How do I come out

Ok so everyone says sinners go to hell, But I never see them offer a way out. So for those struggling to not sin I write this praying God lead people who need to see it. I pray these words bless someone today in Jesus name Amen! This was not just written to the sinner but to the messenger who feels it is their job to condemn us all to hell. May these words bless people today! have a wonderful blessed day!

so how do we get out of sin? Please don’t pass judgement without telling us how to free our self. it is great to point fingers but if you offer no freedom, then are we not guilty of murder? I seen so many people point fingers at sinners. When I was a sinner I wanted to stop but didn’t know how. i pray many people learn to give the full message. Somethings require prayer and fasting. it is easy to come out of sin when we sit with Jesus. Sit in the Word and a renewing of your mind will become. the old man will pass away and as we fill our self with new wine or the Living Water we shall be washed clean and transformed and God will deliver us. Some sins I could walk away from other sins I had to pray for deliverance.

and in the end the Word of God was my missing piece. it gave me POWER to overcome all things! i pray many armor up. it is easy to see why we fail. many coming to the battle field naked. and as Children of God is it our job to fully equip them? Saying your a sinner doesn’t help much or offer people a way out. I remember how hard it was to come out of sin with nobody directing me how to get out. i would of been lost had I not cried out to GOD and that is truth! I pray any in sin see this message and it be a great helpmate to you to help you come out of sin. have a blessed day beloveds!

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