the real superwoman!

I am the real superwoman! ❤ The other day I said I will read my bible daily live for one or two months whether any join me or not. I 100% meant that. years ago I use to beg people to read the bible with me. I wanted someone to read the bible with me. For half a second I had it, then when I got use to it. it was not there anymore. I started to see my whole life when I needed people the most I ended up all alone and thank God for this because it is what lead me to call on Jesus. I am to the point in my life. I don't care if any are with me. I don't care who joins me. I will get it done!

I am losing weight and because of such i joined a few fitness groups. and even in fitness as the same many say about churches. they say get yourself an accountability partner. and this was my reply. and it applies to both the churches and the fitness.

Thank you for the words and i think they are true but sometimes in life if you want things bad enough you just have to do it whether or not you have an accountability partner. what happens if you get use to support then for whatever reason it is gone? will you quit when nobody is around to support you? I am taking my exercising the same way I have my whole life. most of the times when I needed people the most they weren't there. and when I did try and reach out as soon as i got comfortable with the help. it disappeared. I now realize I am the only true one to myself so whether any is with me or not I won''t stop! My mind is made up!

Accountability partners can be a good thing,, but what happens if they aren't there, will you quit because you don't have help anymore? Do you only read your bible when others are around? I myself don't need or want an accountability partner. I will get it done and if any want to join me lets do it! Other then that you can eat my dust, because with or without you I will get it done! My mentality! and truth be told thank you Jesus for all them times men and women stranded me! it made me so strong I truly don't need anyone! I am thankful for every person God places in my life, but with or without you I will continue and that is just truth! My strength is not in people it comes from Jesus and what God gives no man takes away! and that is truth! have a blessed day! #RandomThought and how i feel! Shalom dear ones!

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      1. It probably does need to be done for many reasons. in the past i did it because my speech is broken and I make errors. are you asking for someone who can’t hear or because I speak so bad? 😀 or what’s on your mind? you won’t offend me!


      2. You know a few days ago I kid not i considered adding closed captions. and I did not. I said no girl it was a lot of work. But now you say this and i think that is strange. I will consider doing it and honestly probably will because I don’t really believe in coincidences, but I do believe in God, so perhaps it is just time to do it!

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      3. So in reply to this for I did pray on it and take it into consideration and as long I live in about a month or so (two) when I have more time I will add close caption. I type two fingers looking down I make a lot of error, and honestly I went to live video because of the things I am doing I don’t have hours to sit and type at the moment as I have a solid schedule for the next month or so. but as I progress I can make more time to add close caption! Honestly about three days before you wrote this I honestly had already considered doing it so with that said. if you are still around then words will be added! I appreciate your comment and pray your day is blessed and praying for you and your wife! In the past I did use closed captions like maybe three times then I come to see they did not translate my speech the best so basically everything I said i had to type word for word and it was very time consuming! Who knows I could get help before then too so with that said i just wanted to write I am considering it friend!

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