What’s the outcome?

So you are trying not to fornicate what do you do? Do you put your self alone in a room with a man? Do you say come over and watch netflix? ladies if we are trying to avoid fornicating lets stop putting our self in awkward situations where it seems sex is the only out come. Best way to avoid sin is flee it. not put yourself in the situations. Food for spiritual growth! 2019 the year people over come with common sense. Keeping it 100! God doesn’t want to hear excuses! God wants to hear many say no and mean it! and this can go for many things! Truly if people wanted to they could flee certain things and I seriously would pray for strength to resist temptations and men practice being like Joseph who ran from temptations. Just my advice dear people. i would rather cut ties to all my sin then God cut ties from me! Matthew 7:19

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