Who were the ten commandments given to?

So the question was, Is it true the ten commandments were given on to the Israelite not us? I mean not this generation?


My reply, which is TRUTH! may we all growth is WISDOM! In the beginning it was a commandment. Cain murdered Abel and sinned against God. the spirit of Cain is still here. the devil has always been a murderer. a liar, a thief. and God spoke do not eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. The ten commandments were not ten but ONE and then God brought them in a manner men could understand simple. and then Jesus said LOVE. Without love it is impossible to be HOLY or even whole in GOD. and without love it is again impossible to please GOD because LOVE fulfills God’s commands. Love does not murder. love does not steal. love does not fornicate, love does not commit adultery. if one truly loves we come to understanding sin is death and the love of God frees us from our sin, from our unrighteous, from our filthy flesh and cleanses us. well to those who are truly born again anyways.

4 thoughts on “Who were the ten commandments given to?

  1. I have a slightly related Ten Commandments article published a few weeks ago. I wrote to my readers to not take the 1956 “classic” movie seriously if they seek the biblical truth of Moses, the Herbrews and the Ten Commandments.

    The sad thing about life at least here in my native Philippines is that the 1956 movie continues to be presented as a serious form of reference in Catholic schools and many people don’t realize that the film script contains references from non-biblical literary sources about Moses.

    All those scenes of the cinematic Moses played by Charlton Heston, his romance with an Egyptian princess and all those character development scenes – I don’t take seriously anymore now that I am living my new life.

    I go back to the Bible for Moses, the Hebrews and the Ten Commandments.


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    1. Some of the bible movies even though they are not the Word of God some of them I think have a purpose. i think people should watch them as what they are movies. nothing is a replacement of (for) the Word. there are quite a few movies that are made about the bible i enjoy, but I do realize they are not fully biblical. it is great to watch movies but people should know. most of the bible movies are not all bible. like exodus which is a newly movie about Noah but many things in that movie don’t line up to scripture but i still did enjoy it! i also like the story of Ruth and Joseph even though they don’t fully line up to the Word either! thank you for your words and that wonderful article you wrote! God bless you!

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