumble. The feet fall. people hit the ground and stay there. You have to rise. Dear Lord Jesus I need you today, tomorrow and even forevermore. I need you to guide me. Shine your Light upon me. Lead the way.

Carry me I am falling! No I am not! I am walking on water! I can do all things through Christ! He is my strength! He will give me wings and I shall fly like an eagle. in His wings I am hidden. Tucked away in His Heart. By His WORDS I will rise. I shall stand up! I will not fail! I won’t stumble! neither will my feet be moved or shaken! and even if so before my feet hit the floor, I will trust the LORD will carry me and place me in a place a safety! He shall carry me and I will rejoice! I will sing a sweet tune. a song to my Beloved! I shall sing pretty and sing of the Lord’s Goodness! For the rest of my days are filled with Son shine! and by His rays I will ride in with His glory! and I will sing praises to my Daddy! Praise Jesus who is faithful and true to His WORDS! WE SHALL ALL SING NEW TUNES! GOD’s NOT DEAD! NEITHER is GOD in a tomb! GOD has risen my friends! And GOD shall rise His Army!

Like dust of the ground they will be, like ashes scattered in the breeze. I shall gather each and every broken piece and I the Potter shall put them all back together. I will mend their wounds. I will heal their broken hearts, I will heal the incurable things. I Jesus will do these things. For these are not my sheep but my people. it is I who created them I who have shaped them with my own hands. In their iniquity I shall hear their cries. I will hear their pleads. I will judge justly and I shall have mercy and I will rise them up!

God is calling any who will listen may these words travel in the winds to the north, south and east and west to all corners of earth and even back and fro if the world be a circle but no matter the Word’s of the LORD will be fulfilled for they were written way before this generation stood. they were given in the garden and beyond my friends the earth was created by God’s Word and I do pray many sit right with their Maker!

I truly pray people read past one side of their bible. that their eyes be open to scripture. that we all sit with God and that many find their purpose in life, their meaning. That God fill their empty void with the Holy Spirit. I pray God take away bitter and fill you with all things JESUS! Those are my prayers and I pray them for every single person this message comes to and even those who it does not. For I know not how many are God’s. I dare not number anything for all number’s are God’s! I pray these words reach people who come to understanding the Word is a Lamp unto our feet, Jesus is  LIGHT. may this post be a great beacon of Light that shine you to Jesus friends! Let us be like the people in the darkness the Light has shun upon. The Book of Isaiah referenced and as Jesus spoke John 8:12. Shalom dear people!

Dear God we are unclean people, with unclean lips. our deeds are like filthy rags, we come before your throne, we dare not look upon you for we know we are sinners. Although our sins are red like scarlet, God it is a written promise they shall be washed clean by you oh God. I speak true words I know are promised, and I pray God answer them for a great number of people God.

Not for my glory God, not for my vanity but for your glory God, for your zeal, for your joy God, not mine. I pray it be done God. I thank you for answering these prayers God! for you know how many years, how many times I said prayers like that, and I truly do appreciate you for answering them and that is truth God! Open the ears to many people. Let us be given hearing, and seeing, fill us with your wisdom God. rise us up for your Name’s sake. in Jesus name Amen!  God bless you God! ❤ is that even possible but if so God bless you God I love you! 😀 This is the part where I run and hug GOD and say THANK YOU ABBA! Man thank you so much for hearing my prayers all them years! 😀

Sorry people I am so happy! I am off to enjoy my evening! have a blessed day, or evening whatever it is when you read this!

Love for God! My praise!

My eyes are on God. My trust is in God. My faith is in God. Dear God as I lift up my voice to you I pray strengthen my members God. let me just praise you God. I fret not myself with evil doers but instead my eyes I put on you God. Here I am Lord! Surrendering my all to you Lord. into your hands I commit my spirit, my soul, my life is all yours God. use it for your glory. I pray give many strength who come to my page. Deliver your people. rise us up out of graves. out our dead vessels breathe us LIFE oh GOD!
God I humble before you. By my hands I can do nothing but lift my hands to you GOD! I trust you are able to save a great multitude of people. By your works God, by your Holy Spirit by your power GOD! I believe in the miracles you are performing in earth. I trust your plan God! All I have is yours God!
Here I am to just praise you God. I pray my praise be consider a sweet aroma to your nostrils. Look upon me a sinner saved by your mercy, saved by your Amazing Grace! Forever thankful I am GOD! Forevermore honored! I pray my words be pleasing to your ears, That you test my heart, mind , soul and spirit for all things are yours God and daily I surrender them to you willingly! Thank you for being WONDERFUL! it is an honor to praise you GOD! Thank you for allowing me to be alive so I can praise you today and the rest of my days everyday I rise this is my heart God. I thank you for creating it! For shaping it. Thank you for being Keeper of your Words. faithful and true they are GOD!

My speech

My speech is almost always bible. My thoughts are always on God. My heart God owns! I give to God of my own will. I surrender my will to God. I apologize to people who do not want to hear about God, but I don’t know how to separate God from anything I do anymore, and honestly if I did know how, I would not want to! For when I was separated from God it was the worst thing in planet earth and I believe nothing in planet earth or even death can ever separate me from Jesus and I AM SO THANKFUL FOR THIS MY FRIENDS!

As I did before, I do now and for the rest of my days on planet earth this is how it will be. I use to teach the bible. I use to preach the Gospel. Now I speak the WORD and I pray it lead many to reading the Word and even if you do not read it, since it is the WORD spoken I know the things GOD is capable of doing with words friends!

To all who don’t know me or are new to following me. If you listen to my speech you might want to go search the scripture because most of my speech is the WORD and most don’t know it for they never seek the scriptures. and others know the Word and they come to my page and try and rebuke me with scriptures. then their hearts get convicted and they never come back to apologize but then all of a sudden my message they speak to their own followers. I have witnessed this for over a decade, and truth be told I am not offended by it. I have even seen others steal my work and write books and get paid for my labor.

The things they wrote, they did not get of their own it was given to me, and I spoke it and they took credit for it. and truth be told I am not mad at you, or any who do such things. but since all things I ever spoke have been given for free and given for LIFE to God’s people, I pray any who steal the things I say God just deal with them and honestly I believe God will. because stealing truly is wrong and I believe God can deliver you. I was once a thief too, many years ago, and God delivered me! so I believe God can deliver thieves until this day. and if your hearts is set on stealing. My heart is set on Jesus my friends and that is truth regardless of your actions!

Today is a new day. I don’t want to preach to anybody. I do not care to judge because truth be told God does not judge us. Sin is judged. Sin has always been judged. (judged=punished!) that is why God commands us to not do it. Sin is death my friends! People have free will and honestly I am at a point in my life I just want to praise the LORD for the rest of my days!! I LOVE WORSHIPING! man I tell you I can not sing but WHAT JOY IT GIVES ME TO SING PRAISES TO GOD! and this is where I will sit from now until eternity, and forever more! This is what GOD revealed to me and I believe!

There are many who love to teach, so teach, so many love to preach, preach on! but personally I think it tiring to speak to ears that don’t want to hear. So I pray God I speak, and YOU GOD bring people who will listen and if any man want to argue. feel free to wrestle with GOD and may you be like Jacob who wrestling with GOD had a great purpose and GOD used it in a mighty way. but others just came to argue because they serve a different master and always will and their names are not written in the Book of LIFE. and honestly I do not pray for those people but at the same time I have, for I never know who GOD can change but I do know some will never change.

Trying to figure out GOD is confusing and if you don’t know GOD you can lose your soul seeking men’s knowledge. this I know true! all you have to do is read comments and watch many of these debates people have and by the lips of many, I see the repercussions of such and also I know what half truths did to me in life, it is doing the same to others. Half truth is confusion. God spoke that those who are not His would run around in confusion, written several places in the Word several different ways my friend.

Either way. I speak the Word and honestly I don’t want to teach it. I pray any who seek the Word, that the Holy Bible just fall right open to the things I say and may GOD use it to call you into GOD my friends. (call you out of sin. for that truly is the simplicity of the WORD, it is also LIFE to us people, any who listen and hardened not their hearts to God who says sin not) Follow JESUS!

In the meanwhile a new day is beginning in my house. I am excited to share it but I spoke some things take time, as a woman who loves the LORD, I just pray everything I do be used for God’s glory. The religious people will soon come, so will those who came to argue law, and by the time you arrive I will be so far in GOD, I will not respond to arguing but instead be so busying praising GOD! I pray you can do the same thing. Because that is where my heart is, that is where my mind is and honestly there is no place else I would rather be and that is truth friends.

I wrote this not to boast or brag. I wrote for those who come and see my speech, some will say I am crazy, others will say I am highly favored and loved by God and others will say I am possessed by a devil and to all you people, I am not a worldly label! God calls my “My Child” as it is written any who sit with Jesus and listen will be called by GOD, who is Father to all people but not all will be called “My Child”

For there are those who obey, and others who do not, and others came to point fingers at others so they do not look at self. and that is just what it is friends. anyways I am off to worship God. it is the best thing in my life and I am just glad to be alive so i can do such things! Sorry I don’t want to waste one second of my time remaining in earth,arguing with any. Even if I live 40 more years that is still not enough time to praise GOD, FOR GOD HAS BEEN WONDERFUL TO ME FRIENDS!

I pray many find the WONDERS of GOD, and GOD BE WONDERFUL TO YOU MY FRIENDS! that GOD not be a mystery, or a puzzle, or a riddle people try and solve, But understand GOD says not to sin for LIFE unto us and Jesus came in LIFE so I do pray many follow Jesus. In the meanwhile stay tuned. I am changing things up and hopefully everything I do will just be shown to the public for all to see and view. God bless us and I do pray God fill many with a true delight to seek God, and when we do such things let it become a life change! not a show we put on for churches. Those are my prayers. Have a blessed day dear people!

Also please don’t forsake the assembly. Churches were suppose to be created for things greater then the pastors house and car and there are some true churches of God that do love the LORD and they have homeless shelters, they feed the hungered and honestly they are doing Right by GOD. I do know there are many bad churches also. Do some homework. See who is doing Right by God. I say pray and ask God to lead you to Church that is planted in the Word and if you live in the desert pray you become the church my friends. and God’s Church was not laid by stone it was created in flesh, bone, blood and spirit.

The Book of Revelation was written to churches. Paul’s letters were written to churches. God spoke a message to the churches and the sinners for both are GOD’s! I pray many of us be lead by GOD so we can grow in discernment my friends. I only wrote this for the new followers who come. Follow JESUS! Shalom dear people!

Make a change

When I couldn’t make change. I decided to sit with the ONE, who created all things. I was tired of life. The same old circle doing the same thing.  I did not know how to make change. I looked around me and it was hard. Everyone I knew was doing the same old thing even me, and I cried out to God. I pray this song land on someone’s lap who needs it. I know Jesus can change the hearts of any willing. I believe that!  God bless everyone. I love you guys. You want new things. Change the path you’re walking. Your approach is your outcome. Input produces output! May the joy of the LORD be our strength! One of the best things that really helped is when I changed my music. I don’t ever want to go back to that wretched stuff I use to listen to because when I listened to that stuff I was wretched my friends. I attached the word definition for wretched. old wretched woman I was.  I thank GOD for COMFORT!! ❤


(of a person) in a very unhappy or unfortunate state.
“I felt so wretched because I thought I might never see you again”
synonyms: miserable, unhappy, sad, heartbroken, grief-stricken, sorrowful, sorry for oneself, distressed, desolate, devastated, despairing, disconsolate, downcast, dejected, crestfallen, cheerless, depressed, melancholy, morose, gloomy, mournful, doleful, dismal, forlorn, woebegone; informalblue; literarydolorous
“I felt so wretched without you”
unfortunate, unlucky, luckless, ill-starred, blighted, hapless, poor, pitiable, downtrodden, oppressed;
“the wretched dweller in the shantytown”
of poor quality; very bad.
“the wretched conditions of the slums”
synonyms: harsh, hard, grim, stark, difficult; poor, impoverished; pitiful, pathetic, miserable, cheerless, sordid, shabby, seedy, unhealthy, insalubrious, dilapidated; informalscummy
“their living conditions are wretched”
terrible, awful, dire, atrocious, dreadful, bad, poor, lamentable, deplorable;
“wretched weather”
used to express anger or annoyance.
“she disliked the wretched man intensely”
synonyms: despicable, contemptible, reprehensible, base, vile, loathsome, hateful, detestable, odious, ignoble, shameful, shabby, worthless; informaldirty, rotten, lowdown, lousy
“he’s a wretched coward”
informaldamn, damned, blessed, cursed, flaming, confounded, rotten, blasted, bloody
“I don’t want the wretched money”

The dead shall live!

To the reader. I pray who reads this. I pray your day is blessed and highly anointed. I pray if you are down in the dirt. if you are lost, if your spirit is broken. if you’re having a bad day I pray no matter what your burden be God just take it away or give you peace through the storms. Those are my prayers. I know not who God will bring to see this.

I pray the reader be built up on the strongest foundation there is in planet earth. I pray the the Creator of the world bless your heart, bless your mind. A House built on the Rock GOD created can not be moved. It can not be budged. it does not blow in the breeze. it is solid and able to withstand anything men can toss at it friends. for the ONE for created the Rock is the ONE, who made the material and the ones who build things with the material GOD did make them too!


Whether it be spiritual or physical GOD did create all things. I pray the ONE who created the heavens and earth, the ONE who knows us by name find you, bless you, and keep you. I pray all people sit with Jesus, and listen to the Words Jesus speaks.  For if you sit, study, listen you will see Jesus speaks the Word. Every Word that proceeds from Jesus lips IS THE WORD’s of GOD MY FRIENDS! and that is truth and if any one want to challenge me please feel free to sit with Jesus and examine scripture, and I pray it be LIFE unto you my friend! John Chapter 1. the Word truly is GOD. For God’s Words are faithful and true and have been tested by men, and women and child for thousands and thousands of generations now.


I pray many people come to understand how POWERFUL the WORD (GOD) is. There is a reason men argue this Wonderful Book my friends. because the devil comes against GOD everyday and that is truth.  I pray many start thinking black and white, when it comes to sin anyways that is just my advice. and don’t think blindly, examine the scriptures. The Word is Our Lamp!


Meditate in the scriptures. Consider things, seek God for wisdom. if any man, woman or child lack wisdom they should ask God.  They should also seek the Kingdom of GOD and all things will be added to them. God (JESUS) is the Best teacher in planet earth and through out the whole world because Jesus made them all! Shalom dear people!

Jesus is not a man, even though he was a man. He  is and was the Son of GOD, He has spoken I and my Father are ONE. GOD is invisible so is Jesus. He is not in the tomb, He is not on the cross, He is RISEN! I pray many come to understanding the POWER in the life, death and resurrection. The POWER in His Name, and the POWER in the promises Jesus made to us because they are promises from GOD Our Father. Who again Jesus spoke I and my Father are ONE. Heaven and earth shall pass and the WORD’s of JESUS will still live! For the WORD’s of Jesus is what the planet is founded on. He is the Foundation! He is Rock on which all stand.


God came to rise us up from out the graves. To help a valley of dry bones stand up and rise. God came to seek the ones in captivity. The ones hurting. The ones that fell away on the wayside. For when men fail, GOD can do the impossible! Even a cactus can bloom in the desert. A rose can not blossom for three seasons, people declare it dead and the very next year is blooms. What men declare dead, GOD says LIVE. and just the very breath of that one word is able to breathe new life into people. that is who Jesus is my friends!

I pray many sit with Jesus and examine why He says I am LIFE, get in the WORD, grow in GOD. Understand GOD gave us LIFE, from the beginning and even this day and when there is no more life there is only hades, and hell and the devil. I pray many find LIFE today.

There is ONE and only ONE that gives us life. God’s Spirit was breathed with in us. It is what gave (gives) us a soul, it is what gave (gives) us LIFE. GOD creates my friends. Creators give LIFE. They also have say over death. Only GOD is not a they GOD is JESUS!  I pray many sit with Jesus and examine the death of Jesus and may it be LIFE unto you my friends! The Words of Jesus are not in vain. They are LIFE for any who really pay attention. Let not your hearts be harden. Let us be broken before GOD and pray God put our broken pieces back together again and we be made whole!  God bless you dear people! May GOD restore a great multitude of us people. in Jesus name Amen! The Holy Ghost speaks! You shall not die but live and any dead shall be risen! LIVE


The Potter Makes New cups!

Keep a song in my heart. a sound mind in my thoughts, cleanse me of all unclean thoughts. I pray for discernment. I pray for wisdom to walk away from sins. give me strength to flee temptations God. To not look back. To lift my eyes to the hills. To the sky I will open my mouth and sing songs to My Beloved, who did create both things!

it is time to worship God, In spirit in truth with our hearts. Time to walk in faith and believe in the things we can not see. For who can imagine the things God can do? and even if I believe God can do, I seen things I never thought could happen. Things men said impossible.

Examine our hearts, I care not to judge. Paul spoke one time Adam was not deceived and then in other places it is written all have sinned and come short of God’s glory. I walked many miles in many shoes and I never saw the perfect man, nor woman, and even if I saw perfect for how long? I know not one perfect person.

But as Paul tells us to consider such things and take all things to prayers and supplication, Paul also says, did I Paul die for our sins? I baptize none that I know of, then he list….. read 1 Corinthians Chapter 1. But Paul said I would not boast. He came to preach the Gospel.

Paul tells woman not to speak. But then he speaks these things to carnal people, or perhaps even churches. I am not a follower of Paul. I am a follower of Jesus and that is what Paul was also. if people listen to His speech.

The Lord judges our innards. it matters not how clean your clothes are. How righteous your speech is. How is your hearts my finds? Is it wicked? Is it sorrowed? is it grieved? Do you walk in despair? Is it broken? is it stomped on? Is it shattered? if so I pray Jesus heal you my friends.

How is your cup? Is it half empty? is it broken? Is it shattered? is it bone dry? Are you looking for a renewing? A quenching of the Holy Spirit? is your cup full of oil? Does it have water in it? is your vessel old? Does it have holes in it? Romans 12:2

Jesus speaks any who drink from my Water shall never thirst again but be like a fountain. Planted firmly in the ground. Like a solid rock that can not be washed away because there is so much water it has to have the Rock in it in able to stand! A Rock in the Water is what we want to be, and even be the Rock that walked on water. How lovely that is when God makes a stone foundation path so we never trip or fall.

My eyes are closed God. I trust you will lead me. I don’t want to open my eyes and get distracted and fall in the water. So Lord I trust you God. it is dark. I need you to be my Lamp. Take my hand and guide me. I believe when I open them I will be safe in the other side of the island.

Faith is believing the things you can not see. I thought faith meant walking perfect. My friends if you only have faith the size of a mustard seed, mustard seeds are so tiny. To the ones with little faith. I pray God multiply faith in you. I pray God manifest the Holy Spirit into your life. That God shine His Light down from heaven so you do not fall, trip, and if you are down that you may see to get up.

If you take a clay cup and crush it, Does it turn into some sort of dust like material? Do you believe God created man out of dust? I do. and honestly if your cup is broken I believe God can make you a whole new cup. There is a parable about new wine in old vessels. it is also written God created man out of dust and God is our Potter.

Once we are made better, we don’t want to run back to bitter. We don’t want to become the same old dirty mug we once were. We want to hang out with the Good Dishes that people keep in special places so they don’t get broken. If your just one of those old dirty coffee mugs that never get washed but used over and over, Then I would be like God make me a tea cup that only gets used by you God! Sorry coffee drinkers. I hope I did not hurt any feelings. 😀

Either way all joking aside. Jesus came to fix broken things and make them whole again and that was His entire ministry and until this day JESUS is the same and I truly think that is WONDERFUL GOOD NEWS! God I don’t want to be your dish but if that is where i have to start let me be that filthy cup you wash and make into a better cup, and then one day I pray you look upon me and I just be a woman, invited to drink from your cup! and then maybe one day You will say welcome to my feast! You will dine with me forever sitting as My Child. What a DELIGHT THAT WILL BE!

God bless everyone. This is tonight’s reflection. To those who do not know God. There are so many scripture references in this I pray you open your bibles and God let the bible fall right open to the scriptures. May God multiply your faith in Jesus name Amen!

Same GOD Right Now!

Praise the LORD dear people! Man! I come on to share a song. Well actually two of them.  I am going to mix them. if GOD did it before, GOD can do it again! same GOD back then same GOD RIGHT NOW! and I don’t need to know where I would be with out Jesus! I once was lost without Jesus. i was hurt, I was suffering. I was shattered and broken, dying in my own sin. and I say I AM SO THANKFUL JESUS FOUND ME! and now my new song is Jesus I never want to leave your side. I pray I lift up my voice everyday and just praise you Oh GOD!


I thank God for deliverance. I thank God for healing! I thank Jesus for all things Jesus still does until this day! I think it so amazing to sit and listen to testimony of people Jesus healed, saved and delivered. Sure some say people are false and perhaps some are, but man I seen the healing and miracles of God and I just think it is WONDERFUL to hear the Mighty things Jesus is doing!!


Does anyone else feel this way? and truth be told If God can heal back in those days, I pray man get in the WORD and see Jesus been delivering people from sin and captivity of it, for a long time now. and truth be told that IS WONDERFUL GOOD NEWS!  I pray many get healed, delivered and we can all sit and talk about How WONDERFUL GOD IS!


Praise Jesus who still heals! Praise Jesus who still hears! I myself think any who doubt should start you tube searching and see some testimony. I admit some testimony might sound crazy but are we all crazy? This is what I would ask God. God are they crazy? and if we are not, would you want to miss this healing?


Just amazing to see all the miracles God performs for people. and so much testimony of Jesus healing people now in today’s times!  That’s a WONDERFUL DELIGHT FRIENDS! Yes some are dying for Jesus, others are living for Jesus and those who die are not dead. They live with Jesus! Just think that is amazing how GOD has total control.

All I know is Jesus turned all my wailing into dancing, and I believe if Jesus did it for me! MAN IT IS TIME TO REJOICE! That means there is hope for many! If God can change someone like me! I BELIEVE! I pray I lose like 50 pounds just dancing and praising the LORD! I AM TOTALLY DEPENDENT ON JESUS! ❤ Psalm 30:11-12!! ❤ ❤