Truly Thankful

Truly thankful there is so many people speaking Jesus. it was not this way ten years ago. there was only a few slim religious folks who spoke Jesus. Now it seems the whole world is speaking Jesus! I am so thankful for that! I am going to retire. I am thankful many are preaching the Good News now I can move on to my hearts desire!  Thank you Lord for answering prayers. I was sent out all over and honestly most of it was terrible but I got to revisit the places I was sent and it is such a blessing so many of the ones God sent me to speak to did repent and now have huge followings and they are doing it the RIGHT way! I am happy I got to be a part of all that and partake in it, but my hour for that is over and now I can just be myself. That is so wonderful!!!

many will not have a clue what i speak of but God does and this was just an open letter of thanks to God. God told me if I spoke i would build up an army for Him and I did listen and I am so thankful that season is over! Most of the world is not ready for the messages I speak for I speak beyond the baby messages of the world and the Lord is happy with the things I have done.

I pray many grow past the baby stage but now that God is their Teacher they will do good!! for the things I know, only God can teach and honestly again I am so thankful to be at the place I am now! I am not a religion, I am not a Christian but I am that woman who brought many to Jesus in the last decade and the best thing is, the world doesn’t even know it but God does!

So many seasons I wrote, so many places. So many names. I had no face, no picture so many called me an angel. and man that is wonderful! not boasting or bragging for many probably wouldn’t even believe me, but I got to see the fruit of my labor and I am going to spend the rest of my days celebrating with God! Thank you Jesus!

The things that will come nobody on earth can fake and when I speak many sit and mock me, then they speak to their crowds my messages with missing pieces, and then they even say the lord gave them the message. I  seen it many times and the things that come next no man on earth can fake and God can’t be mocked! so with that said again time for me to retire and I am blessed by this!

Again this message was just a thank you Jesus celebration letter! So many so certain they have the right way, they know the right way. They have God all figured out but the thing is some of these people barely even met God. God has been speaking to some since they were born and others just now found God and soon the Lord will laugh at many for this is the hour the real will rise up and the fake shall fall down and I will not partake in this but instead sit with Jesus as I have been. Happy to be retired! God bless the new nation that is rising up! may their seed spread and grow in Jesus name Amen! This letter was not written to make sense it was written to Jesus! have a blessed day beloveds!

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