a helpmate. the battle is real!

the spiritual battle is real and I pray many armor up. Read Ephesians Chapter 6 and let it soak in. Understand only the devil wants you sad. Isaiah Chapter 61. I pray God give you a spirit of praise to overcome that terrible spirit my friends. I left this as a comment to someone and I share it in public praying it help many. Ya’ll gotta pray to overcome this sadness friends. I tell you when I started lifting my voice to God in praise and thanksgiving the walls of the enemy came crumbling down. I pray this be a helpmate to many in need in Jesus name Amen!

if the Lord is not answering your prayers. time to rejoice and celebrate what you do have. Come to God with a spirit of praise. a spirit of joy. let us not complain nor murmur but instead give God praise. if you have your legs and toes my God rejoice, some have that not now. if you have running water rejoice beloved for many don’t. God gave us a spirit of peace, a spirit of sound mind. if you are sinning repent, if not give God thanks and praise and thank God you are alive to praise because many did not wake up today. as long as you are alive change can come. men can not praise from the grave and just praising God alone is enough to bring down the walls of the enemy.

The battle is real. prepare your self to war in the spirit dear one, for this is a spiritual battle that can be overcome with praise and worship. trust the Lord, and trust the things you can’t see not the things you can and perhaps start counting your blessing and thank God for what you do have instead of what you don’t just my advice beloved. I pray it help you in your storm. have a blessed day and may God give you a new spirit. return to me the joy of my salvation Lord and if I never had joy, turn my sorrow into joy and this shall come to pass. again have a blessed day!

3 thoughts on “a helpmate. the battle is real!

    1. You know i was thinking that the other day. I was in this group and over and over i kept seeing all these post and all these people saying they love God and are depressed in the same sentence, and honestly that is why i wrote this. when i was depressed God healed me. I am truly praying for people!


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