Relationship truth

Beloveds. this message is going to hurt some feelings but I am going to give you a biblical aspect of why your prayers for your “boyfriends, girlfriends” aren’t being heard. Now to those who don’t want to hear about God this is where you should exit now. Some of us who believe in God are sitting in relationships and are fornicating and then we see no error in our ways and we even pray God fix my other half. look at what they are doing we say. make them answer to their wrong doings. Trying to fix every imperfection in their boyfriend/girlfriend when you not even sitting right with God.

Sex was suppose to be saved for marriage between husband and wife. that is a blessed union created by God. Then many of us sit and fornicate and we want the blessings from God in our unholy relationships. Beloved these things ought not be. I pray you stop sinning. leave the one you sin with. Confess if you want, that you have no more desires to sin. Then sit with God. work out all your imperfections (own salvation) and then when you are perfected you can pray God fix your other half and if it be God’s will to bring you back together, IN GOD’S TIMING FRIENDS! and in a clean holy union.

It is 2019 and I am going to be honest. It is time for many of us to come clean and confess our sins to God. Ask God to help us stand blameless so some of our prayers can be answered. God isn’t going to bless your mess dear people. and I am sorry for those who don’t know God is holy, and God has laws that are to be honored. We can’t be asking for blessings when we are cursed by our very own sin.

I know from my own life my prayers were hindered when I was doing wicked. and so many cry and hurt and even get bitter because God isn’t hearing their prayers. but my friends your prayers don’t line up to God’s will. and God isn’t going to come against God beloveds.

I pray many of us discover the reason we should put the Word in us. When you equip yourself with the Word you can see God has laws for our own protection and many of you are not covered by God’s protection because we are running around naked. not clothed. just naked in our sin with no shame we come to God asking for blessings when we are unworthy. not even willing nor wanting to come out of our sin. just bless us God while we sin. How foolish that does sound.

Jesus died for our sins while we were yet unworthy my friends but Jesus didn’t die in vain, nor say continue in sin, or ask for things in my name that aren’t right by God. it says ask in my name and if it is in the will of God it shall be given. dear friends praying for your fornicating relationship is without a doubt not in the will of God. I pray these words help people this year even if they are not the words they want to hear, I pray they be the words they need to see so they can break the yoke of sin in their life, then perhaps some of our prayers will be answered and we can delight in the goodness of the Lord.
This was just written for spiritual growth for any who are able to receive it! have a blessed day beloveds!

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