beauty and the beast-lack of knowledge part 1

This was going to be a testimony, but then as I was creating this video, I started to realize this would lead us perfectly into the bible study I am coming out with called lack of knowledge. I also pray many can get past my beastly image for I didn’t try and get pretty for the camera but this kind of reminds me when that old ragged beggar lady came to ask the prince can she stay at his house for a single rose in return and the prince judged the old woman on appearance and was cursed until he found love. well I may not believe in those kind of things but the thought kind of is funny when you consider the things I said.

To God we are all beast until God’s love changes us! Who could ever love a beast? God can!! Jesus said all that ever came before me were liars and thieves (John Chapter 10), and God can create monsters into something new. (beast into man if you will) God’s love breaks the spell the enchanter puts on us! Going to share the beauty and the beast opening scene along with my video. Don’t know which you should watch first but honestly if you watch them both. maybe you will see some humor in it! Jesus use to speak in parables! I pray many find the meaning in this! Also stay tuned to my up coming bible study which will be called lack on knowledge and prayerfully it will help somebody out there. Have a blessed day beloveds!

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