My Job Story

Now the title says story and many think I might of meant job like a career, but no I mean like Job of the bible. When I was 12 I had a vision as a kid and God spoke I would have a hard life and none of it would make sense. and I saw a vision of things to come and many of the things I saw pertained to me. they were my life. I saw so many things it happened in just a flash. I kind of truly don’t want to write about this anymore but in order to understand I did have to mention this.

In this vision God spoke to me I would always keep the faith and because of lack of knowledge I never knew what that meant. Well at 24 years old I couldn’t take life anymore.  everything God showed me, happened to me just like God said. I couldn’t be good anymore. I was tired. I was a sinner. I started praying God no matter what they do to me don’t let them change me and I got beat down over and over. I wanted to go back to my sin sooooooooooooooooo bad but I wouldn’t. so I kept praying for strength.

By the time I was 24 I had all ready been through the furnace and I said God I can’t take it anymore! you got the wrong person. and I planned the perfect suicide and this was a good and bad thing. I planned it so perfect nobody helped me. I told this story quite a few times all ready and honestly God knows how to deliver people.

I shut myself off I had three bottles of narcotics. I took them all and I cursed the day I was born. I said God I am sorry but you got the wrong one. I can’t keep the faith look at me. I am a sinner.  So I swallowed all them pills that day.

I was cursed. I cursed the day I was born. I told myself God lied. Of course God did because look at my life. What kind of God would allow all this stuff to happen to me? I could go in detail all the things I been through and honestly the list is long, but I truly don’t want to talk about that stuff. trying to speed this story up.

I actually heard God speak that would make me a liar and I was awoke. I will perhaps write the rest of this out one day again, but just know God did not allow me to die but I lived. and I was not happy about it. I wish I could say I rejoiced but I did not. I would not speak to God. I was so pissed I lived. for almost two weeks I sat alone in that apartment mad at the world and God and finally I cried out why God? Why? Why did you just not let me die? and I heard a voice it said you are like Job. and I didn’t know what that meant. So I went to go read the Book of Job. God lead me to Job long before the Book of James.

And now I read James and I understand why. In James it tells us when we are tested to remember the patience of Job. for tribulations build faith. God never lead me to New Testament not until many years after I had all ready been writing it. Why do I believe the bible? because some how, some way God spoke the scriptures to me in my time of need, without me even reading it and the Word just confirms to me that I heard God, but honestly I did believe before I read the Word.

God told me I would always keep the faith and that is funny because honestly if you ask me I had no faith at all, but I guess when I think of it I did for I sure did pray to the invisible God. and that God was so faithful to answer!

And honestly God knew what I needed to see. After I read Job I was happy like Job. I never knew Job cursed the day he was born. I also know just as Job, when my two weeks was over I have rejoice in the Lord also! For my tribulations did let me see God just as Job’s did! Plus Job helped me get over my own sadness for my God! all though I had sooooooooooo many dark hours I did not have all the things Job had happen to him. Job is what God used to show me someone always worst then you, and that is just truth. and ever since that moment God has helping me so much! I love God because the love of God saved me and I tell you God’s love is greater then mine because if I was God I am sure I wouldn’t of helped me.

You know many hours in my life. I used my own testimony to cheer people up. Hearing a few seconds of my life and many start giving thanks they did not have my life. and honestly just as God does that to others through me, God use Job to help me not look at my problems. That is what God showed me and told me and I believe for I am like Job only I am not rich but honestly compared to some I am highly blessed so I don’t want to complain! I just am so thankful in everything and that is truth!

Sometimes God allows the devil to put his hands on people and God knows they will overcome. and they will speak and it will be a testimony and because you had a hard life others will live because you suffered. God places the biggest battles on the strongest soldiers. it s a learning experience.

it is not something people would want to hear about God but when it comes down to it God sees the over all picture. and God’s way is always the best ways even if they seem terrible to people. being tossed in the fire can be a refining situation.

You know after many years of being ignorant and running from the Word and praying blindly I now know faith is believing in the invisible things. Hebrews chapter 11 is a lovely read! So is James Chapter 5.

Not everything in planet earth can be explained nor can we make sense of it.  I really love in Proverbs three. lean not on our own understanding but in all ways acknowledge God and the Lord shall direct your feet. trusting God has to do a lot with faith. no matter the hour give it God beloveds. and many call on the Lord when they are down and broken, when we get to the top we should also give God glory honor and praises. I mean if we can ask for things from God at our lowest, if the Lord ever rises us up I pray we bless His Name on the roof top just as we did when we were down in the dust. have a blessed day beloveds!


Love perfected

When you come to know God the Lord speaks fear not neither be dismayed. fear are for those not saved. Fear is for those who back slide. Even the devils tremble beloveds. fear without repentance is not in vain. I pray our fear bring many to see the Lord’s face. may we humble our self daily. confess we are sinners and pray God gift us with the Holy Spirit and the Holy Ghost. let us speak in new tongues! I pray God give us a new birth and transform us. for labor pains are extremely painful but after the child is born hardly any Mother remembers the pain. many of us are going through suffering. may your birthing pains create you into a Child of God. for the Lord spoke and gave us the power to be made Sons and Daughters and this does come from obedience to the Word.
have a blessed day beloveds! i did use different versions by all means compare them and come to understanding of who God is beloveds! the love of God is GREATER then any fear. the love of GOD calls us out of fear, out of sin, out of our old skin and into new robes, new garments. new wisdom and understanding. truly the love of God is greater then fear and I pray many who fear, draw near to God and be created new by God’s love! When God creates you into something new. the former things pass away. God creates you a new desire, a new heart and honestly then you can see how God first loves us! So amazing beloveds! the love of God is Jesus and it is so much deeper then that beloveds. I pray many see how deep and great God’s love is.
Proverbs 9:10 New International Version (NIV)
10 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,
and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.
Matthew 10:28 King James Version (KJV)
28 And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.
Philippians 2:12 King James Version (KJV)
12 Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.
1 John 4:18 New International Version (NIV)
18 There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.

Dancing on the pole

I write this message on my page because some will not like this probably. but that is ok. I am a woman who sat in sin. I came to speak to sinners. So all you holy people feel free to bow out now. But as I am not holy and I did live that sinner life. I am not new to the lies and the deception. I had so many stripper friends. and I sat in the back room of many stripe clubs.

I wrote this out on facebook and so many came and spoke against me. I told my self they were robots because again I sat in the back of so many strip clubs and I have not met one stripper who made cash with out getting under the influence or doing other things I shall not say in the open. I write this letter not to judge but honestly I have such mad compassionate love for my ladies. I want you to have a better life then a lot of ladies had. There is nothing glorious about dancing on the pole. behind the scene you know how many drugs most of them girls have to do to be able to take off their clothes? it is because something in you tells you it is not right. So you have to make your mind forget. so you can justify or forget your sin.

If you like dancing on the pole then the words I say are not for you, but to the children I see, I pray these words be life to you. I pray you go to school. Study hard. Do your homework early. Pick up a dictionary and study and make the world fall in love with your mind. not the things you can flaunt. I mean it is fine to look good but if that is all you have in life, what becomes when your body fades? What happens when you put yourself in a place you can’t get out of? A lot of people I know have been sexually molested or even raped. I love the bible. Forgive the person who did wrong and ask God to help you recover quickly. You can not change the outcome of others but you can change what you do and many of us get in trouble because nobody spoke to them good.

A lot of us look at things and we see the glamour and the glitter.  I pray many who want to be strippers consider looking into the stories that are real and the dark side. That way when you make your choice. You will be able to say I did not go into this blinded. and then if you see those videos and decide to put on them shoes. …..Don’t say you weren’t warned!

You know like a decade or so ago I asked so many children what they wanted to be when they grew up and you would be amazed at how many of them said. I want to be a stripper and a drug dealer. and dear people this wasn’t even in the ghetto. this was children all over. Just words to consider. I pray many grow in righteous thinking and I honestly don’t think dancing on the pole is the right thing.

Dear God I pray that you help us break these generational curses. I pray that you give many of us woman a strong will to be different. to be virtuous. rise us up in your Word and teach us how to be ladies that other ladies will want to be like. Lord help us be called Daughters God! Daughter of God rise up!

Dear God I also pray that you help many men be leaders. help them be like Joseph in Genesis! bless their hearts and minds and lead us out temptation and give a new generation strength to rise us up! Build us up God and give us wisdom that will not only honor you God but be life to us!  may your will be done in many! rise up from the dust Beloveds! and truly sin keeps us down in the dust. time to wipe off the dust and say God out of dust of the ground you created Man and Woman. create me into your Child God!

I am praying for a whole nation of people, even if my prayers offend people. I pray they bring you to God and bless the roots of your life and may God plant you firmly in his kingdom in Jesus name Amen!

If you do evil because the whole world does evil. then you are dancing in the circle with the devil and it comes a time when you have to walk straight and forward and leave them devils behind.  I apologize that might seem crazy to some but honestly the more you know God, you can see righteous living is the RIGHT thing!

It is easy to say the evil way is easy. fast money. fast fixes to everything. perfect love. perfect relationships. perfect jobs. Fast money comes with punishment on earth. drug dealing, stripping, stealing, lying, Some say these things pay off. then why do they sleep with one eye open? why do they do drugs to ease the pain? why do some of them die? why do others sit locked up in institutions if these evil ways are good? does that stuff sound good? has anyone ever seen someone strung out on drugs? So is this stuff now considered good?

Reprobate Mind.

Reprobate mind, I pray many people can get past the first few seconds and they are able to listen all the way to the end and it be a huge blessing to them! I will be doing a second part of this called spiritual death. This message was not made to judge but to pull people out of the very depths of hell. I pray God deliver us from a reprobate mind, In Jesus name Amen! an honest bible discussion.

Rapture theory debunked

Time to reshare this. I do pray many hear these words. have a blessed day beloveds!

Michelle Stokes

So as I stand right now my writing is better then my speech, and by the time my speech is better I will no longer speak or teach this message. I did a video about this and I do know it was not that clear, and since many use my speech to not hear. perhaps this is better written and honestly feel free to debate it on your own. wrestle with God, and ask God if I speak truth or not. But anyways this is my last written message. Wrote as a comment, I wrote somewhere else.  I will not write this again friends. The message has been delivered for years now to crowds God told me and I listened and this is for any standing who have not yet heard it.

You guys do what your own hearts, minds and conscience tell you, for thank God I am no…

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