Is murder different from murder?

Going to share a post. and I say from the beginning, I did not post this to get in a big old debate about your beliefs and what not. I am not God and you don’t have to answer to me. I know so many sinning a million different ways, I truly don’t want to point out any sins.  but just know there is a GOD who delivers people from their sin and I pray many find GOD, but more so I pray GOD find you and deliver you.  I am not God and I can’t forgive you and you don’t have to answer to me. that is how I feel about it.  I also know a God who has used murders in the past, God has used liars, and thieves and many sinners. so please know I didn’t write this to judge any!  So many share their feelings about abortion and my feeling is, Is murder different from murder? This post is how I feel and you don’t have to agree with me!  In fact I leave comments open feel free to state your opinion and even your beliefs but just know you will not change my beliefs.

This was in response to America is going to hell for abortions. To be honest, so many say they know what or how God thinks. This message was written for people to consider. I mean since we all say we know how God thinks, is murder different from murder dear people?

why point fingers at just America? isn’t the whole world murdering their babies? Isn’t there child sex traffic all over? Do babies all over get neglected? is murder different from murder? Does it matter if they abort them or toss them out in the trash? or neglect them? Are many children in the world now being murdered by starvation? being left behind? uncared for? why just point out one sin? it truly is time for people to repent! How many children have you fed? How many children on the streets now living dying daily? we don’t care about them? just the ones that are butchered on the table? is a child not a child because it didn’t get aborted? So if we all care so much what are we doing? is there a difference in how they murder babies? whether it be in the womb or out in the world is any of it not called murder? and is America the only country killing babies? that doesn’t seem to be true. or is it? orphanages are closing. we complain about giving. Money for funding never is. it gets cut, nobody gives. are we not part of murder our self? instead of look at the problem we just point fingers at each other. is the whole world guilty? and if not why do such things exist? and this only happen in America? America is the only country with children?


Again this was just written so people think, and please you tell me, is murder different from murder?  if abortion is murder, which I myself believe is. Is there a difference in how we murder our kids? and if so how so? Some people chose to be a voice for the dead, I pray I can be a voice for the living that are dying. I don’t have any income to support them but truly I can open my lips for them and this only seems appropriate! after all many who speak up against abortion say they care about those children but yet millions of living children get neglected daily. are these children not dying? and if so why is this not considered murdering? and if it is murder, who will be the voice for them? Dear God help us!

2 thoughts on “Is murder different from murder?

  1. No doubt abortion is murder. Psalm 139: 13 states – For You formed my inward parts; You covered me in my mother’s womb.

    It is also a sad fact that the other forms of murder are used as “solutions” in secular justice systems. The death penalty itself is murder.

    So sad that these unfortunate things still happen worldwide.


    1. I tell you how I feel about it, the whole world is in a sad condition. My eyes are on Jesus. I pray for the world, but I truly can’t care what they do. if there is any hope it is through Jesus. That is what I believe! God calls us out of sin and out of the world. The world needs Jesus and they need people who will really speak on sin. not this watered down sugar garbage most the churches feed us for their own vanity, greed and profit. They say nobody wants to listen but what they really mean is nobody wants to speak it either. anyways what I am sick of most is, people pointing fingers at everyone’s sin. I did this because I am at my limit hearing people speak abortion is murder. You know what murder is also? NOT CALLING PEOPLE OUT OF SIN!!! is murder too and many won’t even mention these things. Either way a million different sins, a million different living babies being murdered daily, and all most pastors can speak about is abortion and homosexuality, when there is more sin then just these!!! if they preached against fornication as much as they did abortion maybe people would be married and not so many abortions. I just wish there were men preachers like when I was a kid. Men who had balls. Not the people living in today’s world. Sorry I don’t think it is manly to preach a watered down gospel of love. I think it is the coward thing to do and I would rather speak what others will not!! for God took all fear from me. Either way my words aren’t really for likes or followers. they are just how I feel. I truly am not here to be a people pleaser. Have a blessed day and thank you for your words!


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