Happy to be seasoned!

Happy to be seasoned. and since we mentioned seasons, happy to be weathered! meaning I been through all kinds of storms, weathers, and hours. and I pray for the rest of my life, let my heart burn with a consuming fire for GOD, that never dims!!! and so far my prayers been answered!!! I been on fire faithfully for over ten years and THANK GOD FOR THAT! I am happy to be seasoned friend! Such as for a time as this! ❤

I used to get depressed, beat down, boggled out, stressed out. Now I am in my Word everyday and I confess it has been over a solid decade now and I am everyday feeling new and fresh and I thank God for this! Seems amazing when I started sitting in the Word daily and prayer and really having a relationship with God doesn’t seem anything bothers me. God took it all away and gave me a peace, doesn’t seem anything on planet earth can take away and them devils sure do try. but I have faithfully been getting the last smile for a decade or so now. thank God for His daily Word!!!  it truly does keep me in the right mind set! To me keeping the faith is way easier then going by what you see!! especially if you are in the storms. God I love you and I trust you! My life is in your hands! Sorry i meant no harm. was just truly testifying about how WONDERFUL GOD IS! hard times really build you up, especially when all them hard times haven’t killed me yet. easy to trust God when you see God is the only reason why you are even here now. Been through many tribulations and so thankful to be in a season where all I am is seasoned! Hold on dear people. good days are coming! Just Believe!

Everything happens in life for a reason. happy to be seasoned! for my seasoning, seasons other’s reason, in their seasons and it all combines for a lovely dish!  Sometimes it is good to be weathered by the storms. To be seasoned. even some seasoning taste good!my reasoning so I can be seasoning for other people. it is good to be strong when others are weak. hard times gave me a faith that is unshakable beloveds! and HONESTLY THAT IS TRULY PRICELESS! Random thought before bed! Good night dear people!

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