Different Then

All around I see so much finger pointing. So many calling out false prophets, false teachers. trying to prove every man who speaks God has sin or fault and doesn’t it say that in the Word? is not there scripture that says, “all have sinned and fallen short?” So why do so many sit and point fingers at all who come to teach? So which one of the apostles was perfect? Is any man perfect? any woman? and if so, why did Jesus die for us beloveds? I am not leaning on my own understanding and truth be told my eyes are not on men. because I have eyes to see so many men, even women and yes children are confused. I don’t apologize when I say I don’t look at people anymore. I look towards God. and I say God help me be different then others.

Dear God help me be different then others. so many come to judge. and that is fine! I judge not any. But God I pray I lead by example. help me pray for others. I pray for the weak, the ones not reading the Holy Bible. Give them a new spirit, a new train of thought, a true desire to read their Word. and keep that desire forever in me oh God! that way I may lead by example! Even if the whole world walk in darkness. God help me be the LIGHT in Jesus name Amen! I pray for everyone who is not reading their bible.

May God plant a new desire in your hearts, minds and spirits in Jesus name Amen! So many come to crush the very followers of God. But who came to encourage? to pray? to lift up the Body of God? and when I say God, I mean Christ. Does any in this generation truly read or receive the Words that are in the WORD? Let any with ears hear. Have a blessed super natural day!!! ❤ and where men fail, with GOD all things are possible!!! and truly prayer, even fasting has done a lot of good for many people, for thousands of generations!!! Has our GOOD LORD ever changed? Indeed, GOD has not changed! ❤ Have a blessed day! Food for spiritual growth and warfare!

His LOVE endures forever!

There are many who will point fingers, blessed are those who point you to your Word! (Holy Bible) Blessed are those who tell you to read it, and be doers my friend! After all it is about what YOU DO and not what others do. You can not answer for them! you can only answer for YOU. so I pray many of us pray to be different! If the whole world is wicked. YOU be different then them! lead by example! Good words to chew on! Shalom!

Praying many of us become different then! if the next guy points fingers, I am going to lift my fingers in prayer, AND PRAY FOR THEM! and while my hands are lifted I might as well praise GOD for being super awesome!!! I mean since my hands are all ready lifted! let me lift my voice to God, while I pray for them!!! God I just want to thank you for being WONDERFUL! and everything you do! help us be different then!

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