Put God first!

Brought over from facebook. I pray this blesses someone today, in Jesus name Amen!

Some of us may have seen this video before, BUT I share it as a friendly reminder. I know from my own experience, my own battle scars, my own tears, my own prayers, life is so much easier with God!! When you put God first it seems your life falls together perfectly. Do you all of a sudden have a perfect life? NO!! but you do get direction!! You do find purpose. God can change any WILLING and honestly I learned the hard way running from GOD is a terrible mistake. I pray this be the season many of us put GOD first above everything and the rest will truly follow! I do believe in this and many will say Denzel Washington is not a man of God but my friends God is able to use many to deliver a message. The messenger wasn’t to be worshiped but sent to tell us worship the ONE who created the messenger. Worship the ONE who created people. Worship the ONE who sent us JESUS! Worship GOD who created people and truly indeed it is LIFE unto ALL PEOPLE!
I pray these words bless someone today! have a blessed wonderful day dear people! And put GOD first!! ❤ May God make you the apple of His eye and lead you into new directions, new paths and just complete newness my friends! these are my prayers and I thank God in advance for answering them!!! ❤ For I all ready know GOD WILL! Shalom! Who will put GOD first? I WILL! I WILL! HERE I AM GOD! To you oh GOD I surrender my heart! not half! not bits and pieces! but wholly GOD! I give my all to you! and honestly that is the BEST THING I EVER SAID IN MY LIFE!!!! THANK YOU JESUS!

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