Quiet time with God

It is good to worship. to gather and worship even to hear a pastor or teacher of the Word but I found in my life the best thing is my quiet time with God!!! ❤ it was gives me strength and energy to stay focused and centered in life. it gives me peace and joy. i pray the reader learn to establish quiet time with God. get in your closet. and a closet is reference to alone time. it doesn't have to be a physical closets beloveds, not to say it can't be. Do your deeds before God and not men. Seek when people aren't watching, help a homeless or somebody in need and you don't have to broadcast it.

You can not buy your way into heaven with good deeds. I pray many come to understanding that this means you can not continue in sin and think donating will wipe away your sin. Not to say the less fortunate should be forgotten but we are all truly at different walks with God. God doesn't want you giving if you don't have enough to provide for yourself. there is a parable about such called the foolish virgins. please go look it up and consider such things if you don't have much you shouldn't be giving.

I pray God bless the reader with discernment because there are so many arguing God's Word and they take away from the Word and add unto it for their profit and gain and even to say they are prophets. i pray many just seek the Word and pray God lead you. Because we are not all at the same place in our walk with God it is foolish to say we should all receive the same message, unless that message is repent with your hearts.

How can you give up all you own when you have nothing? So God would sit and speak to a homeless to give everything when they have nothing to give to begin with? That isn't even logical my friends and it sounds like that would make a homeless man suffer more. God isn't in the suffering business but into delivering! God knows what it takes for each of us to get on the right path so with that said I pray many get in the Word and grow in God and learn that quiet time with God is sacred and it should be a part of each person's daily routine. just what i consider sound mind doctrine.

Quiet time with God can be praising, worshiping. Seeking God's face in prayer, bible reading. bible study. watching a sermon, reading a daily devotional. It is written you reap what you sow. instead of sowing dollars in people's ministries i pray we sow a seed of time with Jesus! and watch it pay off! Every deed produces fruit! let's sow into God's Kingdom! and may the Lord Jesus water you daily and tend to your every need. Time to blossom for God! ❤ who wants to be planted in God's garden? I DO! I DO! another meaning for the word grace is the presence of God. I pray this year be the year many find grace, in Jesus name Amen! When Adam and Eve sinned they hid them self from the presence of God. they did not confess their sins but instead pointed blame. time to break that evil spell. God I sinned. I am sorry. Nobody made me I did by my own hands and I confess i am sorry.

and in God's presence I will be. i will not hide myself from God but instead I hide the Word in my heart so I would not sin because God forbid I be cut off. i don't ever want to hide from God again! So daily God I will seek you wholly! My quiet time with God has been a HUGE blessing to me!!! I pray this blesses someone today! let's not be like Adam and Eve beloveds lets run to God and not away! have a blessed wonderful day! Psalm 119:11

To backsliders and sinners-Last day prophecy-Key of David

This message is for any who are in sin. Mostly designed for backsliders and sinners. but there are some who say they are upright and they are lying to them self so if the shoe fits wear it dear people. Years ago i told so many get in Psalms. and all these Christians came and tried to rebuke me and i rebuked them back. God did not lead me to new testament. God lead my to Psalms and honestly I am sooooooooooooo thankful for that! Psalms taught me how to pray! how to repent and how to find God! I am truly blessed! I didn’t follow Paul to Jesus.

I followed David who lead me to JESUS! and again I am so thankful for that! I spoke this at the time and I was not reading my bible except the Book of Job and Psalms I had no interpretation of Jesus except the brief messages the religious people gave me but they told me God didn’t talk to sinners. I was praying in my closet. they never knew it because i did it when nobody saw me. i poured my heart out to God. i started hearing God i started having visions. I had visions before but long story short. I didn’t doubt I knew God, for God spoke and it came to be. But I had no knowledge of the Word.

Either way it is many years later and I now know the things God showed me are in the scriptures. More then once in fact soooooooooooooooooooo many times it is written in the end days God would use David to rise people up! I am indeed one of them and I do fulfill scriptures beloveds. i know this is truth but honestly we are in the hour where I will not prove it. i never had to, nor did I ever fully honestly, because I know who God is and God knows me beloveds, personally. God spoke this to me. God even gave me a new name. You do not have to prove God or stick up for God or argue back and forth with scriptures. you can speak and the Lord will prove GOD for you and that is truth! and truth be told that is best because GOD’s witness is GREATER THEN mens (humans) and this I do know.

I am no longer going to speak or teach most of the things God taught me. my whole message is about repenting and either you do or you don’t. The bitter truth is not everyone in planet earth is God’s and although God did make all people. Free will is a blessing and a curse. and cursed are those who don’t find life. Jesus is life. and some sit and argue and never come to understanding. i pray this be the season God help many get over their flesh,, get over their feelings and may God make God known to you beloveds. this is my prayer and they have all ready been answered. God told me this ten years ago and I promise when I say God has proved God to me so many times I care not who believes. I know i believe and that is just what it is dear people. and it is God who will speak to people’s unbelief. for the truth (GOD) bares witness to itself. again God needs not humans to prove God. God will prove God.

it is time for men to work out their own salvation with God. Confess you are sinners. pray for help, pray for strength, pray to end long suffering. pray for the goodness of GOD. you can examine the scriptures then you will see what GOD loves, and what GOD hates it is all in the WORD. and God doesn’t like evil my friends for God is holy.

You will be whole. or holy when you seek GOD WHOLLY! Follow Jesus and that is the truth beloveds. i pray this message bless someone like the former me because GOD does know I wish any had spoken this to me, I wouldn’t of been a backslider so long I would of called on GOD sooner then I did, and all things are for a reason and honestly I am thankful for how it all went down because now I can just sit and worship God and that truly is where my heart is. truly praying this be the year many see salvation and it shall come to pass beloveds. only I pray people understand I do not mean a year in men’s time and the year has all ready started. i truly pray nobody be left behind but because free will is in earth I doubt that will be beloveds, but I do have much faith that God is delivering a brand new nation! Not only do I believe it, I also see it and I just want to say THANK YOU JESUS!

The Book of Psalms will teach you how to pray prayers that are pleasing to GOD. I do pray we put on our helmets of salvation and truly indeed JESUS IS SALVATION! Get in the Word beloved and render your hearts before God and the Lord is without a doubt a rewarder to those who seek earnestly with their whole heart. or diligently as it is written. Good words to chew on. Food for thought, prayer, meditation, and good old fashion bible seeking and also spiritual growth!

years ago when i was in sin. i thought it was the way. i thank God for delivering my mind. for helping me walk away from my wicked ways and among many other things. To the backsliders God loves you. it is nothing you did God will remember. Sit with God after all it is not God who left you, but you who walked away from God. return back to God beloved. Walk with God daily and you will overcome your flesh and your backsliding ways will no longer be remembered they will be a thing of the past.

To the sinners who never knew Jesus i tell you when i say. i was a sinner too. i sinned so many ways i am not going to list them all but God delivers us. God doesn’t say you are healed and you continue to steal. i pray you sit with Jesus and pray some righteous prayers and righteous prayers would be God I need strength to not sin. I pray. Cleanse me from my from my unrighteousness in Jesus name Amen. pray for strength to walk upright. the Word is your Manuel. i suggest you sit in it and surrender yourself to Jesus and then you will see sin was never a blessing friend, it is cursed and comes with punishment not just in the after life beloveds but here in earth also. I pray this message help a great many in need, in Jesus name Amen! may we all see Jesus!

I type two fingers looking down and I did check for error but not much. I just pray it reads well enough the reader can understand because I will not barely be speaking these messages anymore and I want to stand guiltless before the Lord so i write this praying God lead someone in need to it because honestly I am done preaching beloveds. time to sit with God!

This is my season to extol, uplift, praise and worship and welcome all the NEW Comers! For I, like God, truly rejoice when even one sinner is saved!! and my friends so many are being saved!!! ❤ it is such a beautiful thing to witness!!! I am just going to sit with God and continue to witness it! One of the best things you can do in earth is not get on camera and confess God, but sit with God and do things pleasing to God. Do your deeds not for others to see but just knowing God sees all!! it truly is a real blessing!

Counting every blessing

So I wrote this earlier, and for those who don’t know I type two fingers looking down and I have reread this a few times and the more I read it the longer it gets and I am not certain I removed all the error. I am going to post it and read it yet another time and if I think it doesn’t make sense, I will edit it yet again but remember I don’t speak proper English so I just pray I wrote it where it makes sense to people and they consider the things written. have a blessed day beloveds!

*Counting Every Blessing* Written by Michelle Stokes. The past nobody speaks of but God has NOT forgotten. This generation can only see them self. They don’t see how much blood has been shed for them to live this life. For thousands of generations men would of loved to have even one translation of the bible. if Adam and Eve could of had a book that was written telling them not to sin I bet they would of thought it a blessing. So many generations don’t have what we have now and yet we sit and complain and cry like babies. Thinking we are entitled to things. My friends if you only knew what God knew then perhaps we would all repent.

Years ago I use to fear end days. I use to think about my own death. How vain I was and how vain are us people. and many will say I am not vain, like I did. Then God gave me a vision of the past. I fell to me knees. I certainly am vain, I just didn’t know it! But after my vision I did! and I fell to my knees and repented! I cried with my whole heart. I felt like I was bleeding it hurt so bad. God showed me the past. I saw so many murdered. I saw people raped and burned. i saw many hung. I saw saw so many suffer. I saw wars. I saw children murdered, I saw famine. I saw so many die so we can have knowledge, so we can live. I saw so many die from sins of others. I saw the blood of the innocent that was shed for us people to live.

I wrote this article a decade ago and a bunch of religious folks came and tried to shame me. They said Jesus is the only blood that matters. They tried to shame me and God told me there is no shame for me but for them there will be, for if they think that the innocent blood that was shed was less important then the blood of Jesus. they have no clue who God is and that is what God told me beloveds. Do you know that when innocent blood hits the earth God hears the screams of it in heaven?

it is like a cry for help. Do you know when much innocent blood is shed, God hears those screams all at once in his head? How many know this? God showed me this in a vision. This vision sure does seem to line up to the Word. I didn’t know it at the time when God gave it to me I just spoke in faith. I wish I had been reading my bible when them religious folks came. I wasn’t then and I didn’t care to argue. I just let them go about on their way. So you say I said, have a blessed day.

Now it is many years later and I could prove every vision I had, in the Word if i truly wanted but honestly there is no purpose.

Innocent blood has a voice beloveds, Talked about in,
“Genesis 4:10 And he said, What hast thou done? the voice of thy brother’s blood crieth unto me from the ground.” right after Cain murdered Abel. Should go read all of Genesis Chapter 4.

and God hears the blood of the innocent crying out to God and their cries will be heard!

Matthew 23:35 New International Version (NIV)
35 And so upon you will come all the righteous blood that has been shed on earth, from the blood of righteous Abel to the blood of Zechariah son of Berekiah, whom you murdered between the temple and the altar.

If people only knew truth. Every single person on planet earth could all die and it would not equal the number of innocent that have died for us to live. That is what God spoke to me and I do believe beloveds! God does not come for the people on earth now. He comes for the cries (blood) of the innocent. So many generations have suffered through many things but this generation wants no harm to come to them. I pray many people repent. I would not want to stand on the side that sheds innocent blood. for those people have their reward and hell is not what I would call pleasant but if that is what they want that is what they will get but as a woman who saw hell once I know they really wouldn’t want hell if they had a true vision about it.

God has amazing ways of taking your fear away. If you are with God we don’t die our souls live, and if you saw the past you wouldn’t have one concern about the end of the world. You would sit right with God and understand life is a gift. and if you think your life isn’t worth living you probably need to work out your relationship with God. Some look to heaven, I found God here on earth and I am thankful to be alive and enjoy God and life.

I wasn’t always that way. I thank God for revealing to me all this stuff so I can have peace. God does know this Word is true for me! “Psalm 27:13 I had fainted, unless I had believed to see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living. 14 Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.”… The whole Psalms 27 is so beautiful! ❤ ❤ But it is true I would of fainted had I not seen the goodness of God here on earth! and that is truth!

For many years I was haunted I had a vision about the end of the world when I was 12. I can gladly say I am not in fear!! I have no worries and I don’t think about my end, nor the end! THANK GOD! Lord I totally 100 percent trust you and I will live each day praising you God and thanking you for the blessing to honor you and obey you in the land of the living! A true blessing indeed. it was like the sun shined and now my days are filled with LIGHT and understanding!

Such a blessing indeed! I pray many of us sit at Jesus feet and the Lord comfort our hearts because honestly tomorrow is promised to nobody. So many generations had so much suffering and look at allllllllllllllllll the things we have other generations didn’t have!!!! We are blessed indeed. and since many would of died to have a bible if offered in former generations when there was none available I personally believe we shouldn’t let them bibles be in vain but dust them off and read them! Thank God for this WONDERFUL BOOK of Wisdom, knowledge and understanding other generations did not have! in Jesus name Amen!

I pray this messages blesses someone. have a blessed day beloveds. The whole purpose was I pray we all start looking past our self. Look at others. what do you have others don’t? Do you know years ago they did not have a bible. They didn’t have technology. they had hard lives. why does this spoiled generation complain? Is it because we are spoiled? We better start thanking God for our gifts because God forbid God start taking things away to bring us back to remembrance that we are blessed beyond MANY generations! I am sure many generations from the past would love to have your life that you sit and complain about.

Consider such things beloveds. This post was written in the utmost love for God and people, and even the blood of the innocent! I wouldn’t want to see God cry or get angered. neither do I want to be held guilty for their blood. So I sit and do things pleasing to God and I found out by doing so it truly is pleasing to me! it makes me whole and centers me!! to sit with God IS NOT A VAIN THING! but at the same time it is because the blessings and peace you receive for doing such things, is for you beloveds which is vain! So even though it isn’t vain it is at the same time!! 😀 Haha! a funny truth! 🙂 I pray this message bless someone! Have a blessed wonderful day

Spirit of infirmity BE GONE!

In other bibles they have replaced the word long suffering for other things. perhaps if people knew life wasn’t easy they would understand why God left us The COMFORTER! What person in the Holy Word has not had a hard life? is there one written that didn’t have trials, and problems to overcome?

A life of woe is a life without God. I pray God end many long suffering! it is getting sad to see God’s people suffer depression and sadness. I suggest lifting your voice to God in praise! if you got your arms, your legs, your toes if you are alive CHANGE CAN COME! So time to praise God for the little we have!! For our little is better then some’s much. for always someone more broken then yourself. I believe this to be true for pretty much everyone in earth. if you hate your life, Sit with Jesus. sit in the Holy Bible and pray God lead you to a brighter path. That is just my suggestion. Also some true words! pity won’t solve anything and lying in bed isn’t going to change your situation. get a paper and pen make some goals. write down how you can get them accomplished and DO IT!

Pity parties end here. so does depression and any spirit of infirmity. There are people with extreme illnesses yet they still lift weights, they still work they don’t succumb to them dark spirits! I pray we get somewhere where we can see a testimony that will inspire us. Just my advice. time to grab your little sick beds and rise up and walk and yeah it is going to take some work. you might fall at first, but if you lean on the Lord truly the Lord will give you strength to rise up if you let Him. Philippians 4:13

I pray many get over this evil spell of confusion that life is easy BECAUSE THAT IS A LIE FROM THE PITS OF HELL! Rise up and walk! and yeah it might be hard but if you stay down you won’t go anywhere. We all got a million sob stories to tell. trust me when i say I lived through more then half of them and the only crying that will get you anywhere is cry to God and pray for direction! God knows it has done wonders in my life!! I pray many try it! Proverbs 3:5-7, Matthew 7:14

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, That is Galatians 5:22 King James version………………………………………………………………… Feel free to examine other bibles and even scriptures and if you find one who had a good life feel free to let me know and when I say good I mean easy! you reap what you sow! time to plant seeds beloveds! Galatians 6:7

Healing and Deliverance

The scriptures say lead us out of temptation. is doesn’t say run off and dive into the lake of fire. Instead I pray we run to the Water! Let us turn our backs on Sodom and Gomorrah. let us not complain when we are in the wilderness. let us flee our sin. Let us run to Jesus with arms wide open and cry out Deliver me Daddy! Truly the Lord will lead us to safety and into the land flowing with milk and honey. out of the wilderness GOD will lead us and guide us to green pastures! HOW WONDERFUL IS GOD!

In the darkness we will not fall or slip! neither are we afraid of monsters for the Lord said fear not! neither be dismayed! I am with you beloveds! I will uphold you! I will lead you! My Light no man puts out!!! for it is LIGHT for eternity and in the LIGHT there is LIFE with JESUS! again HOW WONDERFUL IS GOD! not a question but a fact!

John 8:12. Isaiah Chapter 9, Hebrews 4:16. Ephesians chapter 6.  Psalms 1119:11, Psalm 119:105. All those who are firmly planted their roots shall not be uplifted. they will not blow in the breeze. neither will they be scattered. no storm will wither them. they shall not be moved or shaken or stirred. but their rest is in the LORD! Written by Michelle Stokes, God be with us and strengthen the very roots and soil your feet are planted in, in Jesus name Amen!

Over Come sin

Sharing these without the words so ya’ll don’t get distracted by images! Oh God it can’t be that easy? You mean you can flee? NO WAY! Why I never heard of such things…STOP LETTING THE DEVIL TALK YOU INTO JUSTIFYING YOUR SIN. A true fact! you can fleee! the scripture says submit yourself to God. not bow down to temptation (the devil). Just words to consider beloveds and this goes for a great many sins. We can flee them! The stuff the carnal (fleshly-human) mind doesn’t want to hear but nonetheless truth regardless! Let your no’s mean NO and flee our sin! real talk! How to overcome sin! It is that simple. Tell the devil NO! A true fact most people don’t want to hear because then there are no lies to lean on! God gave us a brain, a mind and indeed we can say NO. let this logic free your mind beloveds for the truth sets us free! have a blessed wonderful day! Let us flee temptation in Jesus name Amen!

Stand up and walk!

Praise the Lord dear people! Thank God for waking me this morning! I am thankful to be in the land of the living. I don’t have a perfect life. i could be in a way better place then I am now. But honestly I have been in worst places then I am and I have been in better! life can change. You can be filthy rich in one second and dead broke in a second also. You can go from rags to riches. You can go from depressed to happy, from happy to depressed and this is life my friends!
I am thankful to be alive. i don’t know my future. I know my prayers. I pray God answer them but honestly one thing God taught me is as long as you live change can happen. Change will not happen from wallowing in self pity. I know the stuff nobody wants to hear. Peter said silver and gold I have none but rise up and walk. time to stand beloveds.
Understand you can not change the past, but the future you do have some say of as long as you live. That is why Jesus said forgive. Once you forgive you can let it go and go forward. For all that heavy burden of hate is gone. Now you can create a future. Start planting seeds beloveds. Start planting good deeds and watch them blossom. get up and put your work in. I tell you one day if i live I will sit down and tell everyone all the things I did to get where I am because if I live I am rising up.
Since I been broken almost my whole life I have a great understanding in brokenness and trust me no matter how broken you get life goes on and if you don’t stand up and walk you will get trampled on. and that is just a fact beloveds. no depression pill is going to save you if you been depressed ten years. Seriously just keeping it real. Sit down in your life grab a pen and paper and write some notes. I know your bi polar depression whatever you want to call that devil ,won’t let you. “I don’t feel like it, I can’t.” Devil you are a liar and I cast you in to the lake of fire. That is a demon beloved and God gave us wisdom to overcome it and I am so thankful I been reading my Word. I know how to silence them demons!
You are not dead. You will not die. You don’t want to die. You just hate your life. so change it. Sit down and grab a pen and a paper and write a list. what do you have to do to get your life out of the dumps? Do you hate your boyfriend? then write out a list to leave him! besides fornicating is sin. If you been having the same fights for fifteen years IT ISN’T GETTING ANY BETTER! Only the devil will whisper in your head. he can change. if only they will, IT’S ALL LIES! what do the facts say? if you are in a pattern you hate time to walk straight!
I pray many put the Word of God in them so they can come up out of the woe is me syndrome. In Lamentations you will see the woe is me and it is written THEY HAD NO COMFORTER! and that is why you walk around depressed and sad you’re living with demons and I know traditions don’t want to speak about such things. They say God isn’t real and mock Jesus who cast out unclean things, demons dear people. Them wicked thoughts in your head.. the battle is real. I pray many rise and walk in Jesus name Amen!
Self examine your life. as long as you live YOUR LIFE CAN CHANGE! and that is real knowledge! receive it or don’t. Written from a real friend who wants the best for you! crying on the side lines isn’t getting anything done. GET UP AND MOVE! This is the way I talk to my friends! why? BECAUSE I LOVE YOU AND WANT YOU TO LIVE! Written by Michelle stokes