Quiet time with God

It is good to worship. to gather and worship even to hear a pastor or teacher of the Word but I found in my life the best thing is my quiet time with God!!! ❤ it was gives me strength and energy to stay focused and centered in life. it gives me peace and joy. i pray the reader learn to establish quiet time with God. get in your closet. and a closet is reference to alone time. it doesn't have to be a physical closets beloveds, not to say it can't be. Do your deeds before God and not men. Seek when people aren't watching, help a homeless or somebody in need and you don't have to broadcast it.

You can not buy your way into heaven with good deeds. I pray many come to understanding that this means you can not continue in sin and think donating will wipe away your sin. Not to say the less fortunate should be forgotten but we are all truly at different walks with God. God doesn't want you giving if you don't have enough to provide for yourself. there is a parable about such called the foolish virgins. please go look it up and consider such things if you don't have much you shouldn't be giving.

I pray God bless the reader with discernment because there are so many arguing God's Word and they take away from the Word and add unto it for their profit and gain and even to say they are prophets. i pray many just seek the Word and pray God lead you. Because we are not all at the same place in our walk with God it is foolish to say we should all receive the same message, unless that message is repent with your hearts.

How can you give up all you own when you have nothing? So God would sit and speak to a homeless to give everything when they have nothing to give to begin with? That isn't even logical my friends and it sounds like that would make a homeless man suffer more. God isn't in the suffering business but into delivering! God knows what it takes for each of us to get on the right path so with that said I pray many get in the Word and grow in God and learn that quiet time with God is sacred and it should be a part of each person's daily routine. just what i consider sound mind doctrine.

Quiet time with God can be praising, worshiping. Seeking God's face in prayer, bible reading. bible study. watching a sermon, reading a daily devotional. It is written you reap what you sow. instead of sowing dollars in people's ministries i pray we sow a seed of time with Jesus! and watch it pay off! Every deed produces fruit! let's sow into God's Kingdom! and may the Lord Jesus water you daily and tend to your every need. Time to blossom for God! ❤ who wants to be planted in God's garden? I DO! I DO! another meaning for the word grace is the presence of God. I pray this year be the year many find grace, in Jesus name Amen! When Adam and Eve sinned they hid them self from the presence of God. they did not confess their sins but instead pointed blame. time to break that evil spell. God I sinned. I am sorry. Nobody made me I did by my own hands and I confess i am sorry.

and in God's presence I will be. i will not hide myself from God but instead I hide the Word in my heart so I would not sin because God forbid I be cut off. i don't ever want to hide from God again! So daily God I will seek you wholly! My quiet time with God has been a HUGE blessing to me!!! I pray this blesses someone today! let's not be like Adam and Eve beloveds lets run to God and not away! have a blessed wonderful day! Psalm 119:11

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