How I do MY Bible Journaling

This is a video I said I would write about and explain I I drew this picture (click link for further understanding). part of the original link is broken but it should be fixed sometime today. There is like about 4 links all attached to this I will update this later. So if this may interest you. You may want to bookmark this page and come back to it later.

I do pray this bring any of us to something constructive. You don’t have to be like me but hey if the idea sounds good. I follow  this lady’s idea. Although I did not use all her ideas I did like part of it. Bible Journaling (clickable link). Even if you don’t bible journal I do pray God help us many of us establish a new pattern! God bless everyone and I pray you are having a SUPERNATURAL DAY!

I wept-My vision part 1

I wept. I cried. I had a vision. I believe. I sighed. I said truly we shall all perish. For who is saved? This was over a decade ago. There is none holy, God. None saved. I never spoke to any I was searching. I needed help. I knew not where to go. I cried to God. it is hopeless for if these people are saved, all is lost.

I went to sleep. I had a vision. I saw God but I can not explain and when I did I found I was writing the Book of Revelation. Only not word for word but they are in the verses if any search they can find for these are indeed the things I did after I saw them. not right away but as I slept God spoke. it is time my beloved for you to start writing. I was not happy. I was feared. But I listened.

The things I am about to write. I already know what will become of it. I saw it many years ago. before I go on any further I will say in the beginning I do not come against Jesus. I love Jesus with my whole heart, mind and soul, and because I don’t speak like many religions I all ready know what some will say. I wrote this over ten years ago.

But I did not write it all. For I was so much like Moses. I said to God. they would not believe me. My speech is terrible. there are so many others who could do it. I was scared. I don’t want any to call me crazy. Then I found out crazy was a better thing to be called. what hurt the most is when the religious folks called me a demon. I wasn’t reading my Word back then or I would of saw it coming.

But honestly how rude that is. and it is not Christ-like at all. To be perfect would be to walk like Jesus. the only ones it seems Jesus called hypocrites and spoke ill against was the ones who came to Jesus asking Jesus questions. Jesus does not answer to men. So Jesus called them out. God bless the busybodies!

Over a decade ago I had a vision. I saw God, I tried to explain and what I saw at first I thought was a Lamb who was slain but honestly it was not like a Lamb that exists in our world. I saw seven eyes and as I got closer. I saw three heads. There was only one body. the Body was as of man. But as I started looking closer. it was like my vision started changing. It became clearer. I got closer and I could see the Lamb’s head was not a lamb at all but the head of three men. Only one had no face in it. there were still seven eyes. I did not know what that meant.

I started to panic. it started coming after me. I looked and I saw all of a sudden the other eyes vanished and become ONE HEAD, ONE BODY AS OF A MAN, and I heard a Voice. it said. My Child, why do you run? I said who is that? I said who are you? God spoke. it is I God. I said you are not God. and all of a sudden the man vanished and then there was nothing at all. and God said. My Child, I just showed you who I am.

I am the triune God only I am not three I am ONE. I need you to write for me beloved. it is time to do as I said.  Also, everything you write in I want you to write in the name of Ariana. I said what? Who is that? why would I write in that name? My God’s name is Jesus. God said I am Jesus. I am the Son, I am the Father, I am the the Holy Ghost I am that I am. I am the Holy Spirit, I am the same God you have always called on, I am the invisible God this is why I am now invisible to you. I am the Word and I will give you my Word to write.

Do you not know me after all this time? have I not proved myself to you so many times? have I ever spoke to you and it not come to pass? that made me scared. I confess I had so many visions God spoke to me and never has God came to me like this. Who is Ariana? I said? God said it is you. That is the new name I give to you, only it is not new you just never knew it. Now, do as I said.

*small note* I also saw God in a different vision once. it was like God looked like the burning bush. that is so hard to describe. I tried to look upon God and I could not. This was years before the time I just mentioned. God looked like a bush only the bush was on fire, but it was a fire that does not exist on this earth. and that also was God. and the fire was not fire color. it was like white and purple. so hard to explain in human words. Not sure I can honestly. No matter what form God appeared to me. I only know God as a truth teller, as God who speaks the truth and it comes to past and everything God speaks can be found in the Word and it seems God has amazing ways of giving people the Word before it even exists. Just seem to be a truth in my life that oddly lines up to the bible. and also God has done the same to others in the bible. God also spoke to me many times without me seeing God all. I heard God’s voice. Others in earth say the same thing.

So honestly I was awakened, and that was over a decade ago. and I did not write all my dream in the open. I wrote bits and pieces of it over the years. but that is NOT the only piece of the vision. when I woke up I ran to go look up what Ariana meant. it meant very holy. I got goosebumps. I knew that dream was a lie. God would not tell me that. but the fact that God said, have I ever told you lies before got me thinking. I better start writing just in case that was God. For God had spoken to me many times without me seeing God and all I know is God speaks and it comes to pass.

and shortly after that vision, I had a vision greater and honestly, I am not really going to speak these things. I am just finally going to listen to God. I keep hearing now is the time to write and honestly, as always, I will listen to God. Also, God has been sending so many people to me to speak the same thing to me in private through other people. I finally truly don’t care what people think about me.

I don’t think I ever did. But after years of being called false and crazy when you know you are not neither…… a girl can only take so much and now I am feeling fresh and renewed. I leave the comments open. Feel free to say anything you want about me. whether good or bad or anything. God bless everyone!!!  This was not written for people, only in obedience to God. I love you guys and I tell you no negativity will change me, and for everyone unkind word any think or say the Lord bless you and have a wonderful day! I love you! Indeed God’s love is greater! ❤

I was going to end this. but as I reread this. for the record, I did write in the pen name of Ariana for a tiny bit but never really revealed my full vision, and honestly, I do not know whether or not I ever will again but honestly if I ever get to a time in my life I can afford to change my name. I honestly believe I will.

This is a small piece of a story I am writing. Actually, I am not writing it I am trying to put it in order. it is already written just so many different pieces of my life. Not sure I can put it in a proper order. maybe I will have to do it in bits and pieces. Either way I do not write these things to add to or take away from the Word. In fact, I pray many read the Bible from beginning to end and end to beginning and follow Jesus.  Honestly, this is my book I am writing. for it is my life so I can only write about the things I witnessed. I pray many seek God. As this is not a story, it is truth whether any believe or not. it is my life, and again this is just a small part of something I am trying to publish.

Whether or not people believe the things I say, nobody can change the fact that they did happen and I do believe every word I say. and honestly to those who don’t believe, I believe it greater to believe in God anyway, so I do pray, any book I publish, any artwork I create, any word that comes from my lips anythings my fingers touch, I pray God use every single piece of my work to win souls over to God and man I tell you if that happens we are all going to start dancing because the healing of God is the best thing I have ever been a part of!

and since I never been part of any religion, or any crowds and when I did try and fit in, I was kicked out. I think I will just continue to be myself. I love you guys! have a blessed day. For all the newcomers who come to my page. I am a writer, amoung other things, a woman with not the best of talents but I do not do the things to be my best. I do not write perfect.

I type two fingers looking down and no matter how many times I reread my stuff. I always seem to make error. I can, however, type 120 words a minute looking down like this.. Sadly with a lot of error and I am too old and set in my ways to change this. it literally drives me whacky to go from 120 words a minute to 30 or 40 rawrrrrrr. so it is what it is! I hope through all my mistakes God is still able to use these words to help many of us find a strong relationship with God. Those are my prayers dear people. have a blessed wonderful day!

What you see is what you get. I don’t think I am the best at anything and I am not trying to be. All I can do is be me. I plan on adding art, and poetry and perhaps even music I wrote many songs but I can’t sing the best. so if you are looking for the most talented woman I am not her.

Hopefully, this post will make more sense to many in the future. God bless everyone. and I am doing many things and hopefully, soon we can see some of the fruit of my labor. lately, God has really been inspiring me to write. so many things I have put on hold. But I tell you I have been doing some amazing things. I do pray soon people can see some of the things I am working on! Love you guys!

If you made it this far down my page and this post God bless you! You deserve a reward I pray God place a crown on your head and give you a new spirit, new strength and that God call us Children and that everything the enemy stoled in your life God replaces thousands of times over in Jesus name Amen!

Also to any who think I am crazy as a loon. if I am crazy can you please add me to your prayers? if you say I am false please pray to God for my deliverance! I mean if you truly think that about me, I must be in need of prayer? Just my thoughts, Does that sound crazy? In the past and even now, I have prayed for crazy people and liars so if I am one or either, can somebody please pray for me! they say one good deed deserves another! Do crazy people speak sound reason?  and if I am lying what lie am I guilty of? isn’t lying what makes you false?

This is just a small piece of something greater I am doing. I do truly pray it blesses the reader somehow some way and inspire us to all sit with God and build up a relationship which is established through prayer and sitting with God, listening, hearing, doing, or that is how it seems to be in my life and oddly seems to be the same in a book they made thousands of years ago. Good to know there is someplace in planet earth I fit in!! ❤


My Bible Journaling

So for years I have been collecting spirals and using them, for when I read my bible. I had been considering changing the way I did things, and shared a video on my page about it. I found this lady who showed how she did hers. Although I did not use what she said at the same time it was good to watch. I don’t really know how I feel about drawing in God’s Word but I do have spirals all ready. so I decided to turn them into something else. In this page nothing in it is my own to say I did not draw these images, I did add them all and design the page.

All artwork I will be sharing is my own and originals created and designed by me. but this page in particle is my own PERSONAL journal page, I am sharing. it is not for sale, nor am I seeking profit from this picture. in fact I will shortly make a video telling everyone how I made this and where I bought things from. Either way it says Genesis, in the tab, but I am going to change this to the front page or either use 2 Samuel introductory page. I haven’t decided yet.

This is my new passion! ❤

Set aside. closer to God

Praise the Lord all who follow me and all who don’t! I pray the reader’s day is blessed and if not I pray God bless it right now. I pray your tomorrow be blessed also. I am in the middle of getting some things done and I may not be around that much. I spoke of this last month, and honestly I have not stopped working since then, but somethings take time before you can showcase your progress.

I just came on to say hi to everyone and again I pray your day is blessed. Praying for people’s anxieties. people’s lives, Praying God draw many of us closer to God everyday. Those are my prayers. Everyday we wake. Set time apart for God. if you do not know God 15 minutes a day is better then no minutes. I do not want to put a limit on the time you spend with God but truthfully I myself think it important to put God in you everyday.

When we rise out of bed. Good morning Lord! thank you for rising me today! I pray for strength. I pray for energy. I pray for wisdom through my day. I thank you for today even though I know not what today will bring I thank you for being with me all day long God. and then you can add others to your prayers.

You can pray about many things, and I do pray many start praying. Word of God. I love the bible I think it is a guide to life, and God here on earth. but as a person who prayed all my life. I have seen God in my life before I read the bible. Just by prayers alone. I myself don’t suggest this. I consider it good advice to start praying and bible reading. Just my suggestion friends. I pray many of grow in to Children of God, God can be proud of! I also pray many of us grow into Man and Woman of God and we delight in GOD and GOD delight in us! Those are my prayers dear people! I pray the reader be blessed! Have a wonderful blessed day and thanks for stopping by my page! Shalom dear ones! ❤

Baptize Your Heart.

To you oh God I will sit and listen. By your feet I will fall. face forward, Arms wide open! I AM YOURS! Lord use me. Help me! I stand with you by faith, I am healed. By your Words., by my lessons in life, I did learn, and my God some it was not the good way.

I was hard headed. I fell, I slipped.  I was broken. on my knees face forward, I fell. Lower then dirt, I stumbled, I couldn’t walk. Help me God. I arose, I lift my eyes up to the sky. My God I need some help, I have no strength, I am weary. I am have not fainted. I am a dead vessel. I hate this life, I waxed cold from the things others have done to me. I am broken. my whole life I was beaten. I was robbed. I was walked all over and you know God you seen every second. Every tear I ever cried.

You heard my voice when I cried out to you in the moon and watch the stars, it was night then, it was so dark. My life was shattered. You built me up. The sun came up, my eyes are on God. I rejoice. I sing you praises! My God it is wonderful to praise you! to bless you! to not pray dreary things anymore. To give you praises! to worship your Name! My God is it such a delight! I thank you SO MUCH FOR TAKING ALL THAT PAIN AWAY! all that hurt, all that suffering I gave it to God and NOW I AM DANCING! SMILING! THANKING GOD!

Thank you LORD for being WONDERFUL! For answering your Word for me and many for thousands of years, your Word has been tested, they try and trample it but they CAN’T STOMP IT OUT! God is SO WONDERFUL!

If you use the things other do in life, to do what they did to others, or even worst do worst things to your self. I pray many forgive, as the WONDERFUL Words of Jesus. for honestly until you forgive and let the past go, hard to make a future my friends and if you found out your course could change would you want to quit?

You might not be able to change the past, you can’t change other people, and even if you can’t change others, or yourself. let God change you dear people.  a broken heart is what it took for me to see God. Matthew Chapter 5 although many will mock it, it is still a lot truth in it. Also, add Psalm 51 in the mix. have a blessed day dear people!

God is the Potter and I think truly but a small thing for God to fix the heart of those seeking. I mean so much testimony of it everywhere, seems to be such a tiny thing God fulfills every day! There is powerrrrrrrrrrrr in the name of Jesus!!! There is POWERRRRRRRRRRRRRR IN THE NAME OF JESUS!! Man! I love that song!! It never gets old no matter how many times you hear it. Or it doesn’t to me anyway! have a blessed day dear people!

Cup of joy

This is the next piece of art I will be transforming. I don’t know that I am an artist, but my new passion is just going to be create what I consider art. I have already transformed a few pieces and I can see mistakes in them. Practice makes perfect. Anyways I truly like to do before and after pictures so this is the before. We shall see what it becomes. All my inspiration comes from God. This is where my heart is set. To just spend time with God and let my heart be set on my passion and my passion is God, so I pray it shows in everything I do. Have a blessed day dear people! I love you guys! ❤ As with my other art I pray some people read the scriptures in my art. I think sooner or later I will showcase them all together. Anyways I am in the process of doing new things, just not sure how long everything will take! God bless every single reader that God brings to see this and even those who don’t. have a wonderful day dear people!