Prepare your hearts! The unmarried!

This verse was one God put on my heart about 7 years ago. an unmarried woman saves her self to be holy for the LORD. I did not know I was doing these things God spoke to me I was and it was so deep and honestly I am so thankful! In my singleness I happily looked to God, for the relationships I had were not good. Now I truly don’t care if I ever get married and that is truth. Happy to be married to Jesus! Either way to the UNMARRIED I pray this be the season you work our your holiness! and to the married I pray God strengthen your marriage. For both positions have a purpose and neither is greater then the other. Some are called to be wives and husbands and before then, all of us are unmarried there forth at sometime all of us should be working out holiness my friends!

32 I want you to be free from concerns. An unmarried man is concerned about the things of the Lord, that is, about how he can please the Lord. 33 But a married man is concerned about things of this world, that is, about how he can please his wife, 34 and so his attention is divided.

An unmarried woman or virgin is concerned about the affairs of the Lord, so that she may be holy in body and spirit. But a married woman is concerned about the affairs of this world, that is, about how she can please her husband. 35 I’m saying this for your benefit, not to put a noose around your necks, but to promote good order and unhindered devotion to the Lord.
1 Corinthians 7:32-35

Fitness and Recovery

So a lot of my post lately have been about recovery. In the beginning of the year they have been about fitness. I have a few stories about fitness I will be adding soon but for the next few days I may not be around. Going to spend some time doing somethings I enjoy.  I created space for an office. For a gym in my house, and a place to do my arts, crafts and jewelry and for the next few days just going to spend some time with my self working on some things I enjoy.


The things I write about on my page are always different.  Feel free to dig around in my calendar and maybe you can find something that will hit home with you. I speak about relationships. I speak about moving forward. Motivation, weight lost, making goals. My whole page is about moving forward in life some type of way.  if anything I do blesses even one, then I have reached my goals even if I am that one. I pray my imperfect life help others grow, for I know how it feels to be down, to feel alone, to suffer from many things and Honestly I write like I speak. I say things I consider to be wise for people who want to hear it because that is what I do for all my best friends and the people I love. I only want the best for us and life is hard. Alone it is hard. but knowing someone else is living the struggle seems like it makes life a little easier. or at least that is how it works in my crazy life.


Anyways God bless you guys and I truly thank and appreciate the people who take time out their busy days to read and like my stuff!   God bless us and help us move forward in Jesus name Amen! be blessed dear people! I love you guys! have a super natural day!

By Faith

Dear God. You know all the things I have been praying. You know all the things that have been going on in my life, in the past and even now God. I trust you God. I thank you for everything you have ever done and do. Lord if I look by sight so much doubt I could be filled with right now, but Lord you know I lean not on the things I see, for you have long ago taught me against such things.

You have done things that men said were impossible. You have been with me when I was in the wilderness. in the desert when I was thirsty you you gave me your Water so I could drink. I am not thirsty God and I thank you for filling up my cup. I thank you for placing me next to your well.

For all the things I have been through. Through all the things you have seen me through. I thank you so much Father! I praise you! I salute you! I bow to you God. Words could never say enough. there is no deed that could amount to, or equal, or even come close to all the things you have done for me and for the world and all the people.

Lord you know the things I have need for, You know the things I hope for. You know the things I am trying to accomplish and I openly admit I need your help. I ask for your favor. I ask you open doors for me no man shut. I pray you lift me up as I keep my eyes on you Lord. Send me your enduring strength for my heart is heavy and I can not faint for my mouth is open in too much prayers and I pray your ears be open so you receive these prayers and keep them God, in Jesus name Amen!

Your will be done God. I pray for your favor Lord. No matter what I will praise you. and that is all I know. I thank you for answering prayers. the seen and unseen and I trust you God. Praise your Holy Name. Now, forever here on earth and even after. Your will be done! Thank you Abba for listening and taking time out of your busy day to listen to someone like me! I appreciate every single prayer you answer for me and that is truth! I love you and I thank you!

The seen, unseen, and the supernatural. I need a miracle God! and I know ONLY You can perform it! I trust you GOD!

The Struggle with sin

Just advice I put out in the open I left as a comment else where. I pray it be a help mate to any in their time of need. Stay in the Light my friends. It is hard to sin when Jesus becomes your life. when we only put a toe in, or just our hands, is our hearts far from God? How is our prayer life? Are we putting the Word in our eyes? for it is hard to go on in former ways and be of God and in my life I struggled the most when I was luke warm. I started seeking God earnestly. out with the old, in with the new. The old friends had to go. the old habits. the old music and into myself new things were. The Gospel, The praise the worship, the set a side time for God. all of it has helped me greatly overcome. Starve the flesh, feed the Spirit. just praising alone is enough for me to say no devil. Not today, we all say we are weak but many in the bible had strength through God. it is hard to go forward being luke warm. pick a side chose God and life becomes a lot better for God turns all that bitter into better and it is truly something beautiful to be a part of! Thankful God called me out of darkness and I must be the only one who hurt when I sin, and I cried to God and asked God for strength to not sin and because of such things I have lived to see brighter days! That is the WONDERFUL GOOD NEWS of the Gospel. The Word transforms us! especially when we do and not just listen. it is a mighty thing to partake in! Just sharing my experience! have a blessed day dear people!


My prayer, Dear God I pray for  people’s strength I pray you help us overcome all our sin, all our flesh, all our worldly desires. Write with in us a new heart, a new mindset and draw us to your full body healing. restore our mind, restore our faith and help us have a change of heart in Jesus name Amen! Shine your face upon us God, to any out there who are struggling to overcome. give them a new strength, a new desire to sin not and draw them to your presence God in Jesus name Amen! I believe God you can change any and I pray you encourage many to go forward to not look backwards and give us strength to lift our heads high so we may be called Children, not bastards in your Holy Word I pray for your name’s sake, your glory, and honor God let it be done! have a blessed day dear people and Thank GOD! GOD is in the saving business. If any of us have faith we can say mountain move and it shall be. I have faith GOD!! I BELIEVE!


I pray God help a great many of us and may God add unto God daily in Jesus name Amen!

Just some encouragement

Good morning! Just some advice I consider to be good food for growth to any who need it. I pray this video encourage and help someone today! I pray it blesses your soul and God help many of us and strengthen your numbers God in Jesus name Amen!  Also sorry, I am not trying to be a glamour queen just truly pray my words help any!  be blessed dear people! Love you guys! Shalom! This video was made in love! ❤ 😀


Party with Jesus-Turn Up!

So as I get older I find I can not keep up with all the new slang. Someone asked me if I was thirsty. I said, “yes please, can I have some water?” they about died laughing at me. I said, “what’s wrong?” They said “you’re not serious are you?” I said, “yes I am, why?” Either way I was told what thirsty meant. Wow what a way to pervert a glass of H20. The only thing I am thirsty for is water. even the Living Waters! Apparently thirsty means hungry for sex, in today’s slang.

So more new slang I found out what turn up means. I like this one (in my own version) but in today’s generation depending on the crowd, turn up means drink. turn up means smoke weed. turn up means do molly. or some kind of other drug and to those I say no thank you! Turn down! Ya’ll better wake up and see the only thing that turning up is doing is turning them caskets into graves. Turn up your bibles. Turn up your voices with songs to God. turn up those prayers and supplications. Turn up them bibles. turn up the faith! Turn up the sound on the Gospel music. Make a WONDERFUL noise for JESUS! The only party I want to be in, is revival when we are all dancing in the Spirit. Singing Hallelujah! dancing for JESUS!

It is Friday almost midnight, and if I am awake at this time I am usually singing God songs. that is why it blesses me when I read what they did in the midnight hour in the book of Acts! Fridays use to be my thirsty days when I lived in the world. I sat in clubs and I turned up and when I was alone I frowned. now my frown Is TURNED UP! and I am filled with a new song, a new attitude and a new day! I love to get drunk off the Holy Spirit and sip on this new wine Jesus gives me! Friday is a day to party with Jesus. So is Saturday and EVERYDAY OF THE WEEK!  My eyes are turned up to Jesus!


The best party I ever knew is to turn up my God music. Turn up my voice and just start praising God.  Truly is a blessed thing to be a part of.  Thank you God for calling me out of darkness. Out of clubs, out of them things that only were to kill me and destroy me. thank you God for calling me to your party! That is one party I was  and am glad to be invited to! I truly pray many turn up Jesus in their life and may it be LIFE to them in Jesus name Amen!


Say what you want but that club life gets old, that bar time wears you out, only a little time then you are an addict and it becomes a lifestyle. real hard to get out of. Lean on God for strength and I pray many people have a blessed day! Be blessed dear people. I am off to go party with Jesus! It is almost midnight! 😀  Shalom! ❤ Midnight hours