Your Life

If your sick of life pray to God and ask God to help you change it. pray for inspiration, pray for motivation, pray for strength and ideas and what not. if you aren’t sitting right with God now is a good time to say God help me live right by you. The reason I believe in God is because I prayed and pray. In my unbelief I prayed and I saw my prayers answered. thank you God for building up faith! Many say I need a word from God, but then they never pick up the Word of God. Some wouldn’t even know if God spoke to them because they have no knowledge of God.
Proverbs Chapter 3 is something I believe everyone should read. In all your ways acknowledge God and the Lord shall direct your feet. Prayer is speaking to God. if you are sorrowed it is not like you can lie to God. Ask God to fill you with joy. if you are lost. pray God direct your path. if you are tired of your life sit with God and pray for change then open your ears to God’s Wisdom beloveds. (meaning the Word-Holy Bible)
I speak these words in the open praying they bless even one. for these words are things I have done in my life and I have seen miracles, and wonders and all kinds of things by praying directly to God. God is HOLY and please don’t pray unclean things to God then get mad when God doesn’t answer. like for instance. God let me win the lottery is evil. How many homeless would you feed if you won? how many good deeds would you do if you won the lottery? there is not hardly any or any at all that if they won large chunks of money would do anything godly with the money!! So please don’t say prayers to God like this! because God will not honor these prayers.
a better prayer would be. God I will do a good job. Direct me some place I can work and please let my work be rewarded. and then when you come to work, WORK my friends. Don’t stand around and gossip. Don’t complain how you work harder. do your deeds earnestly knowing GOD will make sure promotion comes. I pray God help many of us overcome this lazy spirit. We all want blessings from God but work we run from. Faith without works is dead! This was written for spiritual growth for any who are able to receive it. Have a blessed day dear people!

Our Sword!

Seek the Word daily!! if you are sorrowed. look up scriptures for JOY. if you tell lies. go look up scriptures about lying and the righteous how they speak. if you want to cheat on your wife go look up scriptures about adultery and may God bless your hearts to DO THE RIGHT THING! and may you be freed from sin!
Our Daily Bread. God give us our daily bread. give us our daily Word. let it feed us and guide us and nurture our minds, souls, and spirits in Jesus name Amen! The Word of God is our WONDERFUL instruction Manuel that God gave us to OVERCOME! let us be like Jesus and when we are tempted let us feed the devil them scriptures beloveds. Matthew 4:1-11
Also God gave us a sound mind and a brain, we can reason with and this is the thing most don’t want to hear. You can say NO! you can FLEE sin. You don’t have to submit to the devil my friends. Please stop making excuses and just say no and let our NO’s be NO beloved!
If people truly start sitting in the WORD you start to see HOW POWERFUL IT IS! truly it is our weapon. it is our water!! our bread!! Our armor!! It is amazing how one little BOOK can be so many things all at once! The Word of GOD IS LIVING! That is truly a GOOD THING TO KNOW! may this information be a precious jewel for someone today and may you store it and kept it where no man or woman on earth can steal it. let the WORD live in YOU! Hide it in your heart beloveds and use it when needed and indeed it is LIFE UNTO US! May this be the year God set many of us free in Jesus name amen! have a WONDERFUL day in the LORD! Shalom!
For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. Hebrews 4:12 New International Version (NIV)
Put on the armor of God! Ephesians 6:10-18

Through it all!

In my storms, in my troubles, in my tribulations in every hour I will sing to you praises God. I thank you so much for the joyful heart you have given me!! ❤ ❤ I thank you for answering my prayers when I was sorrowed. In the middle of the battle, I will lift up my voice to God. I will sing to my Beloved!! ❤ I will offer God praises. I will dance for victory. I will say God it is YOU! it is YOU who has been my strong defense! It was YOU who healed me! It was YOU who comforted me!! YOU saw my tears. YOU heard my prayers. Early in the morning I will give you praises and thanksgiving! ❤ The LORD is my Banner! ❤

This is the day the Lord woke me. God I thank you many didn’t wake today. this is the day I shall say thank you God for allowing me to live so i may praise you continuously God!! I thank you for teaching me no matter the hour God YOU are with me always!! Even when I wasn’t worthy. indeed it is like the Lord has been my faithful husband!!

I cheated on my husband. I lived in sin continuously. I disobeyed. I was hard headed and yet my husband stood with me. I was a cantankerous woman, I was so bitter. i had much hate in my heart. and His love changed me! it humbled me. it brought me to my knees. Who am I that I deserve such love? I would of left me. I would of abandoned me. and yet the Lord stayed with me. The Lord heard me. I love God because God loved me first!! I never even knew what love was. and that is just truth. Now I understand love is like a marriage. through good times. through bad, through sickness and health even in wealth I will love you God and thank you everyday for shining your love on someone like me!

God’s LOVE endures forever. Even to the backslider! To those who don’t know may you call on the Name of the LORD and be saved. God sees the hearts and the intents even the hidden deeds God knows us before we are born. Time to walk right with God and you will see when you do it is the BEST THING IN EARTH AND THIS IS JUST TRUTH!! The love of God sets us free from sin. Free from bondage and all types of things I pray many discover this, yet but more so I pray, the GOOD LORD go after you Himself. Have a blessed wonderful day dear people!