Your Life

If your sick of life pray to God and ask God to help you change it. pray for inspiration, pray for motivation, pray for strength and ideas and what not. if you aren’t sitting right with God now is a good time to say God help me live right by you. The reason I believe in God is because I prayed and pray. In my unbelief I prayed and I saw my prayers answered. thank you God for building up faith! Many say I need a word from God, but then they never pick up the Word of God. Some wouldn’t even know if God spoke to them because they have no knowledge of God.
Proverbs Chapter 3 is something I believe everyone should read. In all your ways acknowledge God and the Lord shall direct your feet. Prayer is speaking to God. if you are sorrowed it is not like you can lie to God. Ask God to fill you with joy. if you are lost. pray God direct your path. if you are tired of your life sit with God and pray for change then open your ears to God’s Wisdom beloveds. (meaning the Word-Holy Bible)
I speak these words in the open praying they bless even one. for these words are things I have done in my life and I have seen miracles, and wonders and all kinds of things by praying directly to God. God is HOLY and please don’t pray unclean things to God then get mad when God doesn’t answer. like for instance. God let me win the lottery is evil. How many homeless would you feed if you won? how many good deeds would you do if you won the lottery? there is not hardly any or any at all that if they won large chunks of money would do anything godly with the money!! So please don’t say prayers to God like this! because God will not honor these prayers.
a better prayer would be. God I will do a good job. Direct me some place I can work and please let my work be rewarded. and then when you come to work, WORK my friends. Don’t stand around and gossip. Don’t complain how you work harder. do your deeds earnestly knowing GOD will make sure promotion comes. I pray God help many of us overcome this lazy spirit. We all want blessings from God but work we run from. Faith without works is dead! This was written for spiritual growth for any who are able to receive it. Have a blessed day dear people!

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