Gossip in the church

I’m about to step on some toes, and I apologize but at least I am not wearing heals. Ladies I tell you. On of the biggest turn off I see in church is the women who gossip. I use to be highly offended by it. “Did you see what sister so and so was wearing?”

NO!!! I didn’t! I was to busy praying. My eyes was closed!! I was worshiping the LORD, and when I wasn’t I was attentively listening to the pastor. I came to hear the WORD and praise the LORD not pass on a malicious words about someone else in the building.

I come to realize people gossip everywhere but I thought the churches were suppose to stand different then the world. But I learned people are people no matter where you go. BUT since church folks are suppose to be different it would be a lot easier to hear gossip and whispers if they said, “hey gather with us and pray! I am worried about their soul. Or lets stand in agreement that God will touch and change them.” or have you approached the one you talk about in a friendly manner and try to correct them? I never hear the sisters gossip about these things.

The tongue is a weapon and if you use it to talk about people. truly we can use the same tongue and say Lord forgive them of their sins, forgive me God. I am nobody to judge and if I stand perfect then God please help them too because God knows where I would be with out God’s healing and if you can change me God, truly there is hope for them.

But it seems many sisters who gossip can’t stand and do that because instead of look with in their own hearts they so busy pointing out faults in everyone else. Just words for spiritual growth. is any one interested in growing or we just going to continue standing around talking about everyone else?

Ephesians 4:29, Gossip is not good for my soul. it is not edifying to me. it doesn’t seem to very edifying for the person we whisper about either. Just words for some of us saints to consider! have a blessed day dear sisters! and if men gossip this message can apply to you also!

There are many who come to church. they are poor, they are broken, they might look one way one day and in the next year you will see complete change. Their clothes will change, their hearts will change. They will have a strong relationship with God. their fruits will blossom while some of the very same ones who sat and pointed and whispered will still be the exact same talking about the next one that comes in.

Joel 2:13, James 1:26, Proverbs 11:9, Proverbs 18:21, Psalm 141:3 God only you can tame the tongue. Give us new wisdom that will be edifying for your Kingdom God and let our lips always bring forth righteous fruit for you God, in Jesus name Amen!

On the day we sit with God and the Lord ask me. How many did you prevent from coming to my Kingdom with your lips, with your deeds, with your actions? I pray my answer be. Lord my tongue I used for your glory and honor how many did I bring to you God? and instead of God answer. God say welcome home My Daughter! for your lips always did speak righteous things!

and I will reply. Thank you God!! it is only by you I overcame. With your wisdom, with your understanding and with your strength to tame my tongue because the Lord does know it is not easy to always speak righteous things in a world full of evil. God if it was not for your Holy Spirit I would be lost and that is truth beloveds!

I pray many of us who sit in church perhaps do some bible studies on being good stewards! Just my advice! Spiritual growth for the House of God! Written in love Shalom!

beauty and the beast-lack of knowledge part 1

This was going to be a testimony, but then as I was creating this video, I started to realize this would lead us perfectly into the bible study I am coming out with called lack of knowledge. I also pray many can get past my beastly image for I didn’t try and get pretty for the camera but this kind of reminds me when that old ragged beggar lady came to ask the prince can she stay at his house for a single rose in return and the prince judged the old woman on appearance and was cursed until he found love. well I may not believe in those kind of things but the thought kind of is funny when you consider the things I said.

To God we are all beast until God’s love changes us! Who could ever love a beast? God can!! Jesus said all that ever came before me were liars and thieves (John Chapter 10), and God can create monsters into something new. (beast into man if you will) God’s love breaks the spell the enchanter puts on us! Going to share the beauty and the beast opening scene along with my video. Don’t know which you should watch first but honestly if you watch them both. maybe you will see some humor in it! Jesus use to speak in parables! I pray many find the meaning in this! Also stay tuned to my up coming bible study which will be called lack on knowledge and prayerfully it will help somebody out there. Have a blessed day beloveds!

Faithful are the wounds of a friend part 2

This is part 2 of a video I did earlier today. both of these videos were random. I do explain this in part one. but I don’t think some will be able to receive part one, and even then some will not be able to receive this part either. But I do pray many watch both parts and  it open your eyes and give you strength to overcome your wilderness and even the devil my friends! May God open our spiritual eyes so we can live in Jesus name Amen!




This is going to be the year God blesses a great multitude of people. and they shall rise and GOD will give them power to overcome the enemy and stomp on his head and say devil you have no authority. and the LORD said it is finished and it will be completed by the ZEAL OF THE LORD! Happy NEW year dear ones! it is written the people in the darkness have seen a GREAT LIGHT and when the whole world walks in darkness the LIGHT will shine!! Dear ones there is so much darkness all around and only Jesus came in LIGHT and LOVE and came with the redeeming blood. let us be like those who covered our houses in the blood of the Lamb but then lets not be like those who complained in the wilderness, but instead let us be made NEW in Jesus name Amen!

So how can a man be born again? he can be washed clean by Jesus!! he can sit with GOD and let the LORD renew his mind, his soul and spirit, and man the LORD can do that for woman too! and even child if they are willing! and that is truth dear people! I pray this video bless many!! it is what I consider edifying and refreshing and renewing. have a blessed day dear ones! Just some wisdom for people who want to move forward, and come to some understanding in their life.

Party with Jesus-Turn Up!

Well with the new year approaching. I figured why not reblog this! TURN UP WITH JESUS!

Michelle Stokes

So as I get older I find I can not keep up with all the new slang. Someone asked me if I was thirsty. I said, “yes please, can I have some water?” they about died laughing at me. I said, “what’s wrong?” They said “you’re not serious are you?” I said, “yes I am, why?” Either way I was told what thirsty meant. Wow what a way to pervert a glass of H20. The only thing I am thirsty for is water. even the Living Waters! Apparently thirsty means hungry for sex, in today’s slang.

So more new slang I found out what turn up means. I like this one (in my own version) but in today’s generation depending on the crowd, turn up means drink. turn up means smoke weed. turn up means do molly. or some kind of other drug and to those I say no thank…

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Thank God for being God

Thank God for being God. many people will abandon people. they will do many things and when times get bad they bail. and sometimes others stay too long just to get all walked on. There are so many who have called out to God when we were wounded. when we were stranded we all ready know, had it not been for God we would not even be standing. I pray this be the season many look with in.

There is scripture that says God never leaves us or forsakes us and I tell you when I say when I was forsaken and abandoned the Lord took me in. The Lord Comforted my heart, my soul and my spirit. I am trying hard to cross over to, I don’t want to call God a he, nor a she. for God is invisible and has been saving many for many generations.

Many people fall down and never rise again and others say they can rise on their own. There are also those who say had it not been for the Lord I would not be standing at all. Had I not prayed I would of fainted and even when I did pray sometimes I was still faint. No matter the condition the Lord has always been able to lift me up. I am believer God will do the same for all who seek the Lord. and this is the message I been speaking almost my whole life, because as a person who prays I do know prayers get heard.

I pray God turn many unbelief into believing in Jesus name Amen! Also for those who don’t know the truth in the Word. God is mentioned as both he and she in the bible. The She is referred to Wisdom. please don’t pervert the INVISIBLE GOD!

it is great to think of GOD as our Father. Then if GOD is our Father truly GOD would be our Mother too. But just in simple American language. Please don’t make God into a mere human for even though Jesus was SON, it was written I came for the Father. The Father is Creator of all things. Jesus said ask in my name. Everything was given to the hands of Jesus. and honestly when people sit at Jesus feet you will see Jesus is LIFE and GOD and they are ONE!

This is truly the mystery of the Gospel being hand delivered to you dear people. I pray we eat it, receive it and let it be GOOD FOOD FOR OUR NAVEL! Have a blessed day in the LORD!

God has always been LIFE, and the devil whisper you won’t die, you won’t get addicted, it’s fun the devil says, but then when you sit back and observe the facts, what is fun in evil dear people? I pray this open the eyes to many! Thank God for being God! ❤ who is more then able to open the eyes of a multitude of people! THE LORD IS WONDERFUL DEAR PEOPLE!