Who can understand this complicated teaching?

I have a teaching that is going to be extremely complicated. especially in this generation when everyone always wants to get their way. I am going to speak a complicated word many may not understand. are we ready? This is so complicated it can only be spelled with 2 letters. and those two letters combined are very hard to swallow some times and Our minds are even sometimes not able to understand this two letter complicated word. Is it so simple we can’t solve it? Either way for those who are wondering, this wonder we will be examining is the word “NO”

You do not have to do evil things. You can say no. You can walk away. You don’t have to make excuses or reason with sin. It is hard to understand but truly your no’s can be NO.   Some of us do things we don’t have to, then we make up all kinds of excuses. and the biggest excuse people say is “nobody is perfect. ”  My friends truly that may be, but you DON’t HAVE TO BE LIKE THEM!  You can say “NO”

No I won’t smoke. No I won’t drink. No I won’t tell lies. No I don’t want drugs. No I won’t hit anybody. I will walk away. I will not sleep with random people. I won’t put myself in those situations.  I don’t want to watch Netflix alone with any man, if we are not married because we have no business being that close to each other unless we are spouses.  Let our No’s be NO!

We can be like Joseph who chose to walk away when we are tempted. We can flee the scene. we can say NO to temptations.  In fact that is why I say read the bible. To teach us things we ought not be doing.  I truly do believe not only is the Word able to discern our thoughts, (Hebrews 4:12) it is also able to teach us sound mind. give understanding and many examples of why we SHOULD NOT SIN! Even how to overcome it! and indeed it is LIFE to us!

I pray many come to understanding we have a mind! we can say no. and on another note. We don’t have to give our kids every single want beloveds. You can say no to your kids. it is ok. it will not hurt them NOT to spoil them rotten. Just keeping it real. if you hand a child a bunch of candy every time they throw a fit, pretty soon you will have an obese kid. Then you have their health problems on your conscience. at sometime some of us have to learn to be adults.  Adults know when to say NO. (or should be able to know) Who is able to understand this complicated word? In today’s generation many think being told NO is a bad thing.  I pray God help people see, sometimes NO can save people! Just food to chew on!  Have a blessed super day beloveds!

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