Just saying Hi! Worry?

It has been a long two days. I have worked almost non stop 12 hours each day. Not complaining! I am truthfully happy and excited about it!  Making progress! But enough about me. I just came on to say, I pray the reader is blessed. I pray God uplift your mind. Uplift your heart, uplift your spirit, and just fill you with a wonderful spirit of joy and peace and comfort and God send you a sign, that everything is going to be fine!! God deliver us from our worries, from our doubts, from our fears, from our anxieties, and give us a spirit of peace and trust.  Help build up our faith and give us comfort God, in Jesus name Amen!

One thing I noticed in life, so much of my worrying was for nothing. I don’t think I am worried. I do think. But I learned to just trust God. There are things you can change in life and things you can’t.  Perfect planning is not always possible. Like for instance. let’s say you plan a vacation trip. You are all packed and good to go. then next thing, you get a flat tire. Great! you did not leave with that much time for this. So you cuss, you get angered, you say ok no big deal. I have a spare. I can fix this quick. So you do, and again all of a sudden you drive off, get about two miles down the road and all of a sudden the tire pops again.

Now you have no spare. this story can go so many ways. Let’s say some miracle happens and you get to your plane on time. or you cancel and find out later that plane crashes. I don’t really know the ending to the story. the point being you can make plans, plan things perfectly and things can happen you have no control of.

A lot of times when I was younger, I worried about everything. I really took it to prayer.  I heard God speak, why worry about things that could not be?  Have I not taken care of you all this time?  Are you alive now?  Things in life you can change. Some things you can not change and will just be.

I don’t know how to speak worry out of your life. But I do pray God help you not to worry friends, in Jesus name Amen! I am sharing this scripture with a prayer. I pray people learn to make better judgement. Although it is great not to worry, it not wise to not plan my friends. Worry is sometimes useless. Most of the time worrying is overrated. Make plans, make goals, make list. go through your life with a fine comb. Examine self.  Instead of worriers lets be people who make goals and get them done! What are you worrying about?  Is it in your hands? Can you change it?  If you can not change it, why are you worrying? Whatever will be will be and if you can change it, get er done! God bless us all! Love you guys! Have a blessed day dear people! ❤

Matthew 6:26-34 NKJV Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they? 27 Which of you by worrying can add one [a]cubit to his[b]stature?

28 “So why do you worry about clothing? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin; 29 and yet I say to you that even Solomon in all his glory was not [c]arrayed like one of these. 30 Now if God so clothes the grass of the field, which today is, and tomorrow is thrown into the oven, will He not much more clothe you, O you of little faith?

31 “Therefore do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ 32 For after all these things the Gentiles seek. For your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things.33 But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. 34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.

First appearances by Michelle Stokes

To those who always think we can make accurate guesses on first appearances. How much time do you think you need to look at someone before you have them all figured out?  How long do we glance at someone and make an opinion on them? (label them, put them in a box) )5 seconds? 10 seconds? 30 seconds? two minutes? Seriously what is your honest answer? weeks, days? Ok, Now I have an exercise you can do.

Go to google, type something like houses, or dogs, or something that a variety of different things will pop up. make sure you are on image mode. don’t hit enter yet. just think about what you are going to google.

Now, whatever that time was, you said it took you to make an accurate judgment of someone is the time you get to spend on Google. Should grab a timer if some of you answered 2 seconds, don’t cheat give yourself two seconds. unless you said days. or weeks, if you said five minutes. if you said thirty minutes. If you said 2 seconds. go to google image, and look at the page for that amount of time. then close google. and grab a pen and write everything you saw. Don’t shut the page but take it out of view. minimize it. Also don’t open it back up. No cheating you only get the time you gave yourself at the beginning.

After you are done writing everything you saw and you are a 100 percent you did not forget one detail. open the page and compare what is on that page with what you wrote.  The exercise came from this article, Deceived By

If your answer was days, weeks, months. perhaps save the page. copy it or something and do yourself a favor and write down everything you see every day (meaning truly spend some time looking at it daily)  and look at your list in whatever time you gave yourself and enjoy the fruit of your labor!! ❤  for if you gave yourself a long time you should have books worth of details!

This exercise was created by Michelle Stokes. designed so hopefully we consider such things!  Food for thought! have a blessed day beloveds! 😀 ❤ Unless you have a photographic memory this exercise probably is good for many! I pray many find the deeper meaning in this message! Have a wonderful day dear people! ❤

Deceived By

life’s little instruction book, It is something I have read through a few times and it always makes me smile. This it is a good little simple book. You can buy it brand new for 20 dollars I see, and on ebook for a few dollars. (whispers I got mine for 75 cents! 😀 ) Not really trying to sell the book but hey at least you know what I am mentioning.

“Don’t be deceived by first impressions.” I was really thinking about this line. it is a quote from that book and one time I wrote an article called don’t judge a book by it’s cover.  But, But, but. we all do that. there is the old saying that says first impressions are everything. and that seems to be true but what happens when we judge something wrong from a first glance?

For half a second a woman can appear to be beautiful. She can seem attractive, but as you start hanging around her, you notice she is not the same inside as out.  Some of the best people in the world are ones you have to take a double glance at. Some of the best books in the world are dusty, torn and weathered.

Some of the most deadly things come in beautiful sizes and shapes and may even appear to be shiny. But after examination, we come to see it is deadly to our soul. I say when it comes to a job first impressions mean everything. maybe perhaps even dates. I honestly am the type of person I will many times show up to dates dressing down. I wear no makeup. I say if he runs now then good. and honestly, if you don’t like me at my worst, you don’t deserve my best.

I am well aware people judge and honestly dressing down gets rid of the people I don’t want around in my life. I mean I love feeling good about myself and being clean and what not, but some people are so obsessed with appearances, they forget the finer things in life. I have my own way of weeding out people I don’t want around me. But this message is not really about me. Just what a thing to consider! I also feel that way when it comes to the bible. Don’t believe what other’s tell you, see it with your own eyes. It is funny how a open heart lets you see things from a different perspective. “Don’t be deceived by first impressions.”

As I was going to go look up the link to share the book I was referencing, I saw this video and decided to share it. It has a couple of the quotes with some video. Thought it was entertaining and worth sharing! There was not really a point to this blog really. I was just sharing my thoughts. I pray the reader is blessed and filled with joy. My activity the next few days may be light, as I am in the process of finishing my goals I started. I don’t know, I seen in my life making first impressions may seem good, but a lot of times I noticed I was so glad I put the further investigation in. For many times first impressions are deceiving. (not accurate)

Either way, love you guys! Have a blessed day or night or even afternoon, when you read this! Shalom! Again there was really no point to this. it was so random. Welcome to my mind! I also do think this book was worth the buy. I picked my copy up for 75 cents at the local library book sale! 😀 What a steal! I mean deal! I mean seriously, what a good buy for 75 cents! Where can you get that for a dollar in today’s time?  I even got a quarter back! ❤  😀 ! GOOD BUY! and the e-version is like 2 bucks. just thought I would put that out there.  Have a blessed day dear people!

Sin is death-Hell is real

Sin is death and I know so many say they are called to judge and honestly most of them then speak judgment to homosexual people. Then they overlook liars, they overlook thieves, they overlook every sin and use the scripture to justify self. And they boast with the puffed up chest. It is my job to do so they say.

But what? if you’re going to do it to one, might as well call out all sin. I mean the bible is a book about sin, a book about life and death my friends. Sin is death and we all die. many times sin causes death sooner then it would of been without sin. and then there be a matter of our souls which live for eternal. The devil is real, and hardly any believe in God but we will believe in the devil. We will call out to ghost and spirits. and we think it is a game.  In fact, so-called games where created to do such things. But how sick is that to play with death, my friends? What book ever writes the devil as good? what book ever speaks good things when it comes to evil?

I have seen so many horror movies. I  have read so many books. I sat in so many things, and I only can remember one place that lifted up the devil. but then I think to myself these people are deceived. for they know the devil is death, and torment and agony. Sin keeps us in these things on planet earth. How do you think all these made up stories come from?

I believe in God. I believe in good and evil. many are calling evil good, and good evil. and as the bible says Woe unto them. Life is not a game my friends.  There is an evil spirit on earth. it destroys, it haunts, it torments, and that is on earth. how does any man think they can withstand hell? I myself could not withstand the hell of my own sin in planet earth.  So man, with all my heart God help me honor your Words. because just as I have seen hell on earth. I have seen God too and man I tell you the reward is greater with God! yeah you might not be super rich. You may not have many things men call wicked that is really bad for us. but the peace of God, The joy that comes, the love, the wisdom, the understanding. Just I tell you when I say the blessing is GREATER WITH GOD!

I say this because I love it and once you been to hell and then sat with God, it is really hard to go back to hell my friends. In fact, I cling to GOD! In Jesus name Daddy please I don’t want to go there!  Hell was created for monsters my friends and no man, or woman on planet earth wants to go there, and that is truth, Not if they knew truth anyways.

Call me crazy, say I am dumb, call me naive, say whatever you want about me, and all my days my eyes will be on God!  In fact, I believe nothing in planet earth or beyond will ever separate me from GOD!

God if they don’t believe in you, open their eyes so they see their master clearly.  For no man goes to hell blindly. We do it with our own actions, and that is truth friends whether people believe it or not!

there truly is too much evidence on planet earth to NOT believe in GOD and the devil my friends. Open your eyes, dear people! Written in more love then most will understand! and the utmost love for all people!

War Zone-Social Media

I share this for all who are speaking truth and are faced in the battle of speaking truth for as soon as you speak truth the liars will come or the false psychics, as I call them. I wrote facebok because this is where I shared this status but honestly it is mostly all over social media and even offline there will always be those who tell lies. I speak this praying it be a help to any out there today! One thing I learned about walking with God. God gives a peace no man or liar can take away. and that is a truth in my life and indeed the truth sets us free!  have a wonderful day dear people!

Social media makes me smile. I thank God for teaching me to just walk away. One thing I know about facebook. Everyone has an opinion and that is fine. we are all entitled to one. So we all say anyways. But what cracks me up and honestly makes me laugh is facebook has all these psychics. and they swear they know you. They know the things you do and that would be so awesome if it was true but right after they say they know you, they spew all these lies out their lips and say this is who you are. I use to be angered by such things. I thank God for peace!! Nowadays I find it amusing but truthfully I don’t want to entertain it. It takes two to argue and when people are telling lies, and rumors and untrue things, what is the purpose of defending yourself? let the liars tell lies. and I pray they have a blessed day as they spew lies! I also pray God deliver the liars, in Jesus name Amen!

Thank you God so much for not allowing these devils to steal my joy! Thank you for giving me peace and joy and comfort. only the devil will come and tell lies about you. He wants you to get angry about it. But the truth sets us free. if it is not true how can it bother you? It does not! I just truly thank God for teaching me that! I was sent into the wolves and lion’s den and I am glad I was because It taught me a great many precious lessons that I will always treasure and keep in my heart!  God is WONDERFUL! 

if people are spreading lies and rumors about you let them. They shall have their own reward. one thing I also learned is no deed goes left unseen by God and without a doubt, God is the one who punishes and I pray I just stay in God’s presence. for I would rather be blessed, then cursed and this is truth beloveds! God will defend the innocent and fight for His Children! I have witnessed it my whole life and honestly, the best thing on planet earth is just to be at peace with GOD! truly priceless! 

Jesus did not sit in the crowds where people threw stones. He fled the scene. What  A WONDERFUL TEACHER JESUS IS!  Put on the armor of God!  it is the best thing you can do when you are out there in a world full of liars, and also be as David and pray God help silence the liars’ lips in Jesus name Amen!

Comfortable Christianity

I love sitting in a crowd where people quote the scripture, where we talk God 24/7 I think it is beautiful. and I sat with many Christians. but then I started noticing none of these people left their circle. What is the point of being Christ like if you are hiding it in the closet? I don’t want to sit in a crowd where everyone knows the bible and high fives them self. I want to sit in the crowds nobody else does. I want to sit with criminals, with drug dealers, with addicts. I want to sit in the middle of broken people and say Hi my name is Michelle let me tell you of Jesus who saves. Jesus who heals, Jesus who delivers.

It is fun to sit with others who know God and high five each other. but my heart is in people like the former me.  I don’t want to sit with seven generation holy people. I mean no offense you don’t know my struggle, or the struggle of life and truth be told you should thank God if that is you. Thank God for keeping you sheltered. but I was not sheltered. I was in the wilderness. I was in the desert, in the valley of death is where I lived so I don’t care for comfortable Christianity. Especially when I noticed all my Christians had no problem telling me what was evil, and how I should act but can’t even speak the Gospel to the lost. I left that crowd.

I would rather sit with homeless people, drug dealers, addicts. people with problems who know they aren’t perfect. I see many say they love God, but they only speak God in the church. They only speak God in front of their other Christian friends. and that is fine and dandy. I don’t want to judge any but in my heart I just feel so this is why Jesus died? I asked God that one day and God told me to look at the scriptures deeper and so I did.

But then again I am one of the ones who was sent among wolves and maybe perhaps all Christian people can not do that. maybe there was a reason Paul was chosen and did not agree with others. I really don’t know. I just know I hardly want to sit among people who know the Lord, because honestly most of their hearts are not mine. I see many say Jehovah witness are false.Mormons are false but how many Christians you know that deliver the Gospel to you door to door? They are into comfortable Christianity.  Are they wrong? I don’t know all I know is my heart is not them.

I use to get so angry (kind of still do too honestly) nobody spoke about sin. Nobody called people out of sin. Then I said LORD here I am! I will go and so I did. I think that is one of the reasons I never took the Christian label. I never knew what it was most of my life. and now I know and I still don’t want the label. I would rather be Michelle. Because honestly some of today’s Christianity is worldly and that is truth and God says come out of these things, be not part of them! and so I did listen to God. Some, God calls separated and I am beginning to think I am one of them. Not boasting or bragging but seriously I do not care a lot for comfortable Christianity and those who can only speak Gospel in their church. it is people like that why so many go on broken and hurting, because they never know God can save them, because the ones with the knowledge sit among each other and never give it out to any new.

Sorry these words were not written to offend any but truly just how I feel. I understand all things work for God. Just truly glad to be out of the comfortable Christianity crowd and that is truth. I truly apologize if I offend any. That was not the purpose of this message. Was just mostly venting. have a blessed day dear people.

In the bible I read the justified are those who feed the homeless. those who heal the wounded. Those who are servants. Sitting in a crowd around people who know Jesus is not the only justification. I do truly pray many of us grow out of comfortable Christianity and may we be doers instead of people who preach to our self. For that is what comfortable Christianity is. I will stay where it is safe and speak Jesus among everyone else who speaks Jesus. The way of the world. I also believe in my heart the comfortable Christians are the ones who would flee in half a second when it came to needing help. Just something I observed in my own life.