Woe be gone!

tribulations, desolation, affliction, lamentations. All the same meaning and all are used many times in the bible! the spirit of woe is a spirit of the devil. I pray many grow in discernment so they may overcome this haunting spirit in Jesus name Amen! the joy of the LORD is our strength! Armor up beloveds! Spirit be gone! Thus says the LORD!  Glory be to GOD who came in the flesh and taught us how to overcome the flesh! overcome this haunting spirit! THANK YOU JESUS! Whom until this day HAS POWER OVER UNCLEAN THINGS! goodbye spirit of depression may you rest in peace!  Thank you JESUS for teaching us how to overcome these haunting unclean spirit! Isaiah Chapter 61! ❤ Go read it! Let this wisdom bless the listener! Have a blessed day beloveds!

Dictionary result for woe
great sorrow or distress.
Definition of woe
A condition of deep suffering from misfortune, affliction, or grief.


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