Self righteous!

Self Righteous. I am not new to writing for Jesus and I speak this because I have heard in the past many accuse me of things not true. I am not self righteous. what I am is a woman on fire for God. I have been for a decade now and honestly it has been a prayer of mine. I pray God let me be like David so I may dwell in the House of the LORD for ever, then I also said LORD let me be like Anna for all day in your Temple. I will stay with fasting and prayer and praise! then I even said God let me be like Mary for i don’t want to lose my reward! I WILL SIT AT YOUR FEET! and I did and God has been so good to answer my prayers! I also prayed God let me be a bold ambassadress of Christ and even these prayers were answered!

Faithful God has been to me and faithful I will be to God. not for men, not for people. not for any to see me. but for GOD I will do these things!! I made GOD vows I will not break!! Because I won’t!! for I made GOD promises!!! and when I make GOD promises I keep them! I am not boasting dear people just being 1000% real and honest!

If you guys knew all the things GOD saved me from, all the times the LORD saved me, healed me, delivered me. I never even believed in love. I never understood love. I was like everyone else. I thought love came from relationships. I thought it came from drugs. I thought it came from hating everyone because nobody loves, so I will be like everyone else. but I suffered when I did that stuff, and perhaps that is what makes me different?

But then I look around and I see so many suffering like the former me. so I speak guys we gotta repent. guys we have to read our bibles. Guys God is real. Guys lets follow Jesus. Man we should pray all the time. I tell you when I say I saw miracles from prayers!! it is truth and all over you tube and other places so many been confessing the the things they seen from their prayer life also.

Dear people God is real and there is no such thing as once saved always saved beloved. I tell you when I say instead of clean your self up for God I pray many sit with God and let the LORD wash you because honestly if you are tired of being tired, so many promises in the bible to the broken and I pray to God that the LORD Himself lead many to GOD and I do not mean to call GOD a he for GOD is NOT A PEOPLE beloveds but I do pray many think of GOD as our Father. for honestly good fathers understand you don’t give sugar to a baby throwing a tantrum. You tell them no and if they don’t listen and try and take or disrespect their father, truly a real father knows how to deal with their children.

Many are under the curses of sin. Many will say curses don’t exist anymore and they ARE LIARS dear people! Until this day SIN IS STILL CURSED! I pray many of us sit with Jesus and be set free! For who the Son sets free is free indeed! try lifting up the Son of man and you will understand! have a blessed day beloveds!

and honestly there is only one person getting in heaven. those sitting on the RIGHT SIDE with GOD will be allowed entrance! and trying to ride the fence or on the left side. The gate will be shut on them and I pray many read John especially Chapter 10 for honestly JESUS IS THE WAY! have a wonderful day in Jesus dear people!

prepare our hearts for indeed Our King is coming IN SPIRIT HIS WORD WILL BE FULFILLED! in all flesh that invite HIM in! John 14:15-26 and these words shall come to pass for they are FAITHFUL AND TRUE BELOVEDS! MY WHAT WONDERFUL GOOD NEWS!!!! 

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