Healing in the name of JESUS

Let all with eyes see, and those with ears hear. truly a prophetic message. Who is able to receive it? Blessed are those who hear from beginning to end, and I apologize if my first few words offend you. I pray you hear from beginning to end and then take it to consideration. prayer, meditation and thought, consideration, good old fashion bible reading and even to Almighty GOD. Sorry video makes sense if you watch it from beginning to end. kind of like the bible. better when you get the FULL message! Shalom beloveds!!

The things written in italics is a post I wrote that was separate from this video but at the same time they are connected so i shared it. *Disclaimer brought over from facebook. To all the new comers who don’t know me. I pray this video help people have their own relationship with God and may God heal and restore many and write us in the lamb’s Book of LIFE!

To all who come to my page. In quite a few videos i say I am not a christian. God has never called me “my christian” God has always called my my child! Please don’t get it twisted Jesus is my LORD and Savior! Jesus is GOD to me and hardly any understand for they have no understanding of God. and Christians if you are Christian feel free to follow traditions and even Paul if you want to but God is not telling me to speak that message. Most who say Jesus don’t even know Christ IS NOT the last name of Jesus and many of them also bow down to false painted images.

God will either call us HIS or not. You will either be called Sons and Daughters or bastards. and that is what the WORD says. Don’t be mad I don’t speak like you, act like you and are not subject to the laws of Christianity.  I am subject to GOD with direct authority. I pray my words offend none but they are the truth regardless of your feelings beloveds. God is calling me to speak and so I obey God. I pray my words lead people out of sin and into the arms of Jesus. have a blessed day beloveds.

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