For US

I love my bible from beginning to end. I am not afraid nor ashamed to say it in any crowd. neither am I ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus who many others call the Christ.  I come to understand every single beloved word in the Word of God is truly LIFE for me and for any who incline their ears to wisdom of it and say to self I want to do things to please God and pray to God. Lord help me overcome self, for I sometimes don’t always want to do the right thing, because my mind is sometimes wicked. I am no different from others. Thank God thoughts are just thoughts UNTIL YOU ACT ON THEM! That awkward moment when you discover obeying God isn’t for God but for SELF! (For US)

The bible is able to discern our thoughts. to teach us what is right and wrong. and as a person who sinned greatly in her life I come to understand again everything God spoke for us to not do was LIFE to us. it wasn’t so God could boggle us down with all these laws. but when we open our bibles and listen for principles and teaching in things we ought to be doing, we come to the fullness of God’s love! thank you God for loving me so much not only did you give us your Son you had men create a Book filled with WONDERFUL knowledge to direct our paths here on earth!! ❤

WHAT A MIGHTY GOD YOU ARE! For thousands of generations the Word has been tried! I mean if one studies you can see how men try and debate this LIVING GOD! who spoke into existence everything in earth and beyond! how can any not believe? (just my beliefs, as some say how can you believe) and even those who doubt, God has proved God for again thousands of generations. (even to me beloveds!!)  God told me since God created men and woman the Lord has proved Himself. but the Lord is not a person so I say God has proved the existence of this invisible Creator!

Jesus is the way!!  I tell you I didn’t read the word most of my life.  I was tossed back and forth, to and fro with very tiny pieces of the Gospel and I would of been lost had I not prayed. had I not searched for God earnestly.  I would of been blown in the breeze. But I thank God who examines the hearts of us!! or again I say I would of been lost. For I thought I wasn’t even worthy.  I confessed such things and God was with me beloveds!!

I had a hard life. many bad things happened to me and honestly these things I used to say I will be as everyone else and I did so. I was tired.  I was empty. these things were not fun to me. I had a void in my heart.  I prayed God showed Himself to me then I said God help me. I want to forgive and I can not. You see what they did to me but I made up my mind I was going to try wholeheartedly to serve the Lord. and It wasn’t easy my friends. in fact the first few years soooooooooooooooooooooooo many bad things happened. I said why God why. then I said cursed was the day I was born and I tried to end my life. and since that moment God has really shown me some things. it wasn’t God who did these things, but the devil did to try and tempt me not to move forward.

Whenever I tried to go two steps forward, I fell 5 back and I am not going to lie, I cried to God my friends. When God tells us not to lie, it is for us. When God says not to steal, it is for us. When God tells us to love each other it for us. for Cain had no love and Cain murdered Abel beloveds. We all skip past Adam and Eve and I never seen any mention that Adam and Eve had to suffer death of their son. the bible doesn’t speak about it but does anyone ever think about it?

Every single Command God ever spoke. Every single Word God had men write was for us. It is good to not stir up anger. it is good to stay silent if you have not anything nice to say, even in anger. I am not perfect but indeed I am free from many sins beloveds. and until this day, every day I wake I have to rebuke my thoughts some times. and other times I fail. I do not boast in these moments but instead pray God help me do it lesser and lesser and not at all if possible for I truly learned obeying God truly is for US! I can do all things through Christ who is my strength! that is just what I believe!

I pray many get over this religious thinking and how dare any on earth call GOD religion!! because long before men made religion, GOD made man and gave them a Command and that command has always been and until this day still is, LIFE UNTO US! GOD even had men created a Book and have them write GOD inspired! and I pray many inhale it and live it and let it be LIFE FOR US!

This post was so random. I truly pray it blesses even one! have a blessed day dear people!

Healing in the name of JESUS

Let all with eyes see, and those with ears hear. truly a prophetic message. Who is able to receive it? Blessed are those who hear from beginning to end, and I apologize if my first few words offend you. I pray you hear from beginning to end and then take it to consideration. prayer, meditation and thought, consideration, good old fashion bible reading and even to Almighty GOD. Sorry video makes sense if you watch it from beginning to end. kind of like the bible. better when you get the FULL message! Shalom beloveds!!

The things written in italics is a post I wrote that was separate from this video but at the same time they are connected so i shared it. *Disclaimer brought over from facebook. To all the new comers who don’t know me. I pray this video help people have their own relationship with God and may God heal and restore many and write us in the lamb’s Book of LIFE!

To all who come to my page. In quite a few videos i say I am not a christian. God has never called me “my christian” God has always called my my child! Please don’t get it twisted Jesus is my LORD and Savior! Jesus is GOD to me and hardly any understand for they have no understanding of God. and Christians if you are Christian feel free to follow traditions and even Paul if you want to but God is not telling me to speak that message. Most who say Jesus don’t even know Christ IS NOT the last name of Jesus and many of them also bow down to false painted images.

God will either call us HIS or not. You will either be called Sons and Daughters or bastards. and that is what the WORD says. Don’t be mad I don’t speak like you, act like you and are not subject to the laws of Christianity.  I am subject to GOD with direct authority. I pray my words offend none but they are the truth regardless of your feelings beloveds. God is calling me to speak and so I obey God. I pray my words lead people out of sin and into the arms of Jesus. have a blessed day beloveds.

Come Be a used to be with me!

I apologize i didn’t try and get pretty for this video, but I do pray these words draw many into God’s Kingdom! Who wants to be a used to be with me? May these words bless someone today in Jesus name Amen! Despite of today’s teachings, God calls us to be used to be beloveds! May the Lord Jesus bless you, heal you, and call you out of the former things in Jesus name Amen! 2 Corinthians 5:17, and the former things shall pass away and they shall not be remembered or mentioned! God will write you a new name, a new heart, a new spirit for that is truly the WILL of GOD!

Let’s agree to disagree

Let’s agree to disagree. You won’t anger me! thank you God for peace! I don’t have to prove myself to you. if a person isn’t hearing your speech why bother speaking? I thank God for healing my mind. I don’t want to argue with anyone if you don’t agree move along buddy. We don’t have to argue. we don’t have to fight, in fact we don’t have to speak at all. I never could understand why people want to stay in fights. Do you enjoy being angered? I myself do not. Stress is a killer.

If we argue too much I am going to say we don’t get along. I don’t want to stay where they throw stones at me. if we can’t talk like adults, I am gone. You want to be talked to a certain way then talk to me the same. it takes two to argue. and that is real truth. You don’t have to stand in the middle of arguing and fighting. turn your other cheeks and walk away! How many times do we turn the other cheek and flee the scene? AS MANY TIMES AS IT TAKES TO KEEP THE PEACE!

Adults no longer know how to have civil conversations. they speak in anger. They speak in hate. grown folks throwing tantrums. there is no thought in their speech just say the first evil thing on your mind. throw stuff around when you are angered. I am getting old and my days of babysitting are over. i don’t want to be your mommy or spank your hand. or be talked to crazy because i want you to live. if my words offend you feel free to turn your other cheeks and flee from me! have a blessed wonderful day dear people! happy to be at a point where I keep my joy! and truly it is only through God I have been able to do this! Thank you God for answering my prayers because God does know i can’t stand arguing and fighting and that is truth. let’s agree to disagree and move on and the Lord bless you my friends! *my mentality*

Tips for your social media (Facebook) break

I absolutely loved this! I totally turned off all social media for a long time! was the best thing I ever did!! Even lately I haven’t had a lot of time for social media and I do mean even word press. I have been so busy in life accomplishing things and honestly it is great! and for years now instead of digging through needless post. I pick up good healthy books. the bible. I pick up so many useful things. I don’t miss all that useless time I use to be on social media. Just being honest. and it has been super nice making myself get off the box! it’s good to get hobbies. pick up side jobs. something productive you can show for your time. Instead of how many statues you liked. As we get older we think of time a little different then youngsters. Or I know I truly do. Are you investing your time wisely? I truly am trying to!

Boondock Ramblings

When bloggers and others talk about a social media break let’s be honest, we know they (we) are talking about Facebook. As far as social media goes, Facebook is the biggest time suck for most people. Not only that but Facebook has more information on you than anyone else and their tentacles reach into so many facets of the Internet, disconnecting from them for a while, or all together, is probably a pretty good idea.

You might be thinking to yourself, “I don’t spend that much time on Facebook” and while it may be true that you don’t spend a large, continuous block of time there I have a feeling you spend much more than you think. In the same way someone who wants to lose weight benefits from keeping a food diary, someone who is considering a break from social media should write down each time they log on…

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the real superwoman!

I am the real superwoman! ❤ The other day I said I will read my bible daily live for one or two months whether any join me or not. I 100% meant that. years ago I use to beg people to read the bible with me. I wanted someone to read the bible with me. For half a second I had it, then when I got use to it. it was not there anymore. I started to see my whole life when I needed people the most I ended up all alone and thank God for this because it is what lead me to call on Jesus. I am to the point in my life. I don't care if any are with me. I don't care who joins me. I will get it done!

I am losing weight and because of such i joined a few fitness groups. and even in fitness as the same many say about churches. they say get yourself an accountability partner. and this was my reply. and it applies to both the churches and the fitness.

Thank you for the words and i think they are true but sometimes in life if you want things bad enough you just have to do it whether or not you have an accountability partner. what happens if you get use to support then for whatever reason it is gone? will you quit when nobody is around to support you? I am taking my exercising the same way I have my whole life. most of the times when I needed people the most they weren't there. and when I did try and reach out as soon as i got comfortable with the help. it disappeared. I now realize I am the only true one to myself so whether any is with me or not I won''t stop! My mind is made up!

Accountability partners can be a good thing,, but what happens if they aren't there, will you quit because you don't have help anymore? Do you only read your bible when others are around? I myself don't need or want an accountability partner. I will get it done and if any want to join me lets do it! Other then that you can eat my dust, because with or without you I will get it done! My mentality! and truth be told thank you Jesus for all them times men and women stranded me! it made me so strong I truly don't need anyone! I am thankful for every person God places in my life, but with or without you I will continue and that is just truth! My strength is not in people it comes from Jesus and what God gives no man takes away! and that is truth! have a blessed day! #RandomThought and how i feel! Shalom dear ones!

Rewards with no work..Huh?

Most of my life I was fit. I was active. I got depressed I gained over 100 pounds. i was morbidly obese. I lost it all through diet and exercise. I kept it off for almost 6 years. then I got tired. i said this doesn’t have to be a lifestyle my whole life does it? So I stopped. Over about a year and a half I put on 60 pounds. I started in 2017 around October to diet and exercise again. by march 2018 I only had about 20 more pounds to lose and I was back to my weight before I stopped exercising! yay!
But then I almost died. and it took me almost 2 months to heal. and I couldn’t exercise. and when I could i just lost my motivation. well again about October in 2018 I started back up exercising and as long as I live I now understand this must be a lifestyle I maintain my whole life.
I fully confess this time I do not know my weight. i don’t want to. i just told my self I will exercise religiously and eat right and in four months or so i will weigh my self. I am not thinking about numbers because I know as long as I do it, I will lose it. i say this because one day I will share all the updates and progress but until then i just write this as part of my testimony.
Life is hard. if you quit you won’t see change. i never believed in a diet pill. you want to lose weight, EXERCISE! Diets take months to see change and the minute you stop only takes a second to gain it back. the only true life style change is to do that. Change your eating habits. make time for exercise. and much the same way we lose weight, that same mentally needs to be in our walk with God. if you sit with God daily you will see results beloved. anyways I am a firm believer in that! have a blessed day beloveds!
we all want riches without working. weight lost without exercising. blessings from God without repenting and honestly that kind of thinking is insanity. I am just keeping it real. i pray this message give people something to consider. if you are tired of your life. change the things you are doing beloveds and that is my advice. I pray it blesses someone today in Jesus name Amen! Shalom dear ones!