A week in-update and progress

I am a week into my thirty day challenge! I honestly probably read the bible way more then 15 minutes a day. In fact for the last week almost everything I read out loud live, I read before I got on camera. So while the public sees me read it once I actually read it twice. and then after the reading I am in my own chapters of different books for different reasons. It is amazing to see how much of the bible you can read in 15 minutes.   Around Christmas I challenged people to read the bible for 15 minutes a day for a month or two.  I wanted people to know it was possible to do. but honestly to those who don’t know God and even those who do. Those fifteen minutes a day will really help you grow.

As I was reading the Word out loud every day I offer some advice usually before the reading. I am not going to retype everything I said, but it is some good tips for any out there trying to grow. I have about three weeks of my challenge to finish so any who are looking for some encouragement feel free to join me at my facebook group.  I honestly don’t know how much I will be around. I am pretty much coming on to do videos here and there. I am accomplishing many things and for a while the internet shall not see much of me. By about June this year I pray everything I have been doing be in the eye for all to view. But until then no point in coming on everyday and updating my progress. Sounds like I am just talking and not doing, but as a woman who does I decided to just go full force into what I am working on. if you plant bulbs in the winter they grow flowers in the spring! That is what I am aiming for!

and I pretty much will will be crossing over to more videos soon and eventually this page will just be about my artwork and music.  I know this is a blog site but I did not create this blog to write. I created it to speak Jesus so if you would rather read then watch videos. My webpage will soon not be the page for you for I will be crossing over to mostly video soon and I only write this for the people who truly follow me! Even if nobody follows me I will still be me and that is truth! I pray the readers day is blessed and if you truly do watch me. Feel free to join my youtube channel. for again I will mostly be doing videos soon. Have a blessed day beloveds!