Guard my mouth

As the watchmen who watch the earth, God watch my mouth. put a guard upon my lips so I be slow to anger, slow to wrath for only you can tame the tongue. let my lips not speak foolish things. neither let me speak bitter. let that old bitter cantankerous woman rest in peace God and create me into a woman who speaks in ways pleasing to you God.

Let every word that proceeds from my lips be righteous things spoken for your glory God. For your honor. for you do know my heart, my thoughts, every deed I do! everything! Nothing is hidden and you do know I pray my lips continuously  praise you God!! for that is my delight!! My honor and I am so thankful to be able to do such things! May I have long life so I can do this for the years I didn’t!  I am sorry I ran from you in my younger years God, But now I am an adult! help me be an adult you can be proud of.

Do I make you proud God? That is one of my biggest fears! that I shame God, for I love God!! ❤ and God has been so kind and so good to me! I don’t want to mess up. I pray God keep me on your path. I don’t want to slip or fall or look away from you ever in my life again!! and God does know I mean that!! for I had a life without God and it was the worst thing I ever witnessed and I want no part of that life ever again!

Lord God every day flat on my face I will fall and praise you Lord!  Not literally, but I did literally in the past and because of such I am able to rise and give God praise wholeheartedly everyday! and honestly it is the best blessing in earth there could be!! thank you God for answering prayers from someone like me for when I was bitter you took away those sour grapes and let me eat on your finest food and sip your wine and drink your water and honestly what a blessing indeed!

So I was reading Ruth today for my fifteen minutes daily reading I said I would do, and all day I been thinking I am like Ruth. I worked in God’s field and when I got thirsty God said I could drink and it was like God tossed down extra barely so I can glean more! God was so kind to me even though I was a foreigner to God! God is my Boaz! ❤ Just a lovely blessed thought I had as I was writing this!

I did pray God change my heart, change my tongue, change my deeds. I didn’t want to do them anymore. and God was so faithful to listen! I wrote this prayer in public because God spoke to me if any one want to pray as I did God will be faithful to answer them. for those are not prayers I said today they are prayers I said in the past that created me to who I am today! I pray many learn God does NOT want us to stay the same.  Pray for change. have a blessed day! Just words to consider!

I was a chief among sinners. God delivered me, and changed me and honestly it is a blessed thing!!  I have such a peace and joy and rest and just fullness I never had before!! and honestly I thank God for it!!! because it only came for sitting with God! I pray many people find true repentance in Jesus name Amen!   Written for spiritual growth for any who truly want to grow.

There is many benefits in honoring the scriptures. the more you start DOING you grow to understand that to LISTEN is indeed for us! I wrote this post because it is leading into something greater I will write about soon. it is time for us to reap the good fruit and if we sow good fruit we shall reap good fruit! Again just words to consider friends! have a blessed wonderful day in Jesus! ❤

Psalm 141:3 Set a guard over my mouth, Lord;
    keep watch over the door of my lips.



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