Nobody has to love you. Monster!

Nobody has to love you. and if I am the first monster you ever heard say it before then allow me to be that monster. Since me speaking truth seems to make me the bad guy let me play my monster part then I suppose. I am so thankful my parents taught me as a kid. They let me know how blessed I was that they clothed me, that they fed me, that they loved me. I thought they were monsters when they said that to me. I said this on my video the other day, Entitled Generation. I just write now for those who didn’t watch. but if you want to see the full version feel free to check out that link.

But I am thankful my Mom and Dad taught me nobody has to love me. I look to many today and somehow many feel they are entitled to everything. and I am not sure where this thinking came from. I think perhaps it was from the generation of kids who had kids. and then most of them were single parents, so they probably did not have good teaching. I don’t know that is what makes sense in my mind anyways. but I am here to be the monster and tell you nobody has to love you dear people. so if you have even one who loves you, you should seriously be thankful!

I pray you find something to love about them, because honestly many don’t have any who love them. many get tossed out on the streets, abandoned, forgotten, so seriously I pray this generation open their eyes and see nobody has to love you dear people and that is truth. and those who are not loved. I pray you find the love of God. and even those who are loved, God’s love is greater. and God sure does seem to love the ones who seek him. or that is sure what I hear from many and I believe for I seek God daily and I am thankful for such things, because when I didn’t seek God I was ungrateful and unholy and honestly that is what the scriptures say. In fact you can say I felt I was entitled to love.

Boy I sure was wrong and I am thankful for every single person God put in my life. even them monsters! they help me appreciate the angels when they came! I mean can’t have monsters with out the good guys!

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