Not in vain!

Jesus didn’t die in vain people and in vanity would be to say now we found grace let us continue in sin, instead of finish the race. i pray we do not disgrace Jesus. for indeed to stay in our sin is to make a mockery of the very death of Jesus dear people, and that is truth. No man can enter heaven without being born again and when one is born again the evidence is in their life dear people. as it is GOD who gives them new birth. the former things pass away and GOD creates us in to Children.


If there be any backslider that reads this. let us run to GOD so the LORD can give us new skin. let us not be like Adam and Eve who when they sinned hide them self from GOD. All have sinned and fallen short! so it is time for us to say GOD I am sorry and understand today is a new day, a new chance to be made new in GOD! Food for thought and our souls! love you guys! render your hearts to the LORD!


I write this because many can’t seem to comprehend. How can you love Jesus and not be a Christian? and what religion are you? and they try and throw you in a label. but the problem becomes is I don’t fit your labels because I don’t believe in all the doctrine the world teaches nor do I line up to any religion or any Christian in fact. because so many Christians were taught by other Christians when I have been taught by God. So how should I sound like them? and then the minute you don’t sound- talk and act like them, then you are a devil they say. Christian is a new word that wasn’t spoke before. it was I am a Catholic. I am a Baptist. I am a Pentecostal and all the other 99 thousand religions. I don’t feel like I heard the word Christian, only with in the last decade.

So after years of saying over and over I am not a Christian I had to stop it because at first many came to me in hate because they told me I was suppose to act a certain way insisting I was Christian because I spoke Jesus , and then others called me a Christian because my deeds were good and it was not in hate but love. But even when they said I love you I still said sorry I am not a Christian, I am just Michelle, and honestly I started feeling like I was the devil. because  I am not trying to deny Christ in anyway!! I love Jesus with all my heart. I am just not a Christian I knew God before I knew the Christian label. and there is nothing people can say to me to make me take it. I heard so many explanations of what is the meaning of Christian and honestly I say again why as soon as you say I love Jesus do I have to be Christian? why do I have to be a religion at all to speak God? to love God?

So for years I would say I was a child of God (too many religions attached to that label-wow) but boy that wasn’t right either, so I said God what should I call myself since they insist on giving me a label? because honestly I don’t like labels like saint, or angel, apostle, prophetess or godly, because I say who am I that I should be lifted up?

I am not against religion, I am not against Christians, or laws, or leaders, or elders, or governments, or anything for honestly all of it works for God. and that is just truth beloveds. and I am far from a baby in Christ. God has never called me my Christian. God has called me my child since I was a kid and honestly I think I will keep that label but instead of calling me a Christian you can call me a Transition. because God never wanted us to stay babies in Christ. if people even became followers, perhaps then they would see God calls them to be Children and even Children grow up and then they are called Man and Woman beloveds, but some people so luke warm they been wearing pampers for years in their walk with God and it is time for us to put our big people pants on and start being grown up.

I thank God for people who pass out those luke warm watered down sugar gospels, but like a good adult I am going to teach you to eat vegetables and the things that taste bitter, but man they sure are healthy to the body! if you guys want them sugared down candy coated doctrines then so be it. but let me tell you high intakes of sugar has been known to cause diabetes and all types of terrible things. and that is truth beloveds. around here we like to eat good solid food. and sorry Christianity is full of watered down doctrines! with the love love only read one side of the bible say a kind word to everyone and off to go die in your sins. and that is a lot of today’s Christianity.   We can fight about end time theories, talk about raptures, but ohhh don’t call any out of sin we might offend them. another Christian message. A lot of offended people sitting in hell right now. So how are people getting raptured when they all still sinning? How they getting out of sin when all people just speaking of is heaven? who is going to heaven while they sin?

Some may like their pie cold but I like mine hot and steamy and even if you like cold pie, how good is leftover cold meat? Does it come a time when you want anything served hot and fresh? let’s make transitions from baby Christians to adults who listen!  God is only going to call one people His beloveds and those are the Children who obey!  Disobedience is punished.  So please feel free to call your self what ever you want to be but if you are not sitting at the Lord’s feet and obeying it is all just vanity friends!  not a Christian but a transition!  Shalom dear ones!

for those who don’t get it. I am not a religion or a label but a woman who loves the Lord with her whole heart mind and soul and truth be told I LOVE MY BIBLE WHOLE! and WHOLLY I WILL SERVE THE LORD! ❤ No matter what your faith is I pray many find Jesus and if you are a Christian then be a Christian friend! In the meanwhile I pray I speak a message that draw many out of sin and right in to the arms of Jesus! Then we can celebrate with GOD yay! #GoTeamJesus! #TeamTransition! Not  Christian but a Transition! which truly is what being a real Christian should be. the old person is gone and the new has become. a new being we are shaped into! We do not continue in sin. if we are born again beloveds indeed there is a transition friends and that is real! I pray these words bless the reader! have a blessed day beloveds! Colossians 3. 

the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.
“students in transition from one program to another”
synonyms: change, move, passage, transformation, conversion, adaptation, adjustment, alteration, changeover, metamorphosis; shift, switch, jump, leap, progression, progress, gradation, development, evolution; transfiguration, flux, mutation, transmutation, vicissitude
“the transition from school to work”
undergo or cause to undergo a process or period of transition.
“the network ought to be built by the federal government and then transitioned into private industry”


around Christmas I challenged people to read their bible for 15 minutes a day for a month or two. For the next month or two. I pray everyday around noon. (I am trying to stick to the same time-hopefully I can) But for the next month or two everyday at noon I will come on and read the Word for 15 minutes. it is going to be real hard for me to stop at 15 minutes. But I like to lead by example so to any who are doing the challenge feel free to join me. I will be going live from my group! Even if people don’t join me the recording will be available to view later and regardless of who shows up. Your attendance is not going to effect my actions. have a blessed day dear people! I use to want people to read the bible with me. I thought it was a blessing. I still do but many don’t want to read their Word. But if any like the former me are out there perhaps knowing someone else is reading will encourage you to read to! I know it would of been a great help to me in my hour when i was trying to go forward so i pray this be a help to any! have a blessed day beloveds! Please feel free to read Christmas Challenge if you know not what I am talking about you can read about it here. and the readings will be live from my facebook group. Bless those who come and those who don’t. have a blessed day dear people!

Who am I?

This is a true story. One time I was at a church and this woman fell down to her feet and said you are God. I will confess. I thought it kind of embarrassing. She did it in front of the whole church. I said woman rise up what are you doing? I am not God. She said ok, ok You are an angel then i don’t care what anyone says by this woman’s prayers my family member was healed. I said if that is true then let us praise God and I helped her up.

This was not a blessing I thought. For after that my goodness there was so much jealously in the church. People starting gossiping and talking about me. Needless to say I fled that church. and now that time has pass this is what I wish I had did. I wish I had said woman I am not God and honestly if God heard my prayers and your family member is saved. Oh my goodness. Move over let me get on my knees, NO LET ME FALL FACE FORWARD! God who I am that you would answer my prayers? Who am I that someone should bow to me? let’s thank God together! THANK GOD THAT GOD IS ABLE TO USE SOMEONE LIKE ME! Thank you GOD for hearing prayers! God I don’t understand. I would never use someone like me. I am lower then dirt. Who am I that people should bow to me? Don’t be greedy move over let me get on my knees and thank God with you!

Thank you God for being able to cleanse wretched people. To be able to lift them up. God I fully confess I do thank you for words of encouragement and people you send to up lift me but if I not give you thanks with them, Who am I that you should hear my prayers?

God is so Holy. God’s love is something until this day I can’t comprehend. I would not use me. I would of left me. I would of walked away. I would of gave up on myself but some reason God never gave up on me! My God if people even knew the meaning of this they would fall on their knees like me! and with me. Man if God can have people calling someone like me an angel, a prophet an apostle, I mean I have been called every religious name under the sun and my God before I used to be called every cuss word in the book. WOW! If I didn’t see it with my own eyes and live it I honestly would not believe it!

20 years ago if anyone told me I would be used by God. if you would of spoke even one thing I seen in the last decade about my life. I would died laughing. Seriously. Thank you God for not ever having anyone prophecy over my life. God told me a long time God would use me. Man I seen it AND STILL DON’T BELIEVE!!

Sorry dear people. this letter was only written to give God thanks and that is truth man! IF PEOPLE ONLY KNEW!

I pray many seek God wholly because honestly if you knew the full story of this you would be instantly converted. and I do believe that to be truth. people are dirty. we are incomplete without God and God did not come to break us, but make us whole. Those who are not sick are truly in no need of a physician!

Sin is the cause. Jesus is the cure! Follow Jesus! Stay blessed dear people! With arms wide ope,n flat on the floor, open mouth, a surrendered heart! Here I am GOD! I am yours use me! I once was wounded. NOW I AM HEALED! I was was fallen Now I stand! I was was tossed in shaky land now my feet are firmly planted.

I am singing a new tune! THANK YOU JESUS! ❤

Who am I? who are you? are you who I was? You can be me too! God we are unworthy who are we that you should cleanse us up. We are sinners God! help us lift up our countenances to you LORD! For your glory, honor, zeal, will and joy be filled! WE LOVE YOU GOD! #GoTeamJESUS!

What are you thankful for?

In America we complain about cockroaches, in other countries they eat them, In our country rats are considered tainted in other countries they are food. We live in a generation better then many. many don’t have soap now. Think of the days before electricity. Before all technology. When you start looking at life wholly. maybe perhaps then some of can wholly praise the Lord. for many generations there was war, there was famine, there were evil leaders and even today it is in many parts of the world. There are people with no legs, no running water, no hands no parents. People being beaten and raped and murdered daily. Tomorrow is promised to no man so with that said let us give God some praises! it is a true statement when I say things can always get worst no matter how low you are always someone worst then you and that is truth beloveds. Indeed words to consider! Shalom dear people!


Worship Music

Hello dear people! Today I just write to prayerfully inspire someone out there today!  One of the biggest movements in my life was when I put down all that worldly music. I went to Christian music, and MY GOD!! HOW WONDERFUL IT WAS!!  it was and is so WONDERFUL! I have not went back to that godawful stuff I use to listen to!

Input produces Output it is true!  I first started with the intentions I would listen 15 minutes a day that quickly turned into an hour and within a week I was listening all day. That brought me to tears. tears of happiness, tears of repentance, a change of heart. I have not looked back and I don’t want to. In fact, I wish I had done this years ago!!  When I wake out of bed, I give God thanks. I listen to worship music, as I ready myself for the day. I tell you when I say, my day isn’t right unless I do these things!!

I never want to leave God’s presence.  I found in my life, life without God is no place I want to be!! I once traveled down that road and I am so thankful God directed my feet and said My Child the narrow straight path is the WAY! Amen! it truly is!!! ❤  once you sit at God's feet for you and nobody else, Then My God!!! That is when you see the wonders of God and it truly is amazing to be a part of!  I pray this year for Christmas, God gift us with the greatest gift to men. That gift is God. to be filled with the Holy Spirit, to sit in God's Word. I even pray many get filled with the Holy Ghost and God give the reader new tongues!

And by tongues, I do not mean the gibberish the churches teach you. I mean a new tongue, a new spirit a new heart. the things that use to be bitter like reading your bible and sitting with God, God turn into a WONDERFUL DELIGHT TO YOU!  Those are my prayers, and I pray this be the season God answer them and bless God's people with a WONDERFUL NEW SPIRIT!

May God take away your bitter and turn it into better my friends in Jesus name Amen!  be blessed by God's presence, which does come from feasting with God. delight in the Word. eat it. it is our daily Manna. it is our spiritual bread. Drink it like a newborn craves breast milk from their Mother. drink it like it is H2O. For indeed the Word is the Living Water. it is also good solid meat for the navel and bones. it is everything the human condition needs to survive and this is truth beloveds!

We are indeed created by GOD and to go without our Creator is to walk around empty and void. We all search for our missing piece never understanding we miss the ONE who created us! the Holy Spirit- Invisible God is what makes us whole! Seek the Lord wholly and and whole you will be made. Tis the season to rejoice in God my friends! have a blessed wonderful day and I pray God make you WONDERFUL in Him! in Jesus name Amen! if you are tired of your outcome change your approach! can't expect something new doing the same old thing. Words to consider friends! Shalom dear people! I love you guys! ❤

I’m Keeping every one of them!

I am getting a lot of gray hairs and I am not coloring them! Believe it or not I am actually excited about this! I earned every single gray head on my head and I am going to flaunt them! I don’t care how much of it shows. I had my hair out today and I said wow. so much silver mixed in. I promised myself I wouldn’t dye it. I had blue black pretty hair. it is a unique color. They don’t even have dye my color.
In the summer it takes on a natural red color so it looks red black. I started dying my hair at 15 and for so many years I had brown hair. Around or about a decade ago I took my makeup off and stopped coloring, and gave up all jewelry for God. It was a promise I made God for that time. I even shaved my head bald a couple years back for God and it was like I was rewarded for doing such, because my hair is so long and it was only like a couple summers ago I chopped it.
I have pictures on my page. I almost died two days before my birthday. I took pictures with no make on, then I took pictures with makeup on. and I prayed to God, I am going to put just a tiny bit on and take pictures I am thankful to be alive and I am getting old. So a little make up I put on and honestly I am too the point I may or may not wear it, but if I do it will just be a tiny bit for I don’t want to look like a street walker.
I once thanked God, Joyce Meyers wore make up. I am sorry God for saying this aloud but God knows I thought it. I don’t think Joyce Meyers is ummmm, an outwardly appearance attractive lady. Sorry I was just so thankful Joyce Meyers wore make up because honestly to speak my thoughts out loud, I don’t think she is so pleasant to look at. and when I was at the lowest in my life. God really spoke to me through this woman. I was praying, I was crying. the T.V was on some random station, and all of a sudden it was like God heard me. Joyce Meyers came on randomly and the remote control wassssssssssssssssss so far across the room and so ummmm being the lazy person I am, I did not get up to change the channel.
So I started listening and I got goosebumps. I kid not Joyce Meyers answered every word I spoke to God. now how did that happen? What the hell? and soooooooooooooooooooooooooo many times God did this to me. I was alone crying not even voicing my words. I was praying, I was talking to God. I would say who am I kidding? why would God talk to someone like me? and I would wipe my tears and all of a sudden my dad would call and say God told me to tell you this and he would repeat everything I prayed.
Random strangers would quote my prayers word for word. I would see this so many times in my life over and over. Maybe once, twice that is a coincidence. my friends! I can not even number the times that has happened to me now. That was many years ago.
I don’t doubt God, and neither can I be bullied by any other’s faith. I have my own faith friends. I have my own walk and truth be told I am so thankful for this! I only write this because many will come and judge you for what your wearing, and what you do, I fully think people should consider what they do. I would not want to paint my face to attract a man. What happens when the paint is gone? What happens when I am old?
I never wanted to be around people who loved me for my looks, That is so awkward. Judge me for who I am. I will ugly up in a second! Either way I am not trying to impress any! I am so happy to have these silvers in my head! I am going to flaunt them! THEY ARE SO SHINY! ❤
I hid my beautiful hair all these years because, for many years I did not fit in. Black people told me I was not one of them, and white people said you are none of us either and for almost 2 decades We were the only mixed people anywhere. I tried to fit in. But it is really hard. I am really tall. I stuck out like a sore thumb. So many years I spent trying to look like other people. I am so happy to be myself! I will flaunt these gray hairs! I earned them! if I could count them I might name them all if I could! 😀 😀 Just saying THEY ARE MINE! I am going to keep them all and just let it come!
Truthfully happy to be the age I am! and I am not lying or hiding it for any! if anything, I always say I am older! Ha that way when I am 60 I will tell them all I am 80 and they will SAY MAN GIRL YOU LOOK GOOD! 😀 😀 That was written in humor! I am not really a liar but I do like to round up. makes it more simple. Anyways this whole post was so random! I pray God use it in some type a way. The whole point of this was I am just going to be Michelle. it is too much work trying to be other people. it comes so naturally to be Michelle! Think I will stick to what is natural!
I pray the reader be blessed. have a wonderful day dear people!